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All Topics   February 2013
  • Billy Grotton of Oakland, CA writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – I really think the money for the fish comment on the boat was sarcasm, meaning he really wished he'd caught the 4-pounder. This wouldn't have been a social bashing if Kevin VanDam was mentioned, or bigger names in the sport!

  • Eric Ellis of Baton Rouge, LA writes:

    Watching FLW show today from Kentucky Lake last year. Five fish caught in two casts ... shot-putting the rig and reeling it back. Incredibly skillful? I say no.

  • Jeremiah Sall of Cadiz, OH writes:

    RE: FLW's beer sponsorship – Beer is not the problem. It's the people who abuse the substance. These major sponors are what keep these tournaments going. Excellent choice, FLW!

  • Mike Baskett of Salem, OR writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Why give this guy any more print space? He should be gone from tournament fishing, period. The Elites definitely do not live up to the name when B.A.S.S. allows him to continue to compete.

  • Jamie Hughes of Shippenville, PA writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – I have no respect for this man. I would much rather read a story about a true competitor of the Classic – someone who deserves the press and has worked hard and FAIR to get there. I wouldn't have as big a problem with him if he wasn't at the Classic or wasn't an Elite angler. In my opinion. the only thing he should be allowed to fish is weekends on his own.

  • Wes Hood of Annandale, VA writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Nate Wellman should not be fishing. Even if you believe he was jesting, he still broke the rules by creating the situtation in the first place. Then he took the punishment without requesting a polygraph to clear himself, which clearly indicates to me he knew he broke the rules and accepted the fact. Even in jest he brought the sport back to the bad old days of Bubba and his caged bass in the eyes of many outside the sport. We can never have real credibility if we don't deal decisively with the cheaters and the perception of cheating.

  • Thomas Wahpekeche of Newalla, OK writes:

    The Oklahoma Aquarium is located in Tulsa – well worth taking the kids and visiting the state-run attraction. Shark tank is awesome!

  • Denise Reid of Tulsa, OK writes:

    There are tons of great places to eat in and around downtown Tulsa.

    Atlas Grill is awesome - great comfort food, sandwiches and daily specials - located in the Atlas Life building/Marriott Courtyard.

    Elote's puffy tacos are a tasty treat - eat fresh/buy local plus they have a great bar. Located on Boston.

    Great burgers, onion rings, fries at Billy's.

    The Vault is an ecletic and fun throwback, Mad Men-style place. Great drinks and food.

    The Sushi Place is a little hole in the wall with really tasty sushi. It's on 3rd street.

    Dilly Deli is great for breakfast or lunch (1st and Detroit) and the Dust Bowl is next door – throwback bowling alley with pub/bar menu. Very cool!

    Coffee shops - Topeca has two locations (Mayo Hotel and Hyatt), JoeBots, Foolish Things just to name a few.

    Hopefully our food trucks will be out and about too.

    If you are going to explore a bit, check out Phoenix coffee shop at 6th and Peoria.

    15th Street favorites are the Palace Cafe (awesome), Smoke, Mi Concina, Tucci's, Andolini's Pizza and Lucky's.

    BassFans, enjoy your time in T-town and at all our local eateries. Good eats equal good times!

  • Carter Northcutt of Frankfort, KY writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – I too have no sympathy for this guy. If he was not guilty then why didn't he put up more of a fight? He should have been banned for life. I would never trust him if I were competing against him.

  • Joe Armold of Yantis, TX writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – I do not think I would ever fully trust Wellman. My folks always said that where there is smoke, there is fire.

  • William Moore of Berks, PA writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – With all the eyes and pressure on him last year, he sure had a good season. That tells me a lot about his skills as an angler.

  • Wallace Calloway of Toledo Bend, LA writes:

    Maybe I'm resistant to change, but I don't care for your new page setup. I find it too busy and difficult to go directly to the items I like to read. Really prefer the old page.

  • Dennis Pentecost of Milford, IL writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Once a cheater, always a cheater!

  • Harold Sharp of Hixson, TN writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Regardless how you slice it or whatever excuse that Nate Wellman offers, the fact remains that he paid a penalty and agreed to not fish the last event, which cancelled his chance to fish the 2012 Bassmaster Classic. If he was not guilty of this rule violation, then he should have proven that with a polygraph test as the rule requires. B.A.S.S. dropped the ball when they did not apply the B.A.S.S. rule and order him to take a polygraph test.

    Joe Stois played by the rules, he reported Nate for suggesting a rule violation> f he had not reported it or allowed Nate to weigh his fish, then Joe Stois would have been banned for life from B.A.S.S.. All Nate had to do was admit what Joe reported or deny that he said it.

