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  • Bobby Forster of Spokane, WA writes:

    RE: Balog on eating carp – Until 1977, the name "Chilean sea bass" didn't exist and few people ate the fish before the 1990s. Prior to that it was known as Patagonia or Antarctic toothfish.

    In short, the Chilean sea bass is a pure marketing invention and a widely successful one. Choose a previously ignored fish for table fare, give it a more appealing name while changing the stigma of the current name and pretty soon you'll see it on the menu. I'm not interested in eating Asian grass carp but "golden Asian whitefish" with some salsa over couscous? Yum!

  • Johnny McLean of Little Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on eating carp – I don't think this is a viable solution, Joe. Americans won't even eat catfish steaks because they have to pull the meat off the bone. You should write a column on why millions of dollars are being spent on keeping them out of the Great Lakes but very little is being spent on solving the problem for fisheries in the Southeast. Also, where is the accountability for the fish farmers who introduced them? It's the same old story, someone introduces an invasive species and ruins the ecosystem for everyone else but faces no repercussions.

  • Dave Hastings of Ontario, CA writes:

    RE: Balog on eating carp – Great article! Such a shame that Asian carp are so underrated.

  • Steve Jones of Moss Point, MS writes:

    RE: Stone's MLF niche – Great article on Marty and the workings of MLF. A lot of non-anglers ask me how these guys (fishermen) get paid on MLF vs. other normal bass tournaments. That would be a good read too at some point. I also asked MLF via e-mail if Rick Clunn would ever be on MLF and I got the answer that they don't divulge how they select the anglers. Anyway, good read. Appreciate y'all.

  • Cal McCracken of Savage, MN writes:

    RE: Stone's MLF niche – Kudos to Todd Ceisner - great article on Marty Stone. More please!

  • Greg Sutton of Broken Arrow, OK writes:

    RE: Stone's MLF niche – Marty Stone, your contribution to the fastest-growing and most-watched tournament fishing format is beyond expectations. The vision and experiences you provide are key elements that accentuate the energy, emotion, highs and lows as well as the angler's methodological processing to succeed, and being on the forefront to bring the most exciting TV fishing format to the fishing enthusiast is commendable.

    Being a former competitor in bass fishing myself, this format and presentation feeds my inner desire for competition. I thank you and MLF for such an opportunity!

  • Martin D. Lamb of Albia, IA writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – Great article, Joe! I feel you are spot-on. It is to the point there are no ethics anymore – selfish, greedy ... and dare I say, lazy fishermen are ruining the experience. Just last week on a morning outing with my grandsons, we were positioned on a school of fish and I was enjoying watching them catch them almost every cast. After a few minutes of catching fish, we had four boats approach, crowding us to the point that the grandsons could barely cast. One boat even positioned between us and the area we were fishing, basically cutting us off.

    It was disappointing to see grown men 30-50 years old so greedy and selfish as to ruin the experience of two 8 year-old boys. No tourney, no money on the line, just selfish, self-centered greed and lack of ethics. True "professionals" should set the example. In my opinion, few are doing so any more.

  • Steven Avakian of Paramus, NJ writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The Zoom Fluke has caught tons of fish. Great design and action and is a standard for imitating shiners. Always have one tied on.

  • Bill Smith of Springfield, MO writes:

    RE: Favorite Zoom bait – The first time I saw a Brush Hog I thought it was a joke. But after 30 minutes flipping flooded willows on Table Rock in June, I had 25 pounds in my livewell. I have been sold ever since. The Trick Worm is also great bait - wacky rig, shaky worm and dropshotting.

  • Jeff Walker of Cambridge, IN writes:

    RE: Family Guy's boat launch – Too good and too true! Reminds me of watching a couple launching on a very long and steepish ramp. Brand new boat and it was obvious that they didn't know what they were doing. He walked down the ramp next to the boat holding the nose rope. She started to drift to one side and he yelled at her. She jumped on the brakes and the boat, which was on a roller trailer and had the nose unclipped, kept right on going off the trailer and onto the concrete. She took one look and quickly drove away, leaving him standing there holding the rope with the boat about 25 feet or more away from the water. Needless to say, no other boats launched or loaded for a good half-hour until that mess got cleaned up.

  • Mike Schooler of Albany, TX writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – I agree with Haynes. The code has been demolished. It is no fun to fish an event where people are moving on top or cutting you off. Every event should have a 50- or 100-foot rule, period. If an earlier boat is on the spot, move on. If needed, work it out the night before if you know someone is heading that way. What once was considered a gentlemen’s sport has turned into a whole lot of rude people who think it’s okay to whatever it takes to win.

  • Steve Brown of Riverton, AL writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Like most, I was shocked to see Randy abruptly leave Kentucky Lake last week. But, unless you’re from Pickwick, you probably don’t understand there’s a lot of history at play here. Randy knew he had to remove himself before things got out of hand.

    Both these guys learned their fishing ways from local legends who, “back in the day” before social media, settled things later. That would not have been good. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it could have been handled better, but it could have been a whole lot worse, too.

