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  • John Kovaka of Worth, IL writes:

    If anyone has the insight of B.A.S.S. it's Harold Sharp. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times on the old B.A.S.S. circuit. The man knows the hows and whys of tournament fishing.

  • Bob Drake of Noblesville, IN writes:

    Balog on FLW changes – Great article. It answered a lot of questions that I had. Don't forget that FLW was the first to offer $100,000 payouts to the pros and their Cup payout forced B.A.S.S. to increase its payout. BFL is still the best program for the majority of fishermen.

  • Shane Deel of Norton, VA writes:

    RE: Chevy team disbanded – It's sad that they have to talk good about Chevy even after Chevy just pulled the plug. I'm sure they are a lot more mad than they are letting on in interviews. I'll never buy any Chevy product!

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: Balog on FLW changes – Another great post from Joe! Facts and not just knee-jerk opinions. No tour or sponsor is obligated to provide you an income for fishing, that is the individual pro's responsibility.

  • Scott Kamien of Orlando, FL writes:

    RE: Chevy team disbanded _ Chevy has become anti-American since the government buyout. They couldn't manage their finances or run a company and stuck it to the taxpayers. I've owned Chevy trucks for over 25 years. I had already decided not to ever purchase another because of the quality issues on my Silverado, but this move against some of the classiest icons in our sport supports my decision.

  • Paul Zuest of Klamath Falls, OR writes:

    RE: Chevy team disbanded – I worked for Chevy dealers' parts departments for over 15 years. I've been a Chevy owner for 50 years, but when Chevy pulled their dealer from our town my wife and I both bought new Toyotas (made in the USA) and are impressed. Chevy products are not what they used to be and way overpriced.

  • Greg Hawk of Vandalia, OH writes:

    RE: Kerchal's legacy – As a fellow 1994 Federation Wrangler Angler on the five-man Classic team, I still think of Bryan quite often. My most fond memories are from our official practice period at High Rock Lake. Nearly every afternoon of the 9 days we were allowed, we were chased from the lake by nasty storms. After the storms passed, Bryan and I would sit in his boat or mine and study the lures that each of us liked. Bryan was incredibly hungry for anything that would make him a better fisherman. He would study lures that I had made or modified, asking about any tiny piece that was not standard.

    This article does bring back the memory of the last time I saw Bryan at a B.A.S.S. tournament at Lake Lanier. He came to me looking for advice on getting over stage fright because he was asked to speak at the Wrangler employee event. He wanted to make a good impression, and I'm quite sure he did. The accident was just a few days later.

    Rest In peace my friend. Your legacy lives on!

  • Jann Swaim of Auburn, AL writes:

    It's nice to see anglers representing their schools on their jerseys instead of some brand-name sponsors.

  • Don Watts of Naples, FL writes:

    RE: Parker to Lew's – Great decision to add Hank to a great brand that continues to improve under Lynn Reeves' partnership. I still have one of the first black pistol-grip rods given to us at a tournament by Lew in 1973 on Lake Lanier. Keep up the great work.

  • Tony Battalio of Tarrytown, LA writes:

    RE: Kerchal's legacy – I'm 72 years old and I remember him like it was yesterday. When I'm fishing I sometimes think about him. I have a tape that B.A.S.S. sold about him fishing. When my 18-month-old grandson gets older I will show and give it to him. I had one of his whistles but misplaced it.

  • David W. Barnes Sr. of South China, ME writes:

    RE: Kerchal's legacy – I roomed and traveled with Bryan for 2 years. After his Classic win Bryan never changed. I remember fishing with him at the next tournament, which was on Lake Lanier in Georgia. Bryan finished in the Top 50 and received a check. He said to me afterwards how great it made him feel to place in the tournament and show people after his Classic win that he had not won the Classic by just luck – that he could compete all the time.

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    I met Bob Cobb in 1967, and since then I have read everything he wrote about bass fishing. During the first 16 Bassmaster Classics I met and associated with the best outdoor writers who covered bass fishing, from Homer Circle to Dave Precht. I never remember anyone telling the bass Anglers to "shut the hell up."

    The pages of Bassmaster and BASS Times, plus the space on the Bassmaster website, should be used to teach and promote bass fishing, not to tell the bass anglers to shut the hell up. I still wonder what B.A.S.S. is trying to prove with Don Barone.

  • Curtis Lewis of Anniston, AL writes:

    RE: Tour-level co-anglers – There are enough tournaments out there for non-professional anglers to participate in so there is no reason for them to be in the back of the boat with the pros. I've never tuned in to a fishing show to watch the co-angler which is like putting a fan beside Tom Brady on the field.

  • Rodger Timmons of Thomasville, GA writes:

    RE: Kerchal's legacy – I still have my Brian Kerchal fish whistle in the dash on my boat!

  • William T. Cook of Houston, TX writes:

    RE: FLW sponsorship – When Platinum announces that Ranger is up for sale, all sponsors get flaky, mainly because the future is unknown. Whoever purchases them will decide if the circuits are worth supporting and that will be a bottom-line business decision based on sales promotion via tournaments or back to a normal marketing approach. One thing for sure is the ol' basser will be the last consideration (as always).

  • Rick Pierce of Mountain Home, AR writes:

    I was fortunate to have known Bryan Kerchal and a few other Federation anglers who are not with us anymore. I got to know him better through our friendship with Terry Baksay. Bryan was an admirable young man – quiet, reserved, fun and sharp. Who knows if he would have gone on to succeed after his Wrangler Angler season in bass fishing. When last I saw him we all had dinner together at the Invitational on Lake Lanier just a few short days prior to his passing. He is whistling now and left his mark for Federation anglers everywhere.

    His light went out too soon.

  • James Biggs of Euless, TX writes:

    RE 2015 FLW Tour – I'm glad to see that the payout hasn't changed. FLW is still taking care of the anglers despite the sponsorship shake-up.

  • Jason May of Huntsville, AL writes:

    RE: 2015 FLW Tour – Increased cost to fish and no increase in payouts? That will probably cause some to reconsider!

  • Paul Zuest of Klamath Fall, OR writes:

    RE: Classic exemptions – It is not how you used to fish, it is about the current competition. it is earning your way into the championship every year. I like the new system.

  • Rick Pierce of Mountain Home, AR writes:

    Kudos to Robert Allen for coming to support Don Barone. Don is an award-winning writer who has embraced our sport and hung around because he likes this sport. He could do hockey again, the NBA, NFL or even MLB. He loves the true passion the anglers bring, the total involvement with no game clock on the day. No bravado, limited egos, no dirt stories and a glass half full outlook of men fishing from usually their own pocketbooks. The anglers love him and he is a friend of many.

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