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2021 BassFan Holiday Gift Guide

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Monday, November 22, 2021

By BassFan Staff

It's that time of year again Ė time to figure out what the BassFan in your life wants (or needs) to take his or her bass fishing to the next level and then find room

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Pro Fishing Tips

Roumbanis' Ultimate Confidence Bait

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

By Chris Schneider
BassFan Staff Writer

Time is ticking down. The pattern that worked yesterday isnít working today. Itís crunch …


BassFan World Rankings PRESENTED BY

Updated: 9/23/2021

Wheeler's Long Reign Continues


Jacob Wheeler

2Ott DeFoe223.527
3Michael Neal204.809
4Justin Lucas192.123
5Brandon Palaniuk189.837
6Seth Feider188.833
7Chris Johnston186.451
8Brent Ehrler184.611
9John Cox181.946
10Alton Jones, Jr.181.864
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