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  • Randy Sullivan of Sarasota, FL writes:

    Am I the only one who thinks the Bass Pro Tour is a better television show than fishing tour? Each event I find myself caring less and less, and I'm a bass-tournament junkie. Almost every fish is under 2 pounds, which is not keeping my attention. I still check the results, but I have stopped watching the live feed. Maybe it's just me.

  • Michael Belter of Reidsville, NC writes:

    I highly doubt that an MLF format is going to catch on in a serious way at lower levels to provide a feeder system for the league. There is no way anyone in their right mind would trust their fellow competitors in another boat to weigh their own fish when thousands of dollars are at stake. Too many competitors would give themselves the benefit of the doubt when those fish are bouncing around on the scale and give themselves the highest weight it shows. And having referees in the boat would be cost-prohibitive at any level lower than the top tier of professional ranks.

  • Dom Capurso of Jersey City, NJ writes:

    RE: Balog on Jimmy Liao This professor's work sounds fascinating. We should have him dispel some of our real-world bassin' myths.

  • Josh Tousey of Muncie, IN writes:

    RE: Wiggins' Quantum deal If Wiggins says the Quantum Smoke S3 is a good reel, you better believe him. Especially if you intend on a shaky-head setup!

  • Dustin Dunford of Wytheville, VA writes:

    RE: Tiebreaker methods Ipicked full-day fish off for two reasons 1, the pay scale from first to second is a huge jump and 2, what if one guy is keying on a early morning bite, then the one-hour fish off after the tourney would cancel that out. I'd like to give them equal chance to be the "real" winner.

  • Frank Tennity of Honeoye, NY writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo This reminds me of when ESPN thought they owned the B.A.S.S. Federation. I am not against rules for fishing, but each angler is a business and don't tell them how to run their business. Personally, if it was me, I would try to get the majority of the anglers at MLF to stand up to this kind of abuse. What happened to the anglers having a voice in how things are done, especially in their off time from MLF?

  • Chad Baker of Bluff City, TN writes:

    BPT just had a preview of how they plan to showcase the college-level talent. They plan to be the Walmart of fishing!

  • Riles Rick of Baton Rouge, LA writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo I believe they have every right to do this as they are currently the only actual professional tour. When the other organizations are making you pay money to try and win it back, they cant have much say in what events you attend.

    There is only one true professional tour. They, in a sense, own the anglers. This group of anglers are the best and most popular ever assembled. I believe in the very near future sponsors will shift the big money to the Redcrest and roll with BPT stars and relegate the other two tours to what theyve chosen to be, glorified jackpots. BPT holds all the cards.

  • Roger Griffith of Sneads Ferry, NC writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo Dont work the Classic; I could care less personally as Ive moved on past the MLF ship-jumpers. Say what you will, I went to the last classic in Tennessee. Every single day the Expo was packed. And its no surprise to me that Boyd Duckett decided to allow it next year seeing how the Classic is going to be on his home lake and its the 50th anniversary, which means itll be a huge event. But whatever; dont show up and fade away. Speaking of the best anglers, last I checked KVD was considered the greatest ever, how's the BPT working out for him? Think hes made about $6,000 this year and is sitting almost dead last in that ignorant format.

  • Chance Huiet of Liberty, TX writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo Boyd said this whole thing was to benefit the fishermen and let them make the most money possible without spending a ton of their own. Yet now, after contracts were signed, he says no to working the shows and fishing the tournaments that pay for these guys to be pro anglers. Thats an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. I see quite a few guys leaving BPT after the 3 years. Unless its proven the contract was modified, thus making it void. Either way, I hope Duckett doesnt make it after those 3 years.

    BassFan says: Just to be clear, MLF anglers are not restricted from fishing in other tournaments. For instance, several have competed in Bassmaster Opens this year that did not conflict with Bass Pro Tour events.

  • Tom Baldwin of Cedar Hill, TN writes:

    I like the MLF but will the catch-and-immediate-release catch on like we fish today with B.A.S.S. and FLW? My bass club is going to test out the MLF format later this year. The only thing potentially in the way of the MLF format taking off is the wireless connectivity at some of the lakes we fish. I would hate to fish and the results be delayed or not come in at all. At least with the weigh-ins at the end if the day, you know the results and can fish any lake at any time.

  • Jeremy Limerick of Punxsutawney, PA writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo I believe they have every right to do this as they are currently the only actual professional tour. When the other organizations are making you pay money to try and win it back they cant have much say in what events you attend. When we get to the point that the tournament brand (B.A.S.S. and FLW) are also giving the money to the anglers in the form of payouts instead of lining their own pockets with it, then we will see the best anglers in the world showcased.

