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  • Luke Clausen of Spokane, WA writes:

    RE: Balog on sponsorships – Joe, great article! Could not agree more!

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, Ill writes:

    RE: Menendez DQ – I think it's kind of funny that several weeks ago at the St Lawrence River, Mark Menendez stated that he intended to press charges against a harassing land owner (which was stated to be illegal ) then he himself brings an illegal fish to weigh-in and says nothing until a day after the tournament. He says it was the heat of the moment. Maybe that's what happened to the landowner. I just believe that anyone that brings a illegal fish to the scales should not only be penalized by the tournament, but fined by the DNR for breaking the law. I doubt Menendez will continue his harassment charge knowing he is a public law breaker also. I have no bad feelings towards Mark, but watch where you throw stones.

    BassFan says: The case involving the landowner who confronted Menendez at the St. Lawrence River Elite Series is now closed. The man was cited for "fisherman harassment" and paid a $175 fine.

  • Rick Pierce of Mountain Home, AR writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Thank you for writing on Ron Lappin. I have fished very few FLW events and several Red Man and many more B.A.S.S. events. Then there are countless others over the last 40 plus years of competing. In considering all tournament directors over time Ron is a class act and one of the best ever.

  • Mark Howard of mesquite, tx writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Absolutely the best in the business, period. Sets the bar high and hits the mark every time! Ron and his crew are family to me and many others. Much respect!

  • Chad Aaron of Ethridge, TN writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron Lappin excels at directing tournaments because he is an excellent person. I feel that a man of his integrity is a rarity, not only in the realm of competitive fishing, but in today's world. I am honored to have met him, and look forward to each time we cross paths.

  • Jon Bondy of Windsor, Ont writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron is one of the most professional tournament directors I've ever weighed in with. Great guy!

  • Bill McDonaugh of Coatesville, PA writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – I met Ron when he ran a tournament on the upper bay in North East, MD. When I spoke with Ron it was like you were talking to a friend that cared about what you were saying. This is only one of many things that make Ron an excellent tournament director. Look forward to seeing Ron again when they return to this area.

  • Kelly Owens of Crowley writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Ron Lappin is the primary reason I will continue to fish with FLW.

  • Ryan Chandler of Hebron, IN writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Nice to see Ron getting a little recognition for all his hard work. The man is a Hall of Famer in the tournament director category.

  • A. E. "Red" Moore of Graham, NC writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Anyone who really knows Ron will tell you that this story on him is 100 percent true. He is a man of great compassion for the sport and everyone he talks with will be treated the same. I spent many years fishing B.A.S.S. and FLW and will have to say he is the best at what he does and has the best team helping him.

  • Bill Taylor of Benton, KY writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – Thanks for the great article on FLW Series Tournament Director Ron Lappin. Ron is tops in the industry and very dedicated to what he does both at FLW and in his community! We are so blessed to work with Ron and Joan Lappin and call them our friends!

  • Ronnie Thompson of Pine Level, NC writes:

    RE: Lappin's passion – This is one of the best articles I've read on BassFan in a while and I've look at this site most everyday for years. Congratulations on a great article on someone's who's getting the job done with pride.

  • Mark A Howard of Mesquite, TX writes:

    RE: Clausen's Elite Series berth – I think that this is what makes the sport of top level bass fishing so great. Two great tournament organizations with two considerably different business models giving anglers the opportunity to make a choice and even swap back and forth between trails. I wish that B.A.S.S. would not cover the dates of FLW and vice versa. Some anglers are tough enough to compete in both Tours such as Ish Monroe, who is an awesome draw if you ever get the chance at the FLW Tour level. Good Luck to Luke Clausen in his marriage and his fishing in 2016.

  • Terry Bonsell of Keyser, WV writes:

    RE: Clausen's Elite Series berth – FLW is becoming the prep league for the Elite Series.

