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  • Mark Melega of Rices Landing, Pa. writes:

    RE: B.A.S.S. changes – 30,000 B.A.S.S. Nation members get 3 Bassmaster Classic spots, down from 6 spots. That's 1 for each 10,000 members fishing their way through club then state then divisional then national level competition. Buying new boats and tackle and everything else along the way. Then B.A.S.S. comes up with a new format for 2016 where 8 pros fish out of Buffalo, N.Y., for 1 Classic spot. This is slap in the face to the thousands of B.A.S.S. Nation anglers that support the sport and organization. But we all will still fight and claw our way through the tournaments buying fishing stuff and dreaming of one day making it to the Bassmaster Classic.

  • Gene Eisenmann of Frisco, TX writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron is a special guy. When you fish his tournaments he makes you feel part of a family instead of just a customer. Great article on a great dude.

  • Adam Jones of Knoxville, Tenn. writes:

    RE: B.A.S.S. changes – Well for sure all the B.A.S.S. Nation clubs should change to FLW format. Crush all the little guys dreams of ever fishing the Classic. Not cool.

  • Luke Michaels of Hammond, In writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Wow, BassFan struck a nerve with the Ron Lappin story. Great work and what an honor for Ron to have the industry he serves recognize him with so many accolades. Fantastic to see the impact! I hope his senior leadership has publicly acknowledged his impact and dedication as well! Congrats Mr. Lappin on a life and career of significance and positively impacting others!

  • John Cregger of Hardy, Va. writes:

    RE: Pro Angler Survey – Interesting data – 55 to 60 percent indicated they made money, even if they netted 30K with the hours these guys log in thats a $10 an hour job. Without the big money the organizations are not going to get the best of the best. The best talent in any sport follows the money. You can't live on the love of the sport.

  • Casting Carter of Manchester, NH writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron is an amazing guy! I volunteered this year at the Lake Champlain Northern Rayovac and he and his team taught me so much about tournaments and fish care. I'm 8 and want to be a pro fisherman and teach kids how to fish when I grow up. Thank you Ron for all you do!

  • Bobby Kilzer of Paris, Tn writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Best tournament director out there and even a better person. Glad to call him my friend.

  • Brian Brown of Kuttawa, KY writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron Lappin is the BEST in the business and an all-around great man.

  • Howard Fulgham of Ash Flat, Ark. writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion: I have fished some tournaments that Ron Lappin was the director. He is the greatest. He makes you feel comfortable on stage. I would enjoy seeing him again.

  • Kent Brown of Roseville, CA writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron does a great job with the Rayovac Series and we thank him and Joan for all they have done to continue the events here in the West. Our favorite tournament director.

  • Luke Clausen of Spokane, WA writes:

    RE: Balog on sponsorships – Joe, great article! Could not agree more!

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, Ill writes:

    RE: Menendez DQ – I think it's kind of funny that several weeks ago at the St Lawrence River, Mark Menendez stated that he intended to press charges against a harassing land owner (which was stated to be illegal ) then he himself brings an illegal fish to weigh-in and says nothing until a day after the tournament. He says it was the heat of the moment. Maybe that's what happened to the landowner. I just believe that anyone that brings a illegal fish to the scales should not only be penalized by the tournament, but fined by the DNR for breaking the law. I doubt Menendez will continue his harassment charge knowing he is a public law breaker also. I have no bad feelings towards Mark, but watch where you throw stones.

    BassFan says: The case involving the landowner who confronted Menendez at the St. Lawrence River Elite Series is now closed. The man was cited for "fisherman harassment" and paid a $175 fine.

  • Rick Pierce of Mountain Home, AR writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Thank you for writing on Ron Lappin. I have fished very few FLW events and several Red Man and many more B.A.S.S. events. Then there are countless others over the last 40 plus years of competing. In considering all tournament directors over time Ron is a class act and one of the best ever.

  • Mark Howard of mesquite, tx writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Absolutely the best in the business, period. Sets the bar high and hits the mark every time! Ron and his crew are family to me and many others. Much respect!

  • Chad Aaron of Ethridge, TN writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron Lappin excels at directing tournaments because he is an excellent person. I feel that a man of his integrity is a rarity, not only in the realm of competitive fishing, but in today's world. I am honored to have met him, and look forward to each time we cross paths.

  • Jon Bondy of Windsor, Ont writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron is one of the most professional tournament directors I've ever weighed in with. Great guy!

  • Bill McDonaugh of Coatesville, PA writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – I met Ron when he ran a tournament on the upper bay in North East, MD. When I spoke with Ron it was like you were talking to a friend that cared about what you were saying. This is only one of many things that make Ron an excellent tournament director. Look forward to seeing Ron again when they return to this area.

  • Kelly Owens of Crowley writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron Lappin is the primary reason I will continue to fish with FLW.

  • Ryan Chandler of Hebron, IN writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Nice to see Ron getting a little recognition for all his hard work. The man is a Hall of Famer in the tournament director category.

  • A. E. "Red" Moore of Graham, NC writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Anyone who really knows Ron will tell you that this story on him is 100 percent true. He is a man of great compassion for the sport and everyone he talks with will be treated the same. I spent many years fishing B.A.S.S. and FLW and will have to say he is the best at what he does and has the best team helping him.

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