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  • Picture Cloudy Around Latest DQ

    By Joe Balog

    Another season has begun on the Bassmaster Elite Series, bringing us another Chris Lane win and another high-profile DQ. It seems all is normal in the world. For more

  • Faith

    By Joe Balog

    JT Kenney is a straight shooter, no doubt. In today’s world of pro bass fishing that can be a rarity, as political correctness and sponsorship concerns often more

  • Classic Conclusion

    By Joe Balog

    All Brian Snowden could do was laugh. Nearing the end of a terrible day of fishing while competing in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, Snowden had just hooked more

  • Pressure: Part 1

    By Joe Balog

    I’m always anxious to learn from the world’s best bass pros, all the while trying to unlock their secrets. As many of you know, I participated in the press opportunities more

  • Classic Is A Networking Nirvana

    By Miles Burghoff

    Yet another Bassmaster Classic is in the books, and as I leave South Carolina for the warmer pastures of California, I must admit I’m a little bit worn around more

  • Lets’s Just Pick The Winner

    By Joe Balog

    There’s a lot of big tournaments in the bass fishing world, but there’s only one Bassmaster Classic. Last week, in Greenville, S.C., B.A.S.S. ensured it kept that more

  • The Difference

    By Miles Burghoff

    What’s the difference between making a check and finding yourself scrolling to the next page of the standings to find your name? What’s the difference between more

  • Crowning A Champion

    By Joe Balog

    The big show is here at last. After an extended time off, the Bassmaster circuit gets things up and running with the 45th Bassmaster Classic this week, to be held more

  • A Life-Changing Tournament

    By Joe Balog

    It was probably the 1989 Classic that changed my life. I’m sure that sounds strange, as I didn’t compete or even attend the weigh-in. But I can still remember more

  • Getting Paid To Lose Ground

    By Joe Balog

    Not surprisingly, I find it necessary to keep up-to-date on the pulse of the bass fishing public. As many of you know, I often express opinion here that's far more

  • Something Earned Vs. Something Claimed

    By Steve Boyd

    Randall Tharp recently posted a commentary on regarding the Ish Monore/Keith Poche incident at the Lake Toho Bassmaster Southern Open. His words more

  • Revenge Of The Nerds

    By Joe Balog

    I’ve never really stuck to a New Year’s resolution. Whether it’s a few less beers or a few more laps on the track, like most of America, my drive seems to more

  • Surely, You’re Joking

    By Joe Balog

    With the passage of the New Year, so came a renewed vigor for the upcoming professional fishing season. While the pro ranks won’t kick off until February’s Bassmaster more

  • Critical Year Has Arrived

    Critical Year Has Arrived

    By MIles Burghoff

    So, what’s my next move? That’s a question I've asked myself numerous times since making the move back to California. I have absolutely no regrets moving back more

  • Bass Fishing’s Greatest Volumes

    By Joe Balog

    Winter has taken hold of the North. Temperatures hover in the single digits and snow is always in the back of everyone’s mind, with the potential of making any more

  • The Customer Is Always Right

    By Joe Balog

    Well, a new year is upon us. Despite incredibly frigid temperatures across my home range, with the turning of the calendars always comes thoughts of bass fishing. more

  • Changing Nature’s Path

    By Joe Balog

    Though it’s been nearly 20 years, it seems like just yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny day in May. Lake Erie’s glass-calm waters were giving up her bounty at more

  • New Opportunity Goes Beyond Bass

    New Opportunity Goes Beyond Bass

    By Miles Burghoff

    A lot can happen in just a short time. I recall sharing the sentiment that this year has been a busy one for me, with all the tournaments and sponsor obligations. more

  • Folding A Pat Hand

    By Joe Balog

    Lately we’ve all heard the back-and-forth banter about marketing and promotional contracts within the bass fishing community. FLW loses sponsors, FLW acquires more

  • The Underlying Principle

    By Joe Balog

    I’d be lying if I mentioned that the Thanksgiving intermission gave me time to get caught up on my tackle. While many involved in the fishing world utilize the more

