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  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    I believe that the MLF format is going to ill affect the way the pros approach a tournament. If they ever decide to go back to B.A.S.S. or FLW, they will be handicapped because they will be accustomed to the quantity and not the quality. But that being said, the other tours may be adopting the MLF format if the success is in that direction.

  • Rick Birge of Chipley, FL writes:

    RE: Rook calls it a career Enjoy your retirement, Scott. You are one of the good guys!

  • Tim Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    My biggest five against your Biggest five is where the excitement will be. B.A.S.S. and FLW will have that over the new BPT/MLF, which after awhile bores me to tears.

  • Tim Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    RE: Lowen's spinnerbait success That single-spin Colorado spinnerbait is an absolute killer, which I dont see a lot of guys throw hope nobody else reads this. Bill Lowen is an absolute master at this a shallow-water expert. Nobody better.

  • Tom Baldwin of Cedar Hill, TN writes:

    Love the schedule for the BPT ... and you left B.A.S.S. for this?

  • Ken Welsh of Oshawa, ON, Canada writes:

    In continuing the spirit of the original format of the MLF, I'm wondering if they are going to keep the locations secret and pick sections of the lakes to facilitate the 6-day format.

    BassFan says: Secret locations are not the current plan for the Bass Pro Tour events.

  • Kyle Dennis of Kalispell, MT writes:

    You'll never convince me that catching a bunch of smaller bass is and will a better format for bass fishing tournaments. The largest bass are always the hardest to hook, play and get into the boat. Simply look at BassFan's own poll and see what the percentage is of which trail people will follow most closely. I find it quite interesting that even though most of the "big names" have moved over to the BPT that the majority of the fan base will still follow B.A.S.S. the closest. Why do think that is? I think the guys at the BPT will figure that out, hopefully before it falls apart.

  • Michael Beter of Reidsville, NC writes:

    RE: Balog's day with the dinks Hey, catching fish IS fun, regardless of the size. But for tournament competition I prefer to see who can figure out how to catch both quantity and quality. I think the biggest five measures that best. Tournament fishing shows like MLF have become exceedingly focused on the fish catches and minimally focused on where, why and how the fisherman are catching them. Seems like all you see is fish catch after fish catch. It might keep the attention of casual watchers, but as for me and a lot of other guys who spend thousands on fishing, it's, well ... boring.

  • Tom Cox of Canton, GA writes:

    It's November 8th and MLF has dates but no locations for the BPT.

  • Bryan Heaberlin of Lake Helen, FL writes:

    RE: Balog's day with the dinks Joe, if the powers that be would lessen the herbicide and poison spraying by about 65 percent or more, you would see what the river really could be. We used to have an amazing fishery size, numbers and all of it, and it wasn't in like two or three spots so everyone ended up all on top of one another. Maybe one day they will find another way to line their pockets, but until that day I guess we will have to settle for what is left.

  • Scot Laney of Wilsonville, OR writes:

    RE: Elias' perspective Paul was one of the few major forces in the original PAA. He never wavered when the sponsors began cracking down on the core of that group, although others did. I respected his commitment and wish that he had more support back then.

    BassFan says: Scot Laney was the first executive director of the Professional Anglers Association. He was named to the post in November 2001.

  • Dan Phillips of Lawrenceville, GA writes:

    RE: MLF/BPT competition dates Seems stupid to release the dates and no locations. Are you ashamed of something?

  • Michael Lavallee of Sandy, UT writes:

    The FLW Tour guys getting an Elite Series invite before the Opens guys who are high enough in the points to get an invite is B.S.! They haven't even been fishing B.A.S.S. I have been loyal to B.A.S.S., being the only Inter-Mountain West angler who has been consistently in the top 20 in the points for 3 years straight. B.A.S.S. contacted me and asked if I could afford to fish the Elite Series. I said yes! And still no invite? I'm seriously considering pulling out of the 2019 Eastern Opens. My consistency and loyalty has gotten me nowhere. Just disappointed, and feeling left out.

  • Riles Rick of Baton Rouge, LA writes:

    RE: Tour poll It appears the FLW employees will be the only ones watching the minor leagues. Thats a sad state of affairs. The divide is now bigger than ever.

  • Maurice Smith of Ward, AR writes:

    RE: Thliveros won't fish Tour I hate to see you go, Peter T. I totally understand, though. You were the main reason I won my first BFL years ago as a co-angler on Lake Dardanelle. I remember talking to you at the Bassmaster tournament on the Arkansas River several years ago. You explained to me the virtues of the C-rig and gave me some great tips on how to fish it. Up until that point, I had surprisingly never fished it. I spent the rest of the year learning how to fish it. I only caught two fish the entire day, but they were the right ones I needed to win.

    I was a fan of yours for years but your generosity made me a follower. I have never spoken with you since then but I always dreamed of eating at your restaurant and thanking you. Im an old-school worm and jig fisherman also and our ranks are slowly thinning out. First Guido and now you. Im really sad about this. Hopefully, I can slide down to Florida and book a guide trip with you. I would gladly pay any amount to spend a day in the boat with you. You will be sorely missed. Thanks again for the info and the great memories you helped to create for me. Salute!

  • Maurice Smith of Ward, AR writes:

    RE: Christie's off year Keep your head up, Jason! I have watched your career from the inception. I love your attitude and style of fishing. I dont fish anywhere on your level. Im a back of the boat weekend guy at best, but I love the sport. Sometimes we all need a wake-up call. It just sucks when you have so much on the line. I cant even relate.

    Man, get in the deer stand and get your mind right. I have the utmost faith you will turn it around and get your swag back. I look forward to watching you next year with a new fire. Im really glad I wont have to fish against you. Good luck, my brother.

  • Blake Caswell of Lake Charles, LA writes:

    RE: Patterson's new gig I met Ryan and the Vexus crew at Lake Fork when you guys were there doing the writers' conference. Super good dude and class act. What a great company! Excited about the products you guys have.

  • Tim Farruggio of Long Branch, NJ writes:

    RE: No entry fees for BPT A great decision by all. The other leagues will follow, just a matter of time. Let the boat and tackle manufacturers pick up the tab they're the ones making all the money.

  • Thomas Youngblood of St. Petersburg, FL writes:

    RE: Tour poll Wow, did the whole FLW staff vote?

  • Brian Hopwood of Rigdeley, WV writes:

    RE: Tour poll I'm pretty sure the most relevant tour will be the BPT, considering all the big names and best of the best are fishing this circuit. I wonder if FLW will even survive this change. The poll reminds me of a skewed political poll does not seem reliable.

    BassFan says: The poll certainly isn't "reliable" for anything there's nothing scientific about it. It's just a way for BassFans to sound off on a topic that's relevant to them.

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