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  • Will the Best Man Win?

    By Joe Balog

    As we all know, itís REDCREST week. After a few minor changes, including calendar and location adjustments (twice), the crew at MLF finally got their year-end more

  • Hammer Time

    By Joe Balog

    ďPeople think itís a young guy tournament trail, and yeah, the young guys have killed it. But I donít feel old and I donít act old Ö I know that I still have more

  • Itís The Best

    By Joe Balog

    I hadnít thrown a topwater in a while and it was good to be back. This time of year, Floridaís mild winter starts to lose its grip, giving glimpses of things to more

  • Occasional Anglers

    By Joe Balog

    I wanted to catch a pompano. Since moving to Florida more than five years ago, I had run through a bucket list of saltwater species that I craved to taste, and more

  • Space-Age Problems

    By Joe Balog

    Advancements in bass fishing equipment are amazing. Likely due to the competitive factor in our sport, manufacturers continue to push the envelope, constantly more

  • One Step Ahead

    While writing continues to be a fun hobby, marketing and promotions still pay the bills in my office as my Millennium Promotions group now celebrates 20 years more

  • Preparing For The Season Ahead

    By Miles Burghoff

    No matter how good or bad a tournament season was, a new year brings with it new opportunity and a renewed sense of optimism. By no means was 2020 a bad year for more

  • Trophy Factor

    By Joe Balog

    ďI donít know about you, but I donít get excited sitting around and talking about catching a limit of keeper fish, even though such a catch might earn me more more

  • Top Baits On The 2020 Elite Series

    By Joe Balog

    While weíre all ready to erase 2020 from our memories, we still need to check back in with the Bassmaster Elite Series and dissect last seasonís winning lures. more

  • Best Of 2020

    By Joe Balog

    For most Americans, 2020 will not be missed when we put it to bed in a couple of weeks. However, some great things occurred in the world of professional bass fishing. more

  • Natureís Mystery

    By Joe Balog

    There are times I fish just to keep Ďem honest, and unfortunately this was one of those times. The only boat on the lake, my trolling motor churned mud as I aimlessly more

  • Ship-Jumpers

    Our subject matter this week will come as no surprise to many: The movement of some top pros away from the Bass Pro Tour and back toward B.A.S.S. This is by no more

  • The Continuing Battle For Our Attention

    The armís race continues in professional fishing, as B.A.S.S. recently announced live coverage of all Elite Series events and the Bassmaster Classic on FOX Sports more

  • Sight-Fishing 365

    Cody Huffís life reads like a page from a book. The 2020 edition of How to Become a Bass Pro, to be specific. At just 23 years of age, Huff has already more

  • Can We Learn From The Salties?

    By Joe Balog

    With my wife out of town for the weekend, I had a little me-time to divide between fishing and yard work, settling in each evening to watch the tube. Election more

  • Virtual Reality Fishing

    By Joe Balog

    I wonder where weíre heading. Time spent recently with a pro angler got me thinking. The subject was offshore fishing, specifically modern sonar and the part more

  • Pro Team 2020

    By Joe Balog

    Professional fishing is an evolving sport, both in terms of the top performers and the methods to sustain a career. Without question, sponsorships remain a key more

  • Inner Angler

    By Joe Balog

    Thereís a contingent of saltwater anglers sometimes labeled as purists. ďFly onlyĒ is the correct term, I think, to describe fishermen who have given up on conventional more

  • Timeout For A Buyer's Guide

    By Joe Balog

    This summer brought screwy times for us all, but resulted in an uptick in fishing. All over the country, anglers are reporting more people on the water, license more

  • Leaving The Bubble

    By Miles Burghoff

    Iíve said it here before; the the fact that I get to escape my bass fishing ďbubbleĒ for the stark contrast of life as a fishing guide in Alaska has been an honor more

  • Change Of Plans

    By Joe Balog

    Like many of you, I follow all the latest tournament coverage, keeping tabs on the techniques used to take down big events. Iíve noticed that winning pros are more

  • Analytics

    By Joe Balog

    Every season, I dissect the winning patterns of the major bass tours in an attempt to clue us all in on whatís hot. While this year will go down as one of the more

  • Autumn

    Labor Day signals the end of the boating season in the North; a collective sigh of disappointment can be heard as the kids head back to school. For persistent more

  • Shake Your Teeth Out

    A recent interview with Brett Hite took me to ChatterBait utopia, and I wondered where weíd go from here. Not long ago Ė just back in 2008 Ė the lure was having more

  • If You Rest, You Rust

    ďTo be a successful bass pro today, a guyís got to be young and committed. It takes total dedication to the goal; there can be no side projects or distractions more

  • A New Set Of Rules

    After a dull early season full of cancelations and delays, pro bass fishing rebounded with a fury this month. Both the Bassmaster and MLFLW crews took it to the more

  • The Erie Rebound

    By Miles Burghoff

    As much as I think I know which lakes I'll have a good event at, Iím always surprised at how the venues that are seemingly outside of my wheelhouse ultimately more

  • Digital Thrillers

    By Joe Balog

    A friend and I recently took a trip down memory lane. The subject was bass fishing television and, not surprisingly, we both harped on the good olí days. There more

  • Escape The Madness

    Iíve only received one piece of negative feedback here at BassFan. Well, one that I took to heart, anyway. Sure, there have been disagreements that Iíve contemplated more

  • Whatís the Plan?

