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  • Nick Renier of Green Bay, WI writes:

    RE: Kernan wins appeal – Very well-written article! I'm glad you guys let all parties be heard! Glad to see the B.A.S.S. appeals process work, as well.

  • Tom Tanner of Jonestown, PA writes:

    RE: Kernan wins appeal – I don't know either competitor, but it sounds like an honest mistake which he reported as soon as he became aware of the problem. Based on this article, the area was not properly posted on the first day and the signs had just been put up. The fact that the other angler just happens to be sponsored by that company and was first out of the cut is more than coincidence. I don't think too many people are buying his story about why he reported this incident, and that's why it got reversed so quickly.

    People should think about the long-term effect on their own reputation before they report someone else.

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    Congrats to Mike Kernan for winning his appeal. He will always wonder where he would have finished if he had been allowed to fish Saturday and Sunday. There's a lot of money between 10,500 and the $100,000 that the winner received.

  • Chance Huiet of Hardin, TX writes:

    RE: Kernan DQ – Well, the DQ appeal ruling came back and like everyone who knows Mike thought, it was proved to be a giant case of B.S. I wish we knew the truth behind it all but we will never know, I'm sure. Seems to a bunch of people think that a certain someone filed the DQ so he could cash a check, but that's all speculation. Wish we knew the truth.

  • Chris Lawson of Athens, ON writes:

    RE: Balog on Kernan DQ – Joe, that stunk so bad, I could smell it all the way up at the St. Lawrence River! Those few phone calls would have never taken place if Tietje had made the $10,000 cut. I'd bet on that!

  • Richatd Fox of Front Royal, VA writes:

    RE: Balog on Kernan DQ – Joe, you are spot-on. The whole tourney scene scene is going the wrong way. The money is the driving factor, as in all sports. Lets just hope it doesnt get worse.

    I love the sport, but I don't like all the fighting – after all, it's not boxing. As far as private water, that's another story. I enjoy your articles.

  • John A. Argese of Sayreville, NJ writes:

    RE: Blatant sponsor plugs – Unfortunately, until there is a better tournament business model, the pros will be forced to be hucksters. I've always felt performance on water is the best testimony to a product's value, but I don't build boats or baits. You don't see "Joe Pro Sports Figure" thanking his bat, helmet or shoe company after the game. That's what Sports Illustrated and media advertising are for.

    By the way, there is a new, better model. They call it Major League Fishing.

  • Dustin Daggett of Twin Lake, MI writes:

    RE: Balog on Kernan DQ – This is a clear case of "romanticizing" the past. To think that rules weren't broken, grey areas tested and sportsmanship challenged in the past is ridiculous.

    Today's media sources are why we hear more of these stories now. Twenty-plus years ago, BassMasters and a few other magazines (with ties to the tournament organizations) were the only media covering these events. It certainly wasn't in their best interest to report on these stories.

  • Tommy Yates of Scurry, TX writes:

    RE: Kernan DQd – Being a local angler who has known Mike for many years, his way of dealing with this unfortunate situation shows the ultimate class and professionalism he has always been noted for. Hope his appeal turns out positive, but I know he is already concentrating on his next tournament. Such a class act.

  • Skip Bennett of Texico, IL writes:

    RE: Kenney wins at Toho – Kenney is a standup guy and congratulations on the win.I feel being notified that you lose your title sponsor a couple months before your entry fees are due is disrespectful to the angler and a black eye to the sponsor. We all understand ups and downs in business, but rarely are you not forewarned of major changes coming down the pipe in your business base. I'm glad JT had some other sponsors to get started on the season, but this "lack of customer loyalty" is an example of a dog-eat-dog business world.

  • Steven C. Rockweiler of Luling, LA writes:

    RE: Louisiana trespassing laws – I feel like I could write a book on this subject. I have looked into this for years. Most of my childhood fishing spots are now considered private and non-fishable. More and more water is posted as private ... Keep Out. They are even posting natural lakes and natural bayous as private.

    Louisiana is the only state that interprets the law like it does out of all 50 states. Many marsh owners are doing it, but it started with the massive amounts of wetlands owned by big oil companies and land companies. Greed ... there it is.

    If B.A.S.S. is going to DQ that fellow for trespassing, they better DQ all pros who traveled into Louisiana waters. As soon as they left a natural lake or natural bayou, they were trespassing. Ninety-eight percent of the dug canals in this state were dug on private marshlands ... and the law passed by the legislature says you are trespassing.

  • Caleb Arten of Hollywood, FL writes:

    RE: Palaniuk's porta-potty pattern – That is disgusting. He needs to get tested for diseases.

  • Steven C. Rockweiler of Luling, LA writes:

    There is something "fishy" about Kernan's DQ at the recent Sabine Elite Series event. Not good.

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    RE: Kernan DQ – I have great issue with the DQ of Mr. Kernan. One, the waters in question were unmarkerd. Two, he never fished in the waters so was not in violation of B.A.S.S. rules. B.A.S.S. rules according to its statement read, "No boats or casting behind that boundary while fishing." Since Kernan traveled through the area but did not fish, he did not violate the rule.

    By B.A.S.S.' application, every boater who idled through the off-limits area around the weigh-in should be disqualified, I would think that would be the entire field.

  • Zeth Kinnett of Oakland, CA writes:

    RE: Kernan DQ – This is a pretty low thing to do in my opinion. If it is truly as stated there would have been no way for him to know about the private property until the signs were posted and when they were, he left. The rules use the words any boundaries POSTED off limits will be off limits. The water he crossed was not posted as off limits.

    I hope he wins the appeal. To me, it seems like an angler simply wanted to benefit himself only when he had no chance of winning anyways and that's just a low thing to do. Very uncool.

  • Mike Webb of Orange, TX writes:

    RE: Kernan DQ – If the area had no signs to inform the angler he was in a posted/private area, he should not be DQd. How is he supposed to know? Put yourself in his shoes!

  • Steve Kirby of Columbus, OH writes:

    RE: Kernan DQ – I'm wondering just what part of "navigable waters" folks in the state of Louisiana don't understand? Re US Supreme Court decisions and subsequently promulgated into federal statute, 33 C.F.R. § 328.3(a)(1); 40 C.F.R. § 230.3(s)(1) presents guidance to the USACE as well as the USEPA re navigable waters.

    I know there's been case law established at the "local" i.e., state level which seeks to allow privatization of public waters in the state of Louisiana, but it would seem to me that a reading of the aforementioned statute would negate such restriction. It would be nice if this were decided once and for all. Old English common law, and one which most navigable water statutes are based upon, speaks to "if a log floated in past or was indeed capable of floating upon such waters then these water shall be deemed to be navigable for purposes of public usury."

    I am not an attorney, but I've always been interested in this subject.

  • George Fedor of Castaic, CA writes:

    RE: Lintner's drive – One of the finest people in our sport. He has old-school class and respect for the sport.

  • Randle Lancaster of Shandon, CA writes:

    RE: Lintner's drive – Great to See Jared in the news. He has been the coolest dude to watch make a career out of fishing.

  • Alex Posey of Cumming, GA writes:

    RE: Lintner's drive – Lintner is one of the truly great examples of what a bass fisherman should be. He represents his sponsors well and has a unique style of fishing that is all his own. He also strikes me as one that isn't going looking for local help everywhere the trail goes. He does it on his own with his own abilities and knowledge. More fishermen should strive to be like him.

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