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  • Ronnie Lanning of Waynesville, NC writes:

    RE: KVD at the Expo – Great article. Just wanted to say how much respect I have for KVD after watching him spend three days in the Expo signing autographs and posing for pictures, knowing he would rather have been fishing. What better way to attract more fans than to have KVD out in the forefront.Thanks for the signed HUK hat you gave my boy – made his day.

  • Ronnie Lanning of Waynesville, NC writes:

    RE: Balog on the Classic – This couldn't have been more spot on. Sunday night was unreal – man, they put on a show! I've been to a couple of Classics and the was by far best show I've seen. I fish tournaments myself and you have good and bad days, but just to be a part of a Classic, whether you catch them or not, should be dream come true. Thanks to the city of Greenville and all involved. You should be proud.

  • Steven C. Rockweiler of Luling, LA writes:

    RE: Wendlandt's return – Hope Clark stays well, and comes back strong. I had the pleasure of taking him down to Venice, La. for a fishing trip, and we had a great time some years ago. He is an excellent fisherman and a great person. Good luck, Clark.

  • Mike Gunn of Hanover, VA writes:

    RE: Ram with FLW – I've got 288,000 miles on my Dodge Ram. It pulls my Ranger boat today as well as the day I bought it. It also has the same transmission in it, not a bit of trouble out of it. Ram tough!

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    The bass tournament won by Johnnie Grice in 1970 was not a B.A.S.S. event. I believe the person who conducted it was Dewey Yopp and it was his first and last event.

  • Dean Coleman of Humble, TX writes:

    So sorry to read of the passing of Mr. Martens. Condolences sent to Aaron and his family. God bless you all.

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    Great crowds braved the cold and the anglers did their best, but the Classic should not be conducted in this kind of weather.

  • Jim Finley of Coconut Creek, Florida writes:

    RE: 2015 Classic First off, congratulations to Casey Ashley for a well-deserved win.

    My issue is with B.A.S.S. The last guy to weigh in, who was Takahiro Omori, gets totally overshadowed by the winner's celebration and never gets a chance to thank any sponsors, family or talk about the type of week he had. Maybe they should consider bringing the last guy up, do a little commentary and then weigh his fish – at least this way he gets an opportunity to at least thank those who support him. This would go along way with many sponsors. Also, if he does have a big bag, it would make it more exciting.

  • Dotsy Norton of Inman, SC writes:

    RE: 2015 Classic – This was so intense right up to the end ... gllad to see homeboy win! Great fishing, Casey Ashley! All the guys were awesome out there in those cold temperatures.

  • Andy Williamson of Lake Andes, SD writes:

    I am wondering what kind of a "B.A.S.S." tournament Mr. Sharp is referring to that Johnny Grice won in the 1970s. It certainly was not a Bassmaster Invitational. I remember reading something about it. Perhaps it was put on by a different bass tournament organization.

  • Ed Walker of Pinson, AL writes:

    Anybody notice Mike Iaconelli take off on day 3 of Classic without having his life jacket buckled up? The cameraman caught it live on the Bassmaster webcast. I guess the pros are human, too.

  • Rico Riles of Lafayette LA writes:

    I love the fact that B.A.S.S. leads off the tournament year and Elites Series with a February Classic. It's part of the sport – dealing with the elements. It could just as easily have been a warming trend and record catches. I think the best of the best will still catch them and make for a great Classic.

  • Kenny Hemmen of St Louis, MO writes:

    RE: Delayed Classic start – Safety is always job one. However, it is winter, what do you expect? Put down some salt or other surface treatment and move on. Lots of safety issues everywhere. We need Big Brother to tell us what is safe to protect us because we are not smart enough to be safe on our own. Please fish or go home.

  • Mike Webb of Orange, TX writes:

    Future February Classics should be held in the South or schedule them for early fall.

  • Lance Stanford of Tickfaw, LA writes:

    I'm glad safety is still a priority, but I think the Classic needs to move back until later in year so we don't have these issues.

  • Jason Abram of Johnson City, TN writes:

    RE: Classic preview – In my opinion Ott is the man to beat! My darkhorse pick is David Walker. Both are from east Tennessee and know these kinds of conditions.

  • Jason Houchins of Clarksville, VA writes:

    I don't understand the outcry about it being a cold Classic. It's going to very interesting and it's exactly what tournaments are all about.I would much rather see perfect conditions, but it's unrealistic and changes are a part of the game. Go Brandon Gray!

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    This could be the coldest and lowest-catch Classic in history. A frigid blast is moving across Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia and then to South Carolina. The low in Chattanooga Monday is 22 degrees, followed by 17 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and 8 on Thursday. Then it'll be 25 on Friday, 35 on Saturday and 32 on Sunday.

    In the mid-1970s a B.A.S.S. tournament was held on West Point Lake in Alabama in the winter. It was down in the teens and the boats froze in the slips at the marina and had to be chopped free. Over 100 anglers and only one bass was weighed in. Johnnie Grice of Texas won the event with that bass, the others drew numbers from a hat to see where they placed and what check they got.

    Look for a very cold Classic this week.

  • Cliff Bates of Rogersville, AL writes:

    I would like to ask the question, why is it that so many of these pros who do not like the little guys are, year in and year out, still allowed to go down in the ranks and cherry-pick the BFLs and smaller team-trail tournaments? Talk about discouraging the entry-level guys! We have been showing up for years only to see Casey Martin, Alex Davis, Charley Hartley, etc., pot-shottting little tournaments and winning good sums of money, then bragging about how fun it is to fish with the good ol' boys and get gas money for their next event. Makes it hard to swallow when you know they're pros on the water 5 to 6 days a week while you're at work. How are we supposed to (as entry-level working men) keep enthused about donating to them?

    BassFan says: The only way to eliminate such a practice is for the tournament organizations to disallow the participation of professionals. It's simply not fair to ask a pro angler to pass on a money-making opportunity for altruistic reasons – remember, unlike many other sports, they're not guaranteed a salary, and they have bills to pay just like most weekend competitors do. Many club-level anglers enjoy the occasional chance to compete against pros, and in fishing (unlike golf or a lot of other sports), the amateur stands at least a small chance of beating them once in awhile.

  • Mark Aaron of Gastonia, NC writes:

    Well, the "Ice Bowl" takes place this weekend at Lake Hartwell. Personally, I've never been a fan of the February Classics and if they think it was cold at Grand Lake in 2013 ... hang on! Highs in the upper 30s to low 40s should make for a fun time for all (sarcastic). Not to mention lows in the teens.

    Please B.A.S.S., can we not have the Classic at the end of the regular season instead of being subject to Mother Nature's unpredictability in February? Yeah, I'd fish for $500k if it was held in Siberia, but this is asking a little much. You're handicapping everyone involved (competitors, media, and spectators) in weather this cold.

    By the end of next week, I'm saying some harsh words will be said about the same by several.

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