    I thought we had seen the end of big-water bass fishing; I really did. By that, Iím referring to the tendency of major tournament organizations to get away from more

  • X-Factor

    By Joe Balog

    Iím fascinated by fish. Since my early childhood, Iíve always wanted to learn more about them in a constant quest to uncover secrets behaviors. I suppose the underlying more

  • Slowing The Momentum

    By Joe Balog

    After spending a few days out of the loop, I was surprised by the headlines when I signed back on. Shocked, really. ďBPT Anglers Likely To Pay Entry Fees In more

  • Making The Rules

    By Joe Balog

    Iíve always been one to question the accepted principles, especially when they apply to fishing. Maybe itís a generational thing, I donít know, but Iíve never more

  • Chick Code Finally Cracked

    By Miles Burghoff

    There are some lakes where your decision-making seems to be consistently sluggish, or just downright wrong most of the time, which produces poor results. That more

  • Super Duper!

    By Joe Balog

    Iíve got to say, pro bass fishing has come a long way. While itís always hard to accept change, the recent expansion of our sport has made for some blockbuster more

  • Overlooked Gems

    By Joe Balog

    In the course of a year, I interview dozens of people involved in the fishing industry. Some of my favorite chat sessions are with the most successful tournament more

  • Majors, Minors And Zeroes

    By Joe Balog

    When it comes to fishing, you just canít force it. Deep down I knew this, but I found myself sweating it out anyway. The locals had warned me when I moved to more

  • Nothing Else Mattered

    By Joe Balog

    Iíd left my Coke on top the truck. It was evident now, as I watched 32 ounces of it slosh around the bed, along with a foam Wendyís cup I hoped wouldnít blow out more

  • Life Of A Ringer

    By Joe Balog

    With tension and negativity crowding the headlines, I thought we could use a little fun. Luckily, I stumbled across a concept that would provide just that and more

  • Game On

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, we looked into the revised and refigured 2020 FLW Pro Circuit and how it may change the careers of many involved. This time, letís check in on the Bassmaster more

  • New Game

    By Joe Balog

    Barring any unforeseen changes, professional bass fishing will again be under way in about a month, although the look of it all may change. Crowd control, weigh-in more

  • Florida Bass To The Rescue

    By Joe Balog

    Is bigger always better? I wondered as I dove into a recent article. It seems the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation plans to stock Grand Lake with more

  • Round 2

    By Miles Burghoff

    Itís been nearly two months since I made the drive home from the last FLW Pro Circuit event on Lake Martin. Since then, we have all watched as the world changed more

  • Will History Ever Repeat?

    By Joe Balog

    America loves the Cinderella story. Tin Cup. The Miracle on Ice. Carl the Greenskeeper. The underdog story permeates even pro bass fishing with regularity. more

  • Reflections

    By Joe Balog

    I have an organization sickness. Iíve known about it for quite some time and struggle daily not to let it overrun me. Nowadays, my ailment probably has a name, more

  • Waiting It Out

    By Joe Balog

    Like many of you, I sit back and wait to see what happens. With our quarantine comes a period of great uncertainty Ė for the country, our people and our passion. more

  • Fishingís Last Innovation?

    By Joe Balog

    Iíve been trying to find the origination of the fish hook. Perhaps itís an impossible quest, but I felt the need to do so based largely on curiosity. For some more

  • Getting Them Out There

    By Joe Balog

    Weíre doing it for the kids. Bill Siemantel had heard it all before. Fishing industry spokesmen put on the big smile when it came to youth-driven activities, more

  • More From The Society

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, you read of decreased conservation topics in a leading B.A.S.S. publication, followed by an upward trend in online reporting by the group. We linked more

  • A Decent Start, But Improvement Needed

    By Miles Burghoff

    With everything that's transpired since last fall, I didnít expect to be able to catch up on everything that I'd hoped to accomplish both on and off the water. more

  • Well-Deserved Space

    By Joe Balog

    With all of the magazines I receive each month, I do my part to keep the postal service in business. Itís my responsibility to keep abreast of professional bass more

  • So Obvious, Itís Overlooked

    By Joe Balog

    I never fish by the boat ramp. I just canít do it. And community holes? Forget it. Thereís just something about casting to a spot that sees dozens of lures more

  • Our Latest Champion

    Another year has passed; with it comes another Bassmaster Classic champion, and a deserving one at that. Now, before we go any further, I have to boast for my more

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