By Todd Ceisner
BassFan Editor

Time is ticking down. The pattern that worked yesterday isn’t working today. It’s crunch time. There’s an hour left in the day. Nerves are starting to fray. What do you reach for when you absolutely need to generate bites?

We’ve been asking pro anglers from the various leagues that same question as a way to find out what their ultimate confidence baits are regardless of the situation, along with the reasoning behind their choices. As one might expect, the answers have run the gamut, from big-line, big-weight flipping to light-line finesse and from topwater to slow-dragging baits.

It’s no secret Takahiro Omori loves to throw crankbaits, especially shallow-diving versions. Many BassFans will remember his victory in the 2004 Bassmaster Classic came about thanks to a late-day rally while fishing a small crankbait at Lake Wylie. Ever since, it’s been a staple in his arsenal and a go-to option in many situations.

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> Angler: Takahiro Omori

> Confidence bait: Lucky Craft 1.5

> Gear used: 7’ medium-heavy Daiwa Tatula Elite Takahiro Omori glass cranking rod, Daiwa Zillion SVTW (JDM version) casting reel (9:1 ratio), 16-pound Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon, Lucky Craft 1.5 silent squarebill, #3 Gamakatsu round-bend treble hooks.

> Origin: “The bait came out about 10 years ago and back then, I liked a 2.0 or 2.5 size. I didn’t like the 1.5 at first. Then I won at Lake Martin (2018 Bassmaster Elite Series) and the reason I fished it there was the fish were smaller. The water was cold and they wanted a smaller bait. I noticed that it catches bigger fish, too.”

> Why he trusts it: “I like to power fish shallow water with a spinnerbait or ChatterBait, but when it comes to shallow cranking, I get a lot of bites on the 1.5. The more I fish it the more I like it better than the spinnerbait or ChatterBait. You can fish it all year long, but during the tournament season, I will have that bait on my deck all day every day.”

> One more thing: “Early in the year, I like to use TO Craw. As the water warms up around the shad spawn, I’ll use BP golden shiner more. Any place with off-colored water, I’ll throw TO Chart.”