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  • Tony Holzer of East Palestine, OH writes:

    RE: Balog on golden era Hanselman's three in a row on different bodies of water has to be No.1, all the others are tied for 2nd.

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on golden era Joe, good article. I believe as you said the '90s were the heyday of tournament fishing. IMO, Martens, Evers and Clunn have accomplished great things recently. but much of that can be attributed to the advances in technology and overall knowledge. For comparison's sake, I think the Hanselman feat tops all others in the last year.

    I wish B.A.S.S. and FLW would focus and put more light on aquatic resource issues such as invasive species (particularly the silver carp in the Lower Mississippi), disappearing wetlands, etc.

  • Mark Schuman of Lavaca, AR writes:

    Who cares if pros fish BFLs or ABAs or Bassmaster Opens or Costa Series or whatever "weekend angler" tournaments there might be? If fishing paid my bills, I would fish any and all tournaments I could. I hardly imagine they would drive cross country for a BFL event, however, if there was a tournament on the way to their FLW or Elite tourney, like there is a lot of times, what's wrong with fishing it?

  • Charlie Hartley of Grove City, OH writes:

    RE: TTBC Matt Herren wins! I could not be happier for Matt. Long overdue win for a great person and a great angler. Go, Matt!

  • Rick Riles of Lafayette LA writes:

    Glad to see Mark Rose and Jacob Wheeler qualify for the Elites through the Opens. It's a no-brainier Wheeler will jump and Rose will be urged to by his sponsors and probably follow suit. Elites just get stronger.

  • Renot Toner of Harborcreek, Pa writes:

    RE: TTBC Go Dave Lefebre!! We will be watching tomorrow!

  • Manny Lenau of Vass, N.C. writes:

    Why is the TTBC, being such a premier tournament, still weighing the fish on a scale that only measures by the quarter pound (every 4 ounces)? This is a stupid practice. Just give the marshals a scale that measures in ounces such as in MLF. Every year there are multiple ties in the standings. This year there was a 3-way tie for 7th after the first day.

    BassFan says: BassFan posed this question to TTBC officials and is awaiting an official response.

  • Alan Clowers of San Diego, CA writes:

    RE: Patek's improvement Stephen is on a mishion and that boy came from a very good line of fishermen. His dad is considered one of the best in San Diego when he is on his game. I love to see these guys get out of San Diego and compete with he best In the world. If he doesn't have any mistakes or loss of fish in the next two events he will for sure make the Cup!

    I'm rooting for you, Stephen. Follow that dream and don't let anything get in he way. Good luck and keep showing the world how San Diego does it!

  • Russell Winneberger of Raleigh, NC writes:

    RE: Clausen DQ'd B.A.S.S. should have to show proof and have an outside arbratiotor hear the appeal. I hope Luke gets a fair shake! Sounds like sour grapes on B.A.S.S.' part.

  • Chris McCall of Brookeland, TX writes:

    Just to be clear, I was not fishing the FLW Tour last year when I qualified for the All-American. Thanks!

  • Danny Washburn of Roanoke, VA writes:

    RE: Clausen DQ'd You should know by now that B.A.S.S. is just like NASCAR. It's their game and you are not going to beat them.

  • Rob Lay of Southlake, TX writes:

    RE: Clausen DQ'd B.A.S.S. should maybe be asked how many polygraphs have been given each angler. How many has KVD been given, and I wonder if results were interpreted with a double standard?

  • Cliff Mundinger of Tallahassee, FL writes:

    RE: Clausen DQ'd Bottom line is B.A.S.S. has always been a bully. FLW since its inception has brought tournament bass fishing to its current level. Unfortunately for FLW, they do not have the television exposure of B.A.S.S.

    By far, FLW as a tournament oragazation is head and shoulders above its competitors. But with the exposure, it seems all the very best pros other than a select few opt for fishing the Elites.

  • Mark Melega of Rices Landing, PA writes:

    RE: McCall opts for All-Amerian I don't like that a full-shirt sponsored "tour pro" such as Chris McCall should be dropping out of a Tour event at Kentucky Lake and jumping to Barkley Lake's All American tournament. The All-American anglers are mostly regular guys trying to have the event of their life while competing against other regular guys. Now we have big-time guys leaving the event that was made for them and trying to "mop up" on the little guys.

    I would think that FLW arranged the two events at the same place on the same dates to increase the excitement and turnout. Not to have the ... you know what, forget it! Why do I care? If FLW lets this happen without a care, then good for the "pro." Tear them little guys up!

  • Ken Crossley of Killen, AL writes:

    RE: McCall opts for All-American I just wonder why is a FLW touring pro fishing the BFLs? I get the Costa Series, but come on; I thought BFL was for the weekend angler. That's the difference between FLW "pros" and B.A.S.S. pros.

    BassFan says: These occurrences happen on both sides. Just a few years ago, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Quinn attempted to qualify for the Classic via the now-defunct Weekend Series.

  • Matt Dilworth of Houston, TX writes:

    The DQ handed down by B.A.S.s. to Clausen is just wrong. Not saying Clausen did anything wrong, but what is more likely to give another Elite competitor an advantage? One, an indirect comment that a friend tells him where someone maybe fishing via Bassmaser Live; or two, when a person tells another competitor (Davy Hite) info about navigation that gives him a direct advantage over others?

    Hite was able to cut off several minutes of his run up the Cooper River, which gained him more fishing time and even perhaps first choice of fishing area. If I was fishing the tournament, I'd have protested more that Hite violated the no-info rule when gaining navigation info vs. hearsay fishing locations for Clausen.

  • Jared Rhode of Port Clinton, OH writes:

    RE: Clapper in Freshwater HOF Congratulations to Steve Clapper on a well-deserved honor. Steve is not only a fantastic angler, but also a true professional. Great job!

  • Phillip Sexton of Clarksville, AR writes:

    RE: Clausen DQ'd B.A.S.S. shows its ignorance and that it is a weak sister organization. Just my opinion.

  • Shawn Carahan of Gilbert, AZ writes:

    RE: Clausen DQ'd So, what have we learned about random polygraph tests in bass fishing (or anywhere else)?

    1. They are an unreliable witch hunt designed to get a person to confess to a violation which the examiner has no other evidence of, and no one has reported.

    2. An evasive answer to any general question asked in a polygraph test cannot be acted on unless the person being examined later volunteers additional information.

    3. Volunteering any additional information to an examiner or tournament official that you do not perceive as a rule violation can be interpreted in many different ways, and can bring great personal harm.

  • Charlie Evans of Berea, KY writes:

    RE: Clapper in Freshwater HOF Congratulations to Steve Clapper. I was privileged to hand Steve the winner's check in 2007 and to fish against him in several tournaments. No one is better on Erie than Steve; he epitomizes everything that is great about our sport.

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