    Read B.A.S.S. Elite Rule C3(vi) and note the words (suggestions to another competitor that they violate these rules). Notice that it reads "that they violate these rules." Joe reported to B.A.S.S. that Nate suggested that Joe violate the rule by giving him a bass to weigh in. When Nate made that statement, kidding or not, he placed Joe in violation of this rule if he did not report it.

    Ray Scott and I wrote this rule years ago after a report that a contestant made a statement that sounded like he was suggesting trading fish. We contacted the angler and he agreed to a polygraph test to prove that he was not suggesting a trade. We added this rule after that to always clear up any question about whether someone said or didn't say something along this line.

    All Nate had to do to clear this up was admit it or take a polygraph to prove that he did not say it. The rule was written to make a suggestion a violation and force the one receiving the suggestion to report it.

  • Aaron Hodge of Harrison, AR writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – I am really unsympathetic for Nate. I too believe the penalties should have been much stiffer. The fact that he is being allowed to fish on the biggest stage in our sport gives the wrong impression to fans and damages the credibility of our sport.

  • Matt Belletini of Birmingham, MI writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Why promote this guy? I’m sure there are other stories that would gather just as much attention, especially right before the Classic. With a field of anglers who deserve the attention, why this guy?

    As someone who paid money in the event in question back in 2011, I wish B.A.S.S. would have handled the situation better. In my opinion, Jared Rhode was the winner of that event. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of the situation, but the fact that he agreed to the fine and the suspension eliminating him from the Classic tells you all you need to know. As a sport that has failed to grow over the last decade, this is the last thing we need. I hope he wins. Then B.A.S.S. will really have to deal with this mess.

  • Eric Blankendaal of Nashville, TN writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Cheater. This dude is a joke. He needs to find another passion. Mistakes can be forgiven, but not forgotten.

  • Adam Jones of Knoxville, TN writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – I bet Wellman is the one dude that B.A.S.S. hopes does not win the Classic. They do NOT need that kind of controversy right now. Would probably be the least popular Classic winner since ... ever.

  • T.J. McCue of Greenwood, IN writes:

    RE: Wellman moves on – Wellman should have been banned for life! Letting him fish the Elites is just another smack at the credibilty of B.A.S.S.

  • Elmo Liner of Montgomery, AL writes:

    Leaving for Tulsa on Tuesday. I look forward to the good food and another Bassmaster Classic.

  • Jeff Walker of Cambridge, ON writes:

    RE: Tulsa food – We did Albert G's BBQ on South Harvard. Housed in an old garage, they sell beer by the bucket and had great BBQ (by Canadian standards). It seemed like a short ride there by taxi, but an awfully long (but healthy?), semi-drunken walk back to the hotel afterward.

  • Don Rucks of Tulsa, OK writes:

    RE: Tulsa Food – The Gnarley Dawg menu:

  • Delise Tomlinson of Tulsa, OK writes:

    RE: Tulsa food – Downtown Tulsa is a great place to find one-of-a-kind eateries! Do you like pizza. Try Joe Momma's at 112 S. Elgin. Unique cocktails and cuisine served up in a retro setting? Swing by the Vault at 620 S. Cincinnati. Cajun-style seafood – S&J Oyster Bar at 308 E 1st. Or how about straight-up great BBQ? Belly up to Oklahoma Joe's at 423 N. Main next to the historic Cain's Ballroom.

    And that's just a small sampling of the many great restaurants downtown (coffee at Topeca next to the Mayo Hotel, sushi at Yokozuna, breakfast at Dilly Deli, wine bar and Italian at Hey Mambo, appetizers and drinks at Edward Delks, mexican at Elote and El Guapo, crepes at Mod's, fried green tomoatos and baked beans at Back Alley Blues and BBQ ... and there's still more!

    That's it - I'm headed to lunch!

  • Gary Cossaboom of Ottawa, ON writes:

    New website format looks good. Maybe a few touch-ups here and there on the layout to line up things a bit better, but overall a nice, clean look.

  • Bob McKeithen of Baton Rouge, LA writes:

    New BassFan page looks great. I'm also a NASCAR fan and would like to see a "NASCARFan" website like yours, as the current NASCAR websites really are bad.

  • Logan Sherrer of Shongaloo, LA writes:

    Thumbs down on the new website design.

  • Archie Wilson Jr. of Maynardville, TN writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – This young man has got it going on. If a major sponsor wants its money's worth, sign Sonar now!

