The bass-fishing industry is the land of gadgets, and anglers can usually find a way to fiddle with products to make them better. Some products, however, work as advertised and do exactly what the manufacturer claims without any tinkering. A new company, Turboset, out of South St. Paul, Minn., has taken the hookset to a new level with its Arm Support Cradle.

Wear and tear on wrists, elbows and shoulders are things of the past, and the force you can put on the hookset is dramatically increased with this product. Designed for all anglers, it's particularly effective for long sticks, and for that reason the crappie anglers love it. It's also great for disabled anglers or those who have arthritis.

The cradle allows the angler to gain leverage that might not otherwise be possible, and it helps support the rod by using the forearm. Placed properly on the rod, it balances it nicely as well.

How it Works

The Turboset attaches to the rod butt with a two-piece, adjustable bracket. There's no scarring of the cork handle and it stays firmly in place. Attached to the bracket is an adjustable arm that can tightly lock into place, with a small comfort pad that nestles under the forearm. A Velcro strap helps secure the bracket in place for those with arm issues.

Our Findings

The first prototype of this device we saw was a bit clunky and cumbersome, but after several revisions that led to the final product, we found this was no longer the case. This device isn't for everyone, but those who have problems getting a good hookset or those with arm ailments will love it.

The particular application we found it most suited for was flipping and pitching. Heavy flipping sticks and repetitive motion can wear an angler out during a long day on the water, but the new bass-fishing model actually takes that out of the equation. The rod balances nicely on the forearm support, and even those anglers who switch hands with the rod won’t have a problem with it being in the way.

It also helps the beginning flipper to make more accurate casts because it doesn't allow the arm to get out of the proper position.

There are two models – large and small. The larger version is perfect for crappie anglers who use rods that are 10 feet and longer, and the smaller model is perfect for the bass-fishing crowd. Both are equipped with a rod bracket and a cradle that fits comfortably under the forearm, but the smaller version works much better for flippers and pitchers. It's sized to give support and leverage, but not get in the way, and the hook-setting power you gain is staggering. You can really put a hurtin’ on a fish, even in heavy cover.

For more information, click here to visit the Turboset site or call (651) 457-3236.


> The Turboset works equally well on casting and spinning rigs.

> The entire product is manufactured in the USA.