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  • Dan Westfall of Prescott Arizona writes:

    I love Mexico and its bass fishing.The people are truly wonderful. I really enjoy Lake Oviachic in Sonora and Angel, the resort owner. If you ever feel uncomfortable, Angel will be there to help you.

  • Rob Dixon of Lewistown, PA writes:

    RE: Engel's award How can a cooler win best of show in a fishing tackle category? I'm starting to think whichever company ponies up enough money wins "best of show."

  • Dennis Sullivan of Mesa, AZ writes:

    RE: Huk pro staff This is an impressive endorsement by some "name" guys. But it sounds like the company wrote the endorsements of KVD and Reese. I have read a lot of things these guys have written and this didn't sound like either one of them. Plus, they were too similar. Nevertheless I will check out this line because of them.

  • Terry Bonsell of Keyser, WV writes:

    RE: Colson's concrete work Fishing tournaments just does not allow these guys a good opportunity to make a living.

  • Mike Holden of San Diego, CA writes:

    RE: MLF format I like the idea it reveals who had the best day (i.e. caught the most legal fish). I have not fished in tournaments but would love to try this format.

  • Curtis Lewis of Anniston, AL writes:

    RE: MLF format In my area, which includes Logan Martin, Neely Henry and Weiss Lake, to name a few, there is so much cheating going on in the tournaments that this format would just promote even more cheating and thus cause fewer anglers to fish them.

  • Duncan Robertson of Durban, South Africa writes:

    RE: Ingram's good year The older the fiddle, the better the tune.

  • Kenneth Graves of Canton, NY writes:

    Very nice to see Honda Marine sponsoring some of the legends of the sport, especially Paul Elias.

  • Allen Todd of Gardnerville, NV writes:

    RE: New Quantums Fishermen love them, bass fear them. Need I say more? I still have the first Quantum I started with 10 years ago.

  • Andrea Dowdy of Arlington, TN writes:

    Michael Wooley should have spent his weekend traveling to South Carolina to practice for the Forrest Wood Cup. Instead, Michael dedicated his time to the Operation Weekend Pass by volunteering himself and his boat to take active duty sailors out for a day of fishing on Saturday (July 12) at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park.

    Michael and the sailors had a great time and he was able to thank our service members in a very real way. Michael Wooley is a genuine and hard-working representative for professional bass anglers and their fans everywhere.

  • Dave Blades of Aurora, MO writes:

    RE: Dillard's boat raffle I saw that boat last weekend on Table Rock. Good to hear it's going to help a good cause!

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: Balog on Morgan Another great story by Joe Balog! Loved it when Andy quoted Mickey Bruce, I knew Mickey well and he didn't say much, but when he did it was always genius. I also root for the old-school guys!

  • Bill Schroeder of Paducah, KY writes:

    Morgan's second AOY Andy Morgan is a class act. He strives to be the best at everything he attempts to do. I asked Andy some time ago, "What would you rather do, duck hunt or bass fish?" Without hesitation he answered, " I like to hunt ducks in the winter and fish for bass in the summer." That's Andy.

  • Joe McKinnon of Waltham, MA writes:

    RE: Balog on Morgan Another great article by Joe Balog!

  • Chad Baker of Bristol, TN writes:

    RE: Morgan is AOY again I've known Andy for 20 years and he is the best at flipping and pitching that will ever be. His approach may be very simple but his skill set with a rod and reel is a thing of beauty.

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    RE: Morgan is AOY again Sounds like Andy Morgan may have attended a seminar by John Powell, who for years preached this message in his seminars: Bass fishing's secret is locate the bass, make them bite your lure and put them in the boat.

  • Mark Robertson of Henderson, NC writes:

    RE: MLF format I think it's a really good idea and I love the show. I just think it would complicate weekend tournaments.

  • Tony Smith of Northport, AL writes:

    RIP, Troy Jens. Glad to have known you and called you a friend ... you will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved you. Godspeed, my brother.

  • Jerry Fulkerson of Concord, NC writes:

    Like always, the Forest Wood Cup has a high octane field this year. With that much talent competing I'm absolutely sure that we're going to have an exciting four days in August.

    For me, the most exciting part is that, after giving the entire FLW field a one-tournament lead, Anthony Gagliardi fought back and secured a spot in the Cup. Five months ago, there weren't many people who gave him much of a chance to do that.

    Congratulations to Anthony for a job well done. I'll be there at Lake Murray in August to watch him bring the season home.

    Disclaimer - Anthony is my son-in-law, so I'm not exactly a totally unbiased observer.

  • W.M. Oppelt of Frankfort, IN writes:

    RE: MLF format This format has been used for years. Several small clubs and small tournaments have used this system. To pay, ain't happening.

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