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  • Kenny Hemmen of St Louis, MO writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – We all need to be careful about casting judgment on the intent and actions of other bass fisherman. Hitting coots with a boat, hitting deer with a vehicle – I do not know anyone who would do this on purpose. In many cases - hitting deer/hitting coots - these wildlife become overpopulated due to various reasons, some of which are manmade. Let's all just stay home, quit fishing and leave all wildlife alone – NOT!

  • Dustin Daggett of Twin Lake, MI writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Really? Next thing you know Randy will be complaining about hooks hurting fish and that we should all resort to photographing the fish instead of catch and release.

  • Todd Langford of Ashburn, VA writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Gotta agree with Randy. Come on guys, no excuse for that nonsense. There's no reason to not point it out! You can be DQd for miniscule rule violations, this should be automatic.

  • Kevin Stowers of Gainesville, GA writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Not only should FLW step up and start holding anglers accountable for sportsmanship, they need to step up and hold professionals to a professional level. Drugs, alcohol and PEDs need to be tested for. There is no room for this in the sport.

  • Jeff Kriet of Ardmore, OK writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Really surprised that a veteran like Blaukat would bring something negative like this to public attention. Not what the sport of bass fishing needs. Fueling the fire of those against the outdoor sportsman and professional fishermen is a really bad move.

  • Paul Wallace of Cambridge City, IN writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Careful, Randy ... people might start asking about all the bass being caught and inadvertently maimed and killed in the pursuit of monetary reward. All on public water.

    Pick your battles carefully ... they may come back to haunt you.

  • Anthony Bates Pasquarello of Sebring, FL writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – I think sportsmanship needs a little emphasis here. I read quite a few anglers that fished the FLW Okeechobee event complaining about driving all the way to the tip of Florida, the wind, the cold, the rain and tearing up their $80,000 boats. Now this crap.

  • Connor Summers of Nevis, MN writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – This guy does a lot of crying and whining in general and probably should spend more time trying to catch a bass. Seems to struggle with that. The last thing any sport needs right now is elevated sensitivity.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – I agree with Blaukat. The fact that FLW removed the video from their website says a lot. At the end of the day, it is about the money and a lot of these tournament participants are not going to slow down for anything. Actions like this are why a lot of people, including recreational fishermen, do not like tournament fishermen. A little common sense goes a long way.

  • Steve Lindner of Lake Havasu City, AZ writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Wow! So cool that Randy B. brought this out. I have seen this for years as well. I slow down all the time and most anglers do. I am thrilled Randy had the nerve to say something. The fishing and outdoor world are proud of you.

  • Joe McKinnon of Waltham, MA writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Great job, Randy! You are 100% right!

  • Zach Maisch of Lima, OH writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – I fished with Randy once and found him to be a very nice and professional guy. I also think he may have a valid point here, however, approaching it in this manner after the tournament is over is not professional. The same rules he wishes to use to DQ anglers state clearly that he has a duty to step forward and make a protest within the specified time. Using social media in this way rather than filing a proper protest is not professional and leaves me a little disappointed in him.

  • Jack Watkins of Belleville, IL writes:

    It is illegal to intentionally kill waterfowl and not secure the killed or maimed bird, according Florida game rules. Is that not enough, FLW?

  • Johnnie Large of Owasso, OK writes:

    RE: Colliding with coots – Check out the Florida waterfowl rule book – it outlines what should happen in this situation.

  • George Mrozinski of Sarver, PA writes:

    RE: Balog on bed-fishing – In my area we have a reservoir of approximately 11,000 acres which has no closed season due to half the lake being in Ohio. It gets pounded with tournaments throughout prime spawning season for 2 months straight. A study was done on the lake proper and the 2,500-acre propagation area in which no fishing has ever been allowed.

    The findings were that the fish densities were the same. Twenty years ago it took 16 to 18 pounds to win a tournament. It now takes 21 to 22 pounds to win. I would say that's pretty compelling evidence.

  • Wil Wegman of Bradford, ON writes:

    RE: Schultz back in Classic – Great article about Bernie and an interesting look back at his 1991 Classic on the Chesapeake. I was his press angler for one of those days, covering my first Classic, and can vouch that Bernie was on some winning fish. Traveling across that huge, shallow bay with Bernie to reach his fishing areas was half the adventure.I still root for Bernie all these years later and hope he hammers them at this this year's Classic!

  • Bryan Heaberlin of DeLand, FL writes:

    RE: Balog on bed-fishing – Joe, I wouldn't spend too much time being horrified over the removal of some trophy-class fish, There are many giant bass down here. What you should do is make a difference rather than trying to divide this community even further. Now that you live here you should spend some time following around the spray boats, document what they do, what happens afterward and such, note the frequency and if it is really even needed.

    In my opinion, if you truly want to see a world-class fishery it is right here. The key is letting the vegetation alone and very selective application in our waters. Instead of talking to someone on the payroll of a governmental agency because you believe it to be scientific, spend time talking to the people that use it. If this area had its vegetation left alone – and I mean left the heck alone – the bass will get everywhere, they use it, they can be caught from it and yes, they get huge. There is nothing more frustrating to me than to constantly spend my time searching for the stuff they missed so I can go fishing.

    With your column you could do wonders to restore what once was. Sorry to ramble and rant, but you truly have an opportunity to get this out.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on bed-fishing – Good article, Joe. I have always been in the opposing camp, believing that it is just not ethically right to sight-fish.

  • George Foster of Pineville, LA writes:

    Yes, it is to hard to make it as a pro. But when you cannot make it with the big boys it is time to drop down to the FLW level.

  • Paul Wallace of Cambridge City, IN writes:

    RE: Watson on MLF – Giant spoon-flipping in the docks! That might be the greatest episode ever. Well done, Mr. Watson.

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