  • G. Brown of Richmond, VA writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo I think MLF's approach to having anglers work the Classic Expo is a negative for them. The anglers have sponsors and they should work wherever to support those sponsors, MLF doesn't own them. If MLF thinks their anglers are better than other anglers, and that sponsors "need" to have MLF anglers, then the sponsors should move on to other anglers and say forget MLF.

    MLF anglers are more widely known because they have been promoted heavily over the years. These new anglers on the B.A.S.S. or FLW tours can be promoted just as well and people will see and appreciate them. Give the new faces a chance I'd rather do that than go along with an organization that wants to control anglers by saying we're all pulling the rope in one direction!

    Isn't it possible for anglers to fish MLF and support their sponsors at other events? It seems Boyd Duckett and others who take his position want to see B.A.S.S. or FLW go by the wayside or be considered second class to MLF.

    Fishermen (women) and the industry need to take a stand and show MLF that they need the support of fans and the industry, rather than the fans and industry needing MLF!

  • John A. Argese of Taylors, SC writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo It seems some of the "fans" keep forgetting some of those big names are also investors in MLF. Duckett has the target on his back because he took on the role of spokesman.

    The MLF is an attempt by some of the anglers to take hold of their own destiny. Isn't that the American way? Take a risk for possible reward?

    One would think, I don't know, a "Knock 'em dead, guys" would be in order.

  • Mark Aaron of Gastonia, NC writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo Boyd Duckett is no dummy, but his tone rubbed some folks the wrong way. He's been a very successful businessman with a track record to prove it. I don't know the breakdown in the money invested by those in BPT, but I'd bet Johnny Morris (a known investor) put the brakes on the idea of not having BPT anglers at other expos. Bass Pro Shops just re-signed a multi-year deal with B.A.S.S., and I'm sure Johnny's not wanting to bite the hand that feeds him.

  • Dave LeVene of Milwaukee, WI writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo While I somewhat understand the owners of MLF's stance, as a fan of bass fishing, all should remember without B.A.S.S. there would be no MLF. The names are mostly recognizable because of B.A.S.S. and later FLW. With limited sponsors within the world of competitive fishing, it seems unreasonable to expect segregation from one circuit to another by sponsors when the largest of them span all three major tours.

    I find it difficult enough to follow MLF tournaments and find the format of the tournaments a bit confusing between Summit Cups, Challenge Cups and now the Redcrest championship ... perhaps it's all too new to a "traditional" bass fisherman who grew up with Parker, Clunn, Brauer and KVD, but I enjoyed going to the weigh-ins and seeing the anglers at these gathering events in person and on TV. I do not see this opportunity in MLF yet.

    Having the "big names" at the other tour events seems like a no-brainer for the sponsors and MLF should remember the reason they exist is the popularity of the names ... names that were grown in B.A.S.S. and FLW.

  • Jeffray Gooch of Westport, CT writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo Only time will tell, but I am predicting 3 years and out ... there have been several leagues that tried to best the NFL, with the latest not even making a full season. B.A.S.S. is tried and true the greatest and no flash in the pan will overcome it. TV ratings are not there and with that the money will dry up. Hate it for the fishermen and do understand their motivation to go there can't blame them. Just will sit back and welcome the ones back that come home to B.A.S.S. and FLW.

  • John A. Argese of Taylors, SC writes:

    Remember when anglers were forced to choose between competing on the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tour? You should. FLW did it in 2004.

    Be honest, the unexpected growth is threatening the pro bass status quo. No two ways about it. Maybe they should stop pointing fingers at MLF and start fixing their own house.

  • Sam Fish of Alex City, AL writes:

    RE: MLF anglers and Classic Expo Well said, Boyd. If MLF goes public, I want some stock. No offense to B.A.S.S. or FLW but I don't feel the same about investing in those organizations.

    Boyd, I hope you create a weekend trail with progressions to the top. Would love to fish the MLF format.

  • Chad Keogh of Penticton, BC, Canada writes:

    Boyd on sponsors: "If some of the sponsors don't have as much entrepreneurial spirit as I have and if their risk-tolerance is less than mine, then we'll find a way to work with them."

    I understand Boyd's frustration. When you KNOW you are doing the right thing, but others don't see the full vision and are hesitant.

    But diplomacy is needed to make sure you don't burn bridges.

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