  • Frank Kirby of LaGrange, GA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – If I was a sponsor of Mr. Haynes I’d drop him like a hot potato. People have been racing to spots since the first B.A.S.S. tournament held! Come on, man!

  • John Kelbe of Garland, TX writes:

    RE: Balog on Haynes – I also feel that Haynes is making a statement about the size of the field FLW now has. They added several more boats to the field this year, and the more boats, the more water you have to share. I have also heard rumors that Haynes quit Costas because to many guys would follow him around and try to pot-lick. I believe the frustrations of constantly sharing water boiled over

    I hope that Haynes is not mad at Lambert as he had just as much right to fish there, good for him to not back down from Haynes. Good for Haynes for making a statement so we actually talk about unwritten rules. If no one is trying to teach these rules, then don't expect anyone to learn them.

  • Scott Crawford of San Jose, CA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out –I think Randy felt that Lambert took his spot after probably seeing him drive by it on day 2, as Lambert said he did. Then never seeing Lambert fish it and with the weight he had from there, Haynes may have felt his spot was poached even though Lambert seems to have fished there first in the event.

    I remember hearing an Elite pro state during day 1 of a competition after he had a good bag early that he needed to go around to his spots the rest of the day to be able to fish them later. He felt that if he was not seen on them, he could not go there during the tournament if other guys were there.

  • Michael Hays of Dyer, IN writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – Kudos, Mr. Haynes! You’ll always have a place in my boat!

  • Ray Arbesu of Henderson, NV writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls out – This could be avoided if they would use an encroachment rule of 25 yards. Also there is a code of ethics involved.

  • Alex Posey of Roswell, GA writes:

    RE: Haynes pulls ou – So I guess it was just a coincidence that Lambo did the same exact thing to Terry Bolton in 2016 before his last win on Kentucky? Make no mistake about it, this move was part of his game plan to choke out the only competitor left standing in his way. Hey, it’s legal though, so why question it, right?

  • Kevin Crabtree of Sellersburg, IN writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – Old-school code of conduct of respecting other's water is not obsolete. Neither of these two fine gentlemen had a lack of old-school code of conduct, either. In my opinion, Mr. Haynes made a bad decision. You said in the article how both competitors had used the spot on days 1 and 2. Day 3 was a boat race (part of the competition and strategy) to get to the loaded spot. Let's remember that the FLW Tour, along with the Bassmaster Elite Series, are the highest level of competitive bass fishing that exists. The world is watching these tournaments in person and through media outlets. Endemic and non-endemic sponsors are supporting these anglers (and our sport) in many ways, including monetarily.

    I don't fish at this level. I have been a co-angler in a handful of tour events and that has given me a small taste of what it's like for these guys. What happened between Haynes and Lambert was likely nothing different than 20 other instances that occurred between competitors that week. Haynes and Lambert just happened to be the leaders and on FLW Live. So what did other competitors (fishing for big money and points in their own right) do when they found another competitor or local on their spots/areas? I'll tell you. They either adjusted their game plan and found new water, worked their way into the line of fishermen on "their" spot, or just had a conversation with the other person to see how they felt about working together for the benefit of all (Lambert did that).

    I don't know either of these two men personally other than a handshake with Mr. Haynes years ago followed by small-talk conversation at a boat show. But I have a high interest level in everything bass fishing even though I am not a tour-level angler. And my conclusion is that Randy Haynes is a true gentlemen and ambassador for this great sport who simply made a bad choice at the most inopportune time when so many people in the industry were watching. Now that he has had a week to reflect, I'm sure Mr. Haynes realizes this as well.

    Mr. Haynes made a poor decision to leave the tournament early. Unless we are all missing something that he wants to keep private, he had no family emergency or any related issue of any kind that required him to leave. He walked off the biggest stage their is in bass fishing when he had an opportunity to win $100,000. Not only did he embarrass himself, but he also didn't give Mr. Lambert the opportunity to beat all the best anglers and leaders in the standings. Mark Rose had a guy nearly bumping his boat to mark waypoints so he could pound on his fishing spots he worked so hard to find once he left. He didn't go put his boat on the trailer and head to the house. Many anglers in this tournament could give us other instances that occurred where they had to bite their tongue, grind their teeth and just move on. Mr. Haynes himself has surely had other instances like this in his storied career.

    Mr. Haynes may be the best ledge fisherman and Tennessee River fisherman to ever live! I know he had other ledges to fish that had 20-plus pounds on them. He could have stayed on that spot and worked with Lambert as well. I'm glad there are no future consequences for Mr. Haynes from the tournament organization. There are far worse things he could have done. I'll chalk this up to a fine person and fisherman who had a terrible day and made an unfortunate decision with the cameras rolling. He is still one of the biggest class acts out there for sure, in my book.

  • Tommy Cauley of Bee Branch,Ark writes:

    RE: Balog on 'the code' – I don't want to get started, but good write, Joe!

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