  • Cliff Peterson of Canton, KS writes:

    I would have to agree that the color scheme popped off the page better on the previous page design. I preferred it over the new design.

  • Chris McCall of Kernersville, NC writes:

    Bring back the old format!

  • Larry D. Ellis of Bahama, NC writes:

    New page looks great. Always my first choice for bass info. Thanks.

  • Jeff Mitchell of Riverside, IL writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – I have to say Miles Burghoff's columns are the best thing on BassFan. I do get my updates and pro news from here, but I really look forward to reading about his progress and life lessons.

  • John Marley of Belton, TX writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Boo! I do not like the new website design. All the new bells and whistles are nice, but you should have kept the old graphic design or at least the color scheme. Definitely don't like the grey on white title bar on the top – the old one popped on the screen much better.

  • Vance McCullough of Jacksonville, FL writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – Miles, thanks for your honesty. You "get it." That's what will make you successful on and off the water. And Katie is a wise woman!

  • John Cantale of Lake Placid, FL writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Great new look.

  • Jamie Gaffey of Clarksburg, MA writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – Miles, you seem like a class act. I always look forward to reading your articles. I hope to see you on one of the big tours one day. You have what it takes.

  • Marty Brown of Dalton, GA writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – We have all thrown fish back at some point in time. Even though you may not have done well overall, weighing in gives you the opportunity to walk across the stage promoting your sponsors and show everyone supporting you that you're making an effort regardless of the outcome.

  • Carter Northcutt of Frankfort, KY writes:

    RE: Maine soft-plastics bill – I signed the petition back when I first mentioned it here. I can't see, logically, how this has a chance of passing. But then we are dealing with politicians.

  • Glenn Scott of Kingston, TN writes:

    Love the format! Smooth as glass on my desktop or tablet. Kudos to the designer and developer.

  • Robert Schneider of Temecula, CA writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – A very thoughtful read. Thanks for writing it!

  • Carter Northcutt of Frankfort, KY writes:

    I like the new look. It just took me a while to get some things figured out.

  • Mike Fillmer of Lithonia, GA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Nice job! You folks hit a home run ... maybe a grand slam!

  • Bill Schroeder of Paducah, KY writes:

    I think most everyone will like your new format once we get familiar with it and learn to navigate around in it.

  • Steve Jones of Moos Point, MS writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – I applaud Miles for reviewing his actions and sharing with BassFans on this subject. A sign of maturity and another step toward the making of a respected professional angler.

  • Mark Allard of Sioux City, IA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Nice, real nice!

  • Mike Cusano of Clay, NY writes:

    RE: Sonar's lesson – Fantastic article. Definitely a valuable lesson to be shared with other up and coming anglers. Thanks!

  • Donald E. Garner of Belton, TX writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – The change looks great. Thanks to everyone involved for this great site.

  • John Hempel of Brownstown, MI writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – I am old-school and hate change, but you guys did it. I like your new site. Way to go.

  • Keith Honeycutt of Temple, TX writes:

    As a touring angler, I am a daily reader of your site – it's usually how I start my day. By the way, I like the new look.

  • Edmond Brown of Trion, GA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Really like the new look and colors.

  • Robert Allen of Calhoun, GA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – As someone with a graphic design background, I don't like the new look at all ... too antiseptic and cold. The old design was great – all the navigation was easier and better organized than this. Sorry, but while I am a BassFan, I am not a fan of this look.

  • David Stephens of Bowling Green, KY writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Just wanted to say hats off to the new platform. It delivered a much needed update to the look and feel of the site. I work in e-Commerce and in my experience, simple is better. By eliminating clutter and applying a simple design, you have hit a home run.

  • Ed Straw of Chenoa, IL writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – I like the new webpage. Change is good. Very easy to navigate. Thank you.

  • Ronald Risenhoover of Lufkin, TX writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – I don't care for the Rankings block being so dominant. Seems like a waste of space for such a minimal changing and useless block.

  • Glen R. Evans of Venice, FL writes:

    I think Randall Tharp did a great job this year on the Big "O". Last year he won, and this year he had a Top-20 finish. You can't complain about that. The Big "O" is always changing. They had sprayed the Shoal big-time, and the North Shore area, and the Monkey Box prior to the tournament. And a big thumbs up to Brandon McMillan for helping bring Randall's fish in. Now that is a great friend.

  • Herman Parker of Royal Palm Beach, FL writes:

    RE: Benton's Okeechobee pattern – Very good article/content. Also gives info that I can use as I'm 30 minutes from the lake!

