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  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    Aaron Martens 2015 AOY! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Aaron is an incredible angler! Now go win the Classic! Big fan!

  • Carol Martens of West Hills, CA writes:

    RE: Martens clinches AOY Who is this guy? Told Aaron today the only downside ... his dad wasn't here to enjoy all of his success this year! I can speak for both of us that we couldn't be more proud and happy for Aaron and his family. We are all very happy for Todd and his long overdue win. We love him and his family.

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    Marshal shortage? Didn't seem to have that issue with co-anglers. I guess the list of people willing to pay $135 to be allowed to work for B.A.S.S. is dwindling. So if anglers are allowed to fish with no marshal, what does that do to the integrity of the sport?

  • Brian E. Hess of Henderson, KY writes:

    RE: Marshal shortage at St. Clair You mean they couldn't get enough guys to shell out $135 to watch a pro bust out 3-pound-plus smallies all day? It would kill me not to be able to fish.

  • Dan Shine of Hudsonville, MI writes:

    RE: Marshal shortage at St. Clair I am not surprised that they are short of marshals. The rides to Erie and Huron can be brutal. Two years ago I rode with Clifford Pirch to Pelee from Metro Beach. It was a 2 1/2-hour ride each way. At Pelee the waves were 5-footers. First time I was ever seasick in a bass boat.

    Cliff needed the butt seat up front, so I had to sit in the passenger seat because you couldn't stand on the deck safely. I would marshal if they kept them in St. Clair, but those who ride to Erie are in for a tough day.

  • Scott Walker of Greenville, KY writes:

    RE: Balog on the Forrest Wood Cup Joe, I always enjoy reading your pieces, but my take on this championship and after watching all 4 days was how FLW cares for the fish at the weigh-in. I was outraged.

    We as tournament anglers do everything in our power to help these gifts survive so they can be caught again, and then I watch as these pros bring their fish on stage with no water. Chris Jones goes over their career stats, finally hits the button, they (pros) get two fish out for pictures and then finally walk off stage. Outrageous!

    On day 3 they didn't even have the scales ready when the first guy came up. He stood there and did a 5-minute interview with Jones with his fish in hand before they got the scales ready! I mean, come on, what are they teaching here! They need to take a lesson from B.A.S.S. on how these fish need to be treated!

    Maybe if a person of your status in the tournament world could bring attention to this, it would help. You do a great job, as always.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on the Forrest Wood Cup Joe, good article. However, nothing tests the pros like a tournament in the Southeast in August. The finale for all circuits should be held at this time.

  • Jeff Mitchell of Kewanna, IN writes:

    RE: Marshal shortage at St. Clair I thought the whole idea of marshals (besides making a few extra bucks) was that they helped to keep the anglers honest and make the event more trustworthy. I'm disappointed that B.A.S.S. allows anglers to go out without marshals.

  • Jim Liner of Montgomery, AL writes:

    B.A.S.S. has a publication called "How to Conduct a Bass Tournament and Yourself." It should be required reading for FLW and everyone else. We cannot do anything about the public, but they should read it also.

  • Jeff Mitchell of Kewanna, IN writes:

    I tried, really tried, to watch the live weigh-in for the Forrest Wood Cup. It was so boring and completely uninteresting I had to turn it off to watch reruns of the Big Bang Theory. B.A.S.S. weigh-ins I can't get enough of. Why does one do things well and the other just bombs at it?

  • Scott Walker of Greenville, KY writes:

    RE: Forrest Wood Cup FLW needs to take a lesson from B.A.S.S. on how to take care of their fish. I watched the weigh-in today the fish are out of the water an average of 4 minutes from the time the pros walk on stage. That's not to mention the time they are put in the bag with no water (that we can't see) until they are walked all the way around the back (we can't see) until they are put in the release boat. Heck, they didn't even have the scales ready for the first boater when he came up and they did an interview for 5 minutes! Two minutes with no air starts brain damage! Come on, FLW, get your act together!

  • Rob Dixon of Lewistown, PA writes:

    RE:2016 Cup at Wheeler Great, a Tennessee River ledge-fishing tournament as the Forest Wood Cup. Bumper boats fishing 10 feet apart from each other, just wonderful. There are great rivers and lakes all over the country that wouldn't force the anglers to fish talking distance apart. Why not try a tidal river somewhere in the western U.S. or one of the 10,000-acre lakes all over the Southeast that aren't big enough for a regular tour event but plenty big for 50 anglers? Anything but a ledge-fishing lake in the dog days of summer.

    A quarter of the fish caught will die, too, coming out of deep water and riding around in a livewell, then being driven to the closest events center.

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: Balog on sport's progression I agree, agree, agree. We have had the pleasure of watching a young sport mature and we have yet to see the biggest bags and best competitors ever. The sky's the limit. Many records are yet to be broken ... there is always a bigger sack possible than the winning weight. What an awesome game we play! Fishing is wonderful ... full of wonder! Keep writing good stuff.

  • John Gaulke of Ithaca, NY writes:

    I'm enjoying the coverage of the Chesapeake Elite Series tournament. One thing I've noticed is that the tougher the bite, the better Bill Lowen does. He's quietly becoming (or has already become) the most consistent angler on the tour. In his "Day On The Lake" column, the writer mentioned Bill fishes slower than any of the other pros profiled up to that point. It proves that bass fishing can be approached in many different ways, and being a "machine" like Kevin VanDam isn't the only way to go. I'm a fan of his and hope he keeps up the top-notch performances.

    Regarding Aaron Martens, I think B.A.S.S. needs to do a DNA check on him. They might find he is part bass!

  • Tim Brown of Ridgetop, TN writes:

    RE: Short leaving Elites Heck, Kevin is smart. He can still fish the Opens, it will cost him less cash to do so and he'll still have a chance at the Classic ... that is, as long as B.A.S.S. still offers that slot. And I don't see it going away, because if it does, so will the Opens. Just check out the Weekend Series numbers they really dropped off after the ABA and B.A.S.S. went their separate ways.

  • Martin Danny Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    RE: Balog on kayaks I enjoyed Joe's article concerning the rise in kayak interests. However, I feel he left out one variable could it be the sudden uptick could have something to do with the price of a bass boat approaching that of the average home in many areas? Just a thought.

  • Albert Willis of Lake Seminole, FL writes:

    Balog on kayaks I can tell you why I chose to get into kayak fishing: To get into a decent bass boat nowadays you START at $50,000.

  • Tom Baldwin of Cedar Hill, TN writes:

    I watched the one-minute-plus clip from Dave Mercer where they released the bass with the camera mounted to it. Coolest thing I've seen!

  • Allen Cirard of Bucks County, PA writes:

    RE: Slow bite at Chesapeake They all said the Delaware was tough, but they came through. The Chesapeake will show up on tournament days ... they are the best!

  • George Kramer of Lake Elsinore, CA writes:

    RE: Short stepping away While Kevin Short might have been a second-tier guy, the fact is not one of today's 40/50-somethings who we fawned over as dominant 20/30-somethings is Benjamin Button. Nobody wakes up tomorrow younger and stronger than they were today. Look at the points and rankings. "Team Rushmore" (you pick the era) always weathers and crumbles with age. Short is smart. He exits on his terms. But I can still name another dozen or so who should look for the egress.

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