  • FLW Changes Course

    By Joe Balog

    This week we've heard of some serious shake-ups in pro bass. FLW confirmed to BassFan that there will be changes to its team angler program, and an overall reduction more

  • Winning is Everything

    By Joe Balog

    “Plain and simple, you win.” That was Larry Nixon’s advice on how to gain sponsorships as a pro bass fisherman, as told to Terry Batisti in an interview more

  • Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt (For Everyone Else)

    By Joe Balog

    A recent post on Outdoor Hub detailing the world’s biggest bass got my wheels spinning. For the time being, let’s forego any further talk of entry fees, Classics more

  • The Demise Of The Co-Angler

    By Joe Balog

    “I’m not denying myself some great things, I just don’t have expensive hobbies.” - Bill Gates Among all of the excitement, I overlooked an more

  • Turn and Face the Strain ... Ch, Ch, Changes

    By Joe Balog

    Although this time of year brings no competition among the tour-level bass circuits, it’s certainly not without news and excitement. As next year's schedules are more

  • This Will Only Hurt For A Second

    By Joe Balog

    Within the rumor mill of pro bass, we’ve been hearing of these changes for quite some time. Truthfully, I was beginning to doubt if they’d ever take place. more

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    By Joe Balog

    A friend and I stood by the weigh-in stage and re-lived our days. Mine was one of disappointment, with lost fish costing me quite a few bucks. Despite weighing more

  • The Expanding World Of Bonus Prizes

    By Joe Balog

    I remember when I first realized what the word marketing meant. Long before a successful promotional business, before any knowledge of sponsor negotiations, press more

  • 'Twas the Witch Of November Come Stealin’

    By Joe Balog

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a Bassmaster Elite Angler of the Year. Finally. After a woefully delayed postseason event on Lake Michigan that nearly more

  • Big Adjustments After Norman

    By Miles Burghoff

    This season has seen me go through many lifestyle changes – an increase in my workload, along with increased personal and professional responsibilities. To say more

  • Cheaters Rarely Win

    By Joe Balog

    The restaurant owner was trying to gather his thoughts when I further explained the premise: There’s a guy in the front of the boat fishing as a pro and a guy more

  • It's Just Fishing (For Money)

    By Joe Balog

    “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”John Steinbeck It should have been easy. I had just posted the largest stringer of more

  • A Kingdom Without Its Crown

    By Joe Balog

    This week perhaps the biggest headline in professional bass fishing isn’t about accomplishments, but a lack of one. As the Bassmaster Elite Series winds down with more

  • A Look Into the Future?

    By Joe Balog

    “I’m kind of done talking about it.” Anthony Gagliardi was understandably a bit frustrated. Since winning the Forrest Wood Cup a few weeks ago, after a more

  • Bass Interference?

    By Steve Chaconas

    It’s a shame that a great championship event presented by FLW Outdoors, with Anthony Gagliardi emerging victorious by the slimmest of margins, has become tarnished. more

  • Cups And Classics

    By Joe Balog

    Wow. As most of you know by now, last week’s Forrest Wood Cup concluded with one of the greatest finishes in the history of pro bass tournament fishing. Hometown more

  • He Did It … Again

    By Joe Balog

    Boy, that Iaconelli is something else. I gotta hand it to the guy, he seems to just have an extra level sometimes. The great ones are like that. Whether you more

  • Can’t Complain About Champlain

    By Miles Burghoff

    I never thought I’d have so much fun missing out on a check! Usually there is no enjoyment associated with missing the cut, but at the recent Bassmaster Northern more

  • The Summer Championship

    By Joe Balog

    Next week is a very big week in pro fishing. It’s the premier event on the FLW Tour – this summer’s Forrest Wood Cup. Another champion will be crowned. I’m more

  • Determining The Best

    By Joe Balog

    The basic purpose of a bass tournament is to measure the skills of finding and catching bass among its competitors. We, as competitors at any level, long ago recognized more

  • Uncovering ICAST

    By Joe Balog

    Last week brought the annual ICAST show, which is without question the biggest event in the sportfishing industry. As many of you now know, numerous breakthrough more

