By Tony Jenniges
Bass Fan Contributor

When I'm testing out a rod, I do my best not to dig into the details like cost, components or other things that may give me a heads-up on what to expect. I want the rod to speak for itself. My process is to look at the action and power, decide on what presentation fits that rod for the time of year, then go to work.

I want as little information about the rod as possible, and sometimes that is easier said than done. But with a brand-new company like TRIKA, this was truly my first time holding one of their rods and I resisted diving into the details until I put it through the paces. I was able to get out a few days ago for some early spring Midwestern bass fishing, so let’s get into it.

Rods Tested
-6’10” Medium Lite Xtra Fast Spinning Rod
-6’10” Medium Xtra Fast Casting Rod
-7’3” Medium Fast Casting Rod

Fit and Finish

The finish of this rod is seriously impressive. The carbon fiber handle was surprisingly grippy, and the design on the rod butt was comfortable and easy to get used to. The eyes were aligned perfectly straight and the orange accents complimented the dark rod nicely. There is nothing fancy going on as far as bright colors or decals – just a simple, sleek, well-built design.


It isn’t very often I pick up a rod and get a surprised look on my face, but that is exactly what happened when I grabbed the TRIKA. They are incredibly light, to the point that they might be the lightest rods I have ever held. The 6’10” casting and spinning rods were a joy to use all day, and the 7’3” casting was right there with them. I used each off and on throughout the day, and each time I picked them up, I would get excited all over again. Not only are they lightweight, but the ergonomics are incredible. The unique reel seat sits perfectly in your hand, and the grips are curved in the perfect spots. I was a little surprised to see that TRIKA designed their own grip and reel seat, but they nailed it.

Sensitivity and Durability

This may have been the thing I was most excited to test out when I felt just how light these rods were. It was early spring fishing, so I had a shaky-head tied on the spinning rod, a jerkbait on the 6’ 10” casting rod and a finesse jig on the 7’3” casting rod. I was fortunate enough to catch a fish on each rod.

The sensitivity, as you can probably guess on a rod this light, is nothing short of amazing. I was able to feel even the most subtle bites from the cold-water fish, and I could feel every little rock I was dragging the finesse jig over. No doubt, these are a few of the most sensitive rods I've ever fished with. Now, I didn’t set the hook into any substantial fish, so the only real durability test I had was when I hooked the jerk bait onto a submerged tree. I purposely bent the rod past the point I was comfortable with, and nothing happened, so even with how light and sensitive they are, they are not brittle.

Final Thoughts

When I got back home from my day on the water, it was finally time to start diving into some more details and see just how TRIKA was able to build such an impressive rod. According to TRIKA, they spent nearly the last 3 years designing their own rod blank manufacturing process, using the finest carbon fiber available in the U.S. They claim this resulted in a hypersensitive rod, but one that doesn’t sacrifice on durability and strength.

As I mentioned, they also designed their own grips and reel seats. The grips are hollow, which is supposed to transmit more vibration into your hand. These blanks, grips and reel seats are only used by TRIKA, and nobody else. All TRIKA rods are manufactured right here in the United States, in Washington, and have a sleek “TRIKA USA” emblem right above the reel seat on each rod.

In all honesty, I'm struggling to find any negatives about the rods. If I HAD to pick one, it would be that there is a limited selection of actions on the available models, but they are a new company, and I don't doubt more options will be available as they grow.

Finally, we get to the big question: “What do they cost?” Each of their rods are $299, which we understand is not for everyone. But I have held rods that cost twice as much that didn't feel half as good. If you're in the market for a premier, super high-quality rod, I believe you can feel comfortable going with TRIKA. They also offer an impressive 1-year, no-questions-asked full refund return policy, so, why not give them a try?

Tony Jenniges is the Social Media Manager for Outdoor Sportsman Group (BassFan's parent company).