  • Allen Cirard of Bucks County, PA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Thumbs up on the new look!

  • Greg Sutton of Broken Arrow, OK writes:

    New format - don't like it!
    Old format - worked fine.

  • John Hunter of Conroe, TX writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Don't like it at all. But like most things similar to the TV, I can turn it off!

  • T.J. McCue of Greenwood, IN writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – This is horrible!

  • Wes Hood of Annandale, VA writes:

    Why is it that every time I get the hang of a website that I really like, someone decides it should look different? Yes, I admit to being an "old fart."

  • Mark Aaron of Gastonia, NC writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Love the new look!

  • Al Perry of Lafayette, LA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – I like it! Thought I was on the wrong site at first. Easy to maneuver around.

  • Patrick Ross of Lamar, MO writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – I don't care for the new format. The old one was much easier to navigate and more user-friendly. With that said, I know full well that you will not change back regardless how many people complain or say they dislike the new format. Change is inescapable, even if it is not for the better.

  • Bud Cipoletti of White Lake, NY writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – New website is flawless, great job. I let out a big wow when I logged on for the first time since.

  • Tim Mehling of Canton, GA writes:

    RE: New BassFan format – Very nice job and it is user-friendly. Thanks for staying on top of the game.

  • Jason Houchins of Clarksville, VA writes:

    RE: MGXtreme – $500 for a fishing reel! I love Revos, but not that much.

  • Jeff Gale of Fishers, IN writes:

    RE: Yamaha's new pro-staffers – Don't see them talking about all the FLW pros they dropped.

  • William Redman of Melborne, FL writes:

    I've been watcing the Major League Fishing series on Chautauqua Lake. I think it ought to be called Major League Dock Pitching. Though being informative and enjoyable, I think a disservice is being done to the anglers and audience by only giving the anglers 15 minutes to scout their fishing zone. This almost guarantees the anglers are going to head to the docks on any lake.

    Giving the anglers more time to scout their zones would show how diverse the anglers are by allowing them to show their offshore-structure scouting and fishing capabilities. Chautauqua Lake has some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the northeast, but generally you're not going to find it in 15 minutes, or by fishing docks.

  • Rex Suiter of Odessa, FL writes:

    RE: Blaukat's Bridgford deal – Really glad for Randy. He is a well-rounded fisherman always ready to speak to the average person.

  • Jason Gibson of Birmingham, AL writes:

    RE: Newberry's BFL record – It may have been back in the Red Man days (and therefore excluded from BFL records), but Mike Terry had over 38 pounds on Kentucky Lake sometime back in the '90s. Just an FYI.

    Thanks for bringing BassFan to us all.

  • Dan Isenhart of Fairview, TN writes:

    I have seen the Vegas odds for the Classic and the Classic Field Analysis here on BassFan. The BassFan Classic Field Analysis has some very good information on all of the Classic contestants, but I have know way of knowing if the oddsmakers in Vegas used any of it when they determined the odds on each angler winning the Bassmaster Classic.

    I think there is one piece of very important information missing that could weigh into the outcome of not only this Classic, but all of the major events. That information is who is getting help and who are they getting it from. Some get help, some don't, but i don't know how you could make an educated wager without knowing who gets the help and who are they getting it from.

    Why not next year add "The Help" to the Classic Field Analysis? It would also be a great addition to fantasy fishing.

    I'm still picking KVD, just because he's KVD ... and it's the Classic!

  • Carter Northcutt of Frankfort, KY writes:

    I just read a disturbing article on It is about a proposal to ban soft plastic baits in the state of Maine. I don't expect it to pass, but then you never know. You can click on a tab within the article to let them know you oppose the proposal.

  • Louis Matherne of Lafitte, LA writes:

    I came across this MLF tournament by way of the Internet, I found it late and the 2012 progam is already over, but thanks to the online production I can watch all the shows that I missed. This is the best broadcast of fishing I have ever seen. It is the most informative and educational show you will ever watch. I send a special thanks to the producers and all involved, especially the pro anglers for giving their time to make this happen. I wish you great success and hopefully this show can continue. I will pass it on to all my friends to get people involved. Good luck!

  • James Maier of Indianapolis, IN writes:

    RE: FLW's beer sponsorship – I really can't see the big deal. It's just beer. The moral outrage here is ridiculous. As has been said, many anglers drink. And so what if kids see it? Don't 3- and 4-year-old kids see alcohol advertisements at NASCAR races? I don't think that compels little Johnny to go obtain a case of Bud or Natty Light.

All Topics   February 2013

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