  • The Greatest Show On Earth

    By Balog's Bass War

    It’s a big week in sport fishing. While the pro bass tours take a lazy summer break, the entire fishing world focuses on the industry’s annual “buzz” event: ICAST. more

  • The 'Almost' Angler Of The Year

    The 'Almost' Angler Of The Year

    By Joe Balog

    “I couldn’t have won Angler of the Year, and I wouldn’t have done anything different." Cody Meyer was trying to convince me, or perhaps himself, that his more

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    By Joe Balog

    I used to think that guys like Andy Morgan were a dying breed. While the latest class of pro bass superstars became more technologically advanced, and ventured more

  • America’s Pastime

    By Joe Balog

    A stormy morning quickly dispelled any hopes I had of going fishing. Deadlines, office clutter and a list of obligations helped the cause. But before the rest more

  • BASSFest: The Fans Win

    By Miles Burghoff

    As part of my very hectic schedule, I was fortunate to be able to participate in the very first BASSFest as part of the Shimano Experience Team. At first, I wasn’t more

  • BASSFest: A New Era?

    By Joe Balog

    As we head into the final stretches of this season’s professional bass tours, without question the biggest event of late was the recent BASSFest at Lake Chickamauga. more

  • More About Florida’s Plan

    By Joe Balog

    Last week we chatted about the State of Florida’s redirection of fisheries management goals and the increased emphasis it's placing on trophy bass management. more

  • The King Wants His Crown Back

    By Joe Balog

    I remember seeing an old, black-and-white photo my dad held onto from an early trip to the bass mecca of Florida. Featured was a much younger and thinner version more

  • Elite Goal Will Be Tough To Reach

    Elite Goal Will Be Tough To Reach

    By Miles Burghoff

    Sometimes no matter how well you prepare, and no matter how many controllable factors you take into account, it’s just not your time. The recent Bassmaster more

  • Is A World-Record Smallmouth On The Horizon?

    By Joe Balog

    At one time, recreational bass fishermen across the North regarded a 5-pound smallmouth as a true trophy. As time went on, fishing equipment advanced, previously more

  • Swimming With The Fishes

    By Joe Balog

    I’ve always been fascinated by the intricacies of catching bass and those anglers who become intimately familiar with their quarry. Most often, big-money events more

  • Proof Is In The Pounds: Fork Reigns Supreme

    By Joe Balog

    “Good Lord!” I said it aloud, although I was alone in my home. I had just checked the outcome of this year’s Toyota Texas Bass Classic and could hardly more

  • Time To Stop The Bleeding

    By Joe Balog

    Well, I just got back from a great vacation. I might have gone a little overboard, spending a couple thousand bucks and fishing everyday, but it was worth it. more

  • Black Tuesday?

    By Joe Balog

    Spring is in the air around my part of the world. The Great Lakes have awoken fully from there monumental winter slumber, open water is finally available, and more

  • A Long-Overdue Trip

    By Joe Balog

    After what seems like an eternity away from bass fishing, it’s finally my turn to dust the sticks off. While I’m immersed in fishing nearly every day from a business more

  • Rig Or No Rig, The Cream Rises

    By Joe Balog

    “Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.” ― George R.R. Martin, "A Game of Thrones" It wasn’t long ago that the umbrella more

  • No Longer Just For Me

    By Miles Burghoff

    August, 2006. I was on the road to my new start – my new life. I was alone. I loved it. I continued to love my selfish lifestyle for the next 7 years. I more

  • Seminars Of The Future

    By Joe Balog

    I remember one of the first pro bass seminars I ever attended. Always eager to rub elbows with my childhood heroes, I somehow convinced my mom to drive me an hour more

  • Two-Tour Pros Help the Cause

    By Joe Balog

    Like many of you, I scour the media for any information on the big-name pros. I’m always amazed at their demonstrations of skill when fishing for big money. I more

  • Back To The Future

    By Miles Burghoff

    I want to apologize for not being as on top of this column as I normally am. It’s not that I don’t have anything to report – in fact, the exact opposite is true. I've more

  • I’m Keeping Score

    By Joe Balog

    Well, we’re off and running on all cylinders in the world of pro bass. The early tournaments brought us results surprisingly like those of recent years. One man more

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