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  • Ed Stiefel of Mahwah, NJ writes:

    RE: Okeechobee Rayovac – I agree it is a joke the way they paid 140 places.

  • Mark Aaron of Gastonia, NC writes:

    RE: Okeechobee Rayovac – First, 250 boats was ridiculous, but I can deal with that. Second (and this is just my opinion), the payouts should never go below 75th (even for a 200-plus-boat field). At $1,200, they didn't even get their entry fee back ... that's everyone from 41st on down! I'd like to hear FLW's explanation for that? Take the money and fatten up the Top 75 and be done with it!

    The number of entrants should dictate what the payout will be from the top down. I'm all for these guys (and gals) making money, but FLW misallocated $78,000 by paying 65 places too many, in my opinion. Someone finishing 140th making the same amount as 41st makes zero sense!

  • Cody Peals of Rome, GA writes:

    RE: Tharp's Zoom deal – Randall Tharp is simply one of the best sticks in the world and Zoom lures, which I have won quite a bit of money with myself, are the best soft-plastics on the market!

  • James Conrad of Moneta, VA writes:

    Wow, just had to talk about the payout at the FLW Rayovac on the Big O. A 250-boat field, and 140 got checks. Are you kidding me? The guy in 41st place got the same as 140th. Not sure I understand that one at all. How can you have a tournament where more people get checks than don't get checks?

  • Mike Webb of Orange, TX writes:

    Concerning Aaron Martens' comments about the Sabine River, it doesn't have to be treacherous. Stay in the middle of all channels and slow down in the narrow, winding areas. Also, I wish more of the Elites would actually fish the Sabine instead of running so far away. There are good bass to be caught in key areas.

  • Beverly Yamamoto of Palestine, TX writes:

    RE: Biffle's return – So happy to hear things are going better for both of you! No one can understand better than another "tournament wife" the pressures we all go through at times like this!

  • Bob Smith of Dayton, OH writes:

    RE: Monroe/Poche incident – Ish should be fined and/or suspended from one tournament! We don't need this crap in pro fishing.

  • Detria Dunning of Richmond, KY writes:

    RE: Monroe/Poche incident – Ish should be put out, period. You can never assault another angler. This is not the first time he has been DQd and he needs to be put back and made to start from the bottom. Kyle Fox was put out for a word and this is 100 percent worse than that.

  • Ron Risenhoover of Lufkin, TX writes:

    RE: Monroe/Poche incident – I am seeing this incident as an opportunity for Anglers with sponsors to see how their actions can reflect on the sport and their reputations. Some people fish for their own glory, but many others fish with their sponsor's reputations as a consideration.

    At this level of competition, if you loose sponsorship because of bad decisions, oftentimes it can be very hard to recover. This might be another wake-up call for people to think twice about how their actions can affect their livelihood, both directly and indirectly.

  • Bobby Colson of Nashville, TN writes:

    Great news good to see Tommy Biffle back.

  • Timothy F. Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    RE: Monroe/Poche incident – Expect more of the same in future. This incident is indirectly what is ultimately going to ruin this sport, and that is money! From the top down, nobody is excluded. Old school bass fishermen would never behave like this.

  • Terry Bonsell of Fruitland Park, FL writes:

    RE: Monroe/Poche incident – Just too many boats fishing in a tour. 200? Get real.

  • Steven Bates of El Dorado, AR writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – Am I the only one to notice that there was no real formal apology from Ish? Just "I reacted poorly." That right there is why he needs to be taught a lesson. Dude, you got arrested! At least apologize!

    At least Poche was man enough to issue a public apology to all involved. Sometimes a little bit of remorse goes a long way.

    Hey Ish, get the chip off your shoulder and show some humility! You don't have to like the guy or the outcome but at least show some remorse.

  • Chad Hill of Goreville, IL writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – Ethics and respect have been thrown out the window by many on the local level as well. Getting cut off, run over, etc. to win a few hundred bucks is now commonplace. It's a shame. I have cut back on tournament fishing because of it.

    Call me "old school," that's fine. I was taught on-the-water ethics by an older group of tournament anglers. I find it tough to adjust. Money rules these days. Guys show up to local circuits dressed like B.A.S.S. guys. They spend $400 to win $500. It's nuts. This isn't the last time we'll hear of an episode like this.

  • Corey Gue of Kenova, WV writes:

    The Elites fishing the Opens deal is a BASS organazation tryout system. They now require all but one guy (B.A.S.S. Nation champ)) to qualify for the Elite Series through these events. As much as the triple-A anglers frown upon this, it's the only safeguard for a professional Elite angler if his performance at the tour level is lacking. It's their only chance of making it back to the Elite field if they fall below the often-changing cut line.

  • Steven Rockweiler of Luling, LA writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – Both men have a history of quick tempers and being hot-headed. But, in reading many accounts of what took place in that lock in that tournament, many boats were hit and damaged. One angler said several engine cowls were busted due to another boat hitting them. I am sure some not-so-nice words were exchanged by others there.

    Only one fisherman decided to get violent there. They were both DQd, as they should have been. But I also blame B.A.S.S. They had a good indication that over half the field was locking. The lock only holds 12 or 13 boats, but they were cramming 16 in there. The lock is on the far southern end of the lake, with high north winds, the waves were rolling across, with no breakwater to stop this. It would have been prudent if B.A.S.S. had stationed an official at that lock to keep things civilized.

  • Charles Bowman of Kernersville, NC writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – It's my opinion that Poche may be a poor boat driver, but I do not believe he would intentionally ram Ish's boat in front of the whole field and the lockmaster. That doesn't hold water with me.

    From there, in my opinion, the whole thing is on Ish Monroe. Regardless of who says what, if one competitor jumps in the boat of another competitor, that's going to result in a physical altercation, no doubt. That's on Ish. What's Poche to do but to defend himself in some manner?

    Poche could be rung up for cruddy boat maneuvering and an accident. In my opinion, all the rest is on Ish and was intentional.

    On the flip side, if Poche had complete disregard for others' safety and equipment, and Ish has complete disregard for a competitor's personal space not to be entered into in a threatening manner, then I say perhaps they've each lost a few chips off their shoulders due to this event and can possibly move on with less of an attitude of arrogance.

  • Jann Swaim of Auburn, AL writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – Reap what you sew. Didn't B.A.S.S. encourage this type of behavior about 10 years ago on TV? Didn't several anglers leave B.A.S.S. because B.A.S.S. was asking them to increase the drama for TV? We are all products of our environment and the propaganda it inflicts on us.

  • Dustin Daggett of Twin Lake, MI writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – I think this is an opportunity to find out what matters to B.A.S.S. Are they running tournaments to produce a TV show (i.e. ESPN days), or are they running it like a business.

    I'm a big Ish Monroe fan, but the simple fact is if I (or probably 99 percent of those reading BassFan) get thrown into jail for "sparring" with a co-worker ... well, we all know how that ends up.

  • Andy Williamson of Lake Andes, SD writes:

    RE: Monroe-Poche incident – I am wondering if anybody else saw the third round of the Major League Fishing event in Maine that aired in mid-January, 2015, where it appeared and sounded like a bass being landed by Keith Poche bounced and/or landed on the front of the driver's console or deck area. The referee just happened to turn his head at that moment.

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