  • Luke Michaels of Hammond, In writes:

    RE: Pro Angler Survey – From a lifestyle perspective, I have a huge passion for fishing and hunting. I travel professionally around the U.S. on business and often engage in outdoor recreation conversation. Generally speaking, about 35 percent of business professionals I talk with hunt or fish. Probably 1 percent have heard of B.A.S.S. and 0 percent of FLW. So, awareness/interest is quite low from a national perspective. Secondly, I have thought for years that it doesn't make a lot of sense to split the sponsor base for funds. Sponsors have the upper hand. If there was one national professional tour, they would be forced to play ball or sit on the sidelines. Third, in today's business world, you have to innovate or you die. I don't see Irwin or Irwin's daughter Trish Blake moving there other than PR stunts and Jerry McKinnis.

  • Rob Dixon of Lewistown, PA writes:

    RE: Pro angler survey _ To all of you who are against the Elites and FLW Tour not having co-anglers, I only have one question for you: Do the B.A.S.S. Opens and Rayovacs not still allow co-anglers? Do the BFLs, ABA and many other lower-level circuits not also allow co-anglers?

    These are supposed to be the professional divisions. Many of these guys started at the club level or BFL division and won many tournaments on their way to becoming a pro (although some simply began in Opens in boats their parents bought and had their entry fees paid by parents and only had to concentrate on fishing until they qualified, but that's a whole different post) and if the only thing that changed by becoming a pro was a higher entry fee then we can hardly consider it a pro sport.

    Co-anglers are not pros and there are hundreds, if not thousands of tournaments all over the country that allow co-anglers to compete. I've done dozens of tournaments as a co-angler, yet I'm 100 percent against them being allowed to compete on the FLW Tour or Elite Series.

  • Johnny McLean of LIttle Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Pro angler survey – Interesting and fun.

  • John Henning of Landale,PA writes:

    RE: Pro angler survey – I think the people surveyed have a lot of valid points on many issues. I do think there should be an organized group for the sport of bass fishing that regulates tournaments, participants and sponsors as well as protects and promotes the sport and industry.

    The statement of "No co-anglers" really irritates me. My son is a Boy Scout. He doesn't like hanging with the younger Cub Scouts once or twice a year. I tell him you have to pay forward what others paid to you when you were young. These Pros complain about money, sponsors, not enough publicity, representation, retirement. Why are they trying to cut their own grassroots supporters and those who aren't quite as financially set as they are? What a God complex; worship me, pay me lots of money, limit my competitors, pay my expenses in a sport that is basically nonexistent to 99 percent of the population of the United States.

    There are less than 1,000 TBF members in Pennsylvania. Maryland TBF bring in their wives to meet the yearly quota for membership; about 56 I've heard. One of the great fishing states of the East Coast. With those kinds of demographics, they should be lucky to get a free happy meal at McDonald's.

    The sport needs help to grow, and the pros have to contribute to their future. The two cases of product I just got from my sponsor have to be sold for me to get my money. That's the deal. Buy at 50%, promote/sell product, you keep the profits.

    MLF has the perfect format to gain new fans and viewership. It doesn't have to be live – yet. Right now it's a real reality show that works. People are willing to wait for the next episode, and they do wait, too.

    Hopefully things will get better with this sport and it will grow in a positive manner for all. We do have to ask ourselves a question: How many more bass anglers do we want on the water when we don't like pleasure boaters, jet skis, sail boats, trollers, and co-anglers?

  • Jamie Jacobus of Johnstown, PA writes:

    RE: Pro angler survey – I'm a co angler on the FLW side. It's been a great learning experience but I hate being a co. Do away with us! Throw us out! Stop our self inflicted-pain.

    Actually I would suggest a 3-year max on co-anglerss. It is a great way to step up, but that's what it should be – a stepping stone. No more professional co-anglers.

  • Ruben Arnett of Salyersville, KY writes:

    RE: Pro angler survey – It sounds like the touring pros need to organize a union. It is great to belong to one and has worked great for most other sports.

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