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  • Dean Coleman of Humble, TX writes:

    Matt Herren ... 53 is the new 30! Go get 'em, man.

  • Rob Dixon of Lewistown, PA writes:

    RE: Middle River fish kill – Tilley Chemical Company has been discharging chemicals into Cow Pen Creek. They even made efforts to hide the discharge. They need to be fined several million dollars and forced to pay for all restoration efforts.

  • Zach Parkent of Abingdon, MD writes:

    RE: Middle River fish kill – There is no way this is an algae bloom. An algae bloom in November? An algae bloom that kills of 100,000 fish? Neither has ever happened. It's absurd to think that there isn't a company releasing something into the water and I hope when they are exposed that they crumble and go bankrupt. It makes me sick to my stomach as a bass angler who lives 10 minutes from this river.

  • Mark Poulson of Oakley, CA writes:

    RE: Middle River fish kill – It should be pretty easy for the local officials to hire a leak-detection company, with fiber optic cameras, to trace that pipe's discharge back up to its source. Is there some reason they won't do that?

  • Steve Chaconas of Alexandria, VA writes:

    RE: Middle River fish kill – Scott Sewell is the region's leader in restoring and protecting the tidal fisheries. Scott has been involved not only this recent incident, but every issue affecting Maryland fisheries! Thanks for your positive leadership, Scott.

  • Leon Stamps of Redding, CA writes:

    RE: Tips for catching big spots – Great article, good insight on how large spots eat, school and play the waiting game. Thanks – a must-share.

  • Victor Holt of Jonesboro, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on fish care – I agree with the use of release boats in order to keep all tournament fish from ending up back in the water at the weigh0in site, especially at large events. However, trying to return each bass close to its individual home range would create a logistical nightmare. We know that when a fish is removed from a favored location that another fish quickly takes up residence. Also, we know that certain individual bass that are caught are often caught again, whether at a release site or its home range.

    As has been the case for several decades, fish-handling care is the greatest single and most successful tactic for preserving our favorite resource. Fish on!

  • Joe McKinnon of Waltham, MA writes:

    RE: Balog on fish care – One problem with Sqaum Lake is the lack of a weigh-in site on Big Squam. All big tournaments weigh in on Little Squam and then transfer the fish back to Big Squam. Some see this as an issue because they do not want to go back and forth through the channel. If Squam Lake found a weigh-in site for us to use, this would help not only the anglers but the fish for less handling and livewell time.

  • George Kramer of Lake Elsinore, CA writes:

    I see the Ray Hanselman feat as more proof you can’t fish your way into a pro career. For one, I never heard of the guy before. Second, his success in the Rayovacs (by standards) is merely triple-A. And three, what angler under contract (and familiar to the public) are they going to replace (in 5 weeks) with last year’s brightest star?

  • Terry Bonsell of Keyser, WV writes:

    FLW is becoming a feeder for the Elites.

  • George Foster of Pineville, LA writes:

    RE: New Berkley baits – Great! I am so glad Berkley has gotten back into the hard bait line. They could not have picked a better group of pros to help design these lures and hooks. We all know that if B.A.S.S. had not changed their schedule to an early season time frame that Fritts may never have been out of the Top 10 in any event.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Grigsby's move – Great job Grigsby. I hope you tear up the field. And remember not to be afraid of the dark side.

  • Greg Vinson of Baxter, AL writes:

    RE: Grigsby's move – Best of luck to Chad. You could sense while watching the FLW Circuit Breaker series with him and J.T. Kenney that he was not very happy and seemed to be in a rut. I hope a fresh start with a new circuit works out for him.

  • Mark Allard of Sioux City writes:

    RE: Mille Lacs AOY – Wow. Big fish, big water. Should be a great event. Can't wait to see how they come out. Love this place.

  • Greg Dornau of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. writes:

    RE: Dunkin going pro – Great article, Luke is a pleasure to work with and we are proud to be a part of his tournament team. If he fishes as good as he sings he will do well. Best of luck.

  • Joe Balog of DeLand, FL writes:

    RE: Hanselman's sweep – Fully agree with Coble – greatest overall feat ever in tournament bass fishing. In my opinion, even better than Coble's back-to-back All Americans!

  • Rob Dixon of Lewistown, PA writes:

    I'm happy B.A.S.S. is trying new things, but the Classic Bracket Tournament seems a bit absurd to me. Do all competitors get money or only the winner? Why is one tournament with a very small number of anglers going to guarantee a Classic spot? Why is Cayuga more important than any other Elite event?

    I just don't quite understand this. Seems about on par with NASCAR's playoff that makes zero sense, too.

  • Jason Cooper of Shelbyville tn. writes:

    RE: Balog on FLW – The article and your thoughts and answers are always worth reading – some of the best reads on the Internet. But your new picture with the largemouth ... Come on, man! I know you moved to Florida, but it just doesn't look right.

  • Terry Bonsell of Keyser, WV writes:

    RE: Balog on FLW – Joe, ever been snookered?

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: Balog on FLW Only Joe can call Kathy Fennel at FLW and ask such candid questions respectfully and get us answers to the questions we are all dying to ask. You the man, Joe! No gossip, just the facts, man! Enjoy all you write!

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