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Angler decision tracker (updated)

It started Monday night with Edwin Evers and Timmy Horton announcing on their respective social media outlets that they will be competing on the Bass Pro Tour in 2019, effectively ending their careers as Bassmaster Elite Series competitors. Several others followed suit on Tuesday and with deadlines approaching at the end of the week and the early registration period for the 2019 Bassmaster Elite Series opening today, many other anglers will be making possibly the most difficult and important decision of their career over the next week.

BassFan will be on top of the news as it unfolds. Below is a rundown of anglers who’ve made public pronouncements about which circuit they intend to fish in 2019:

Bass Pro Tour (previous circuit)
1. Edwin Evers (Elite Series)
2. Timmy Horton (Elite Series)
3. Skeet Reese (Elite Series)
4. Boyd Duckett (Elite Series)
5. Marty Robinson (Elite Series)
6. Zack Birge (FLW Tour)
7. JT Kenney (FLW Tour)
8. Greg Hackney (Elite Series)
9. Jason Lambert (FLW Tour)
10. Chris Lane (Elite Series)
11. Alton Jones (Elite Series)
12. Alton Jones Jr. (Elite Series)
13. Jeff Kriet (Elite Series)
14. Randall Tharp (Elite Series)
15. Gerald Spohrer (Elite Series)
16. Fletcher Shryock (Elite Series)
17. Dave Lefebre (Elite Series)
18. Michael Neal (FLW Tour)
19. Andy Montgomery (Elite Series)
20. Kelly Jordon (Elite Series)
21. Mike McClelland (Elite Series)
22. Jared Lintner (Elite Series)
23. Roy Hawk (Elite Series)
24. John Murray (Elite Series)
25. Scott Suggs (FLW Tour)
26. Justin Atkins (FLW Tour)
27. Ott DeFoe (Elite Series)
28. Cody Meyer (FLW Tour)
29. Brent Chapman (Elite Series)
30. Jacob Wheeler (Elite Series)
31. Keith Poche (Elite Series)
32. David Walker (Elite Series)
33. Cliff Crochet (Elite Series)
34. Jacob Powroznik (Elite Series)
35. Russ Lane (Elite Series)
36. Greg Vinson (Elite Series)
37. Brandon Coulter (Elite Series)
38. Mark Davis (Elite Series)
39. Dean Rojas (Elite Series)
40. Terry Scroggins (Elite Series)
41. Gerald Swindle (Elite Series)
42. Mark Rose (FLW Tour)
43. Aaron Martens (Elite Series)
44. James Elam (Elite Series)
45. Randy Howell (Elite Series)
46. Bobby Lane (Elite Series)
47. Takahiro Omori (Elite Series)
48. Brett Hite (Elite Series)
49. Fred Roumbanis (Elite Series)
50. Luke Clausen (Elite Series)
51. Kevin VanDam (Elite Series)
52. Jonathon VanDam (Elite Series)
53. Shaw Grigsby (Elite Series)
54. Todd Faircloth (Elite Series)
55. Stephen Browning (Elite Series)
56. Tommy Biffle (Elite Series)
57. Casey Ashley (Elite Series)
58. Adrian Avena (Elite Series)
59. Cliff Pace (Elite Series)
60. Bradley Roy (Elite Series)
61. Josh Bertrand (Elite Series)
62. Wesley Strader (Elite Series)
63. Gary Clouse (no tour affiliation)
64. James Watson (FLW Tour)
65. Jason Christie (Elite Series)
66. Gary Klein (Elite Series)
67. Shinichi Fukae (Elite Series)
68. Brent Ehrler (Elite Series)
69. Paul Elias (Elite Series)
70. Britt Myers (FLW Tour)
71. Matt Lee (Elite Series)
72. Justin Lucas (Elite Series)
73. Jordan Lee (Elite Series)
74. Dustin Connell (Elite Series)
75. Jesse Wiggins (Elite Series)
76. Andy Morgan (FLW Tour)
77. Brandon Palaniuk (Elite Series)
78. Ish Monroe (Elite Series)
79. Mark Daniels Jr. (Elite Series)
80. Mike Iaconelli (Elite Series)

Elite Series
> Chris Zaldain (confirmed BPT invitee)
> Keith Combs (non-BPT invitee)
> Micah Frazier (non-BPT invitee)
> Bill Lowen (confirmed BPT invitee)
> Matt Herren (non-BPT invitee)
> Seth Feider (confirmed BPT invitee)
> Chad Pipkens (non-BPT invitee)
> John Crews (non-BPT invitee)
> Brandon Card (non-BPT invitee)
> Cliff Prince (non-BPT invitee)
> Mark Menendez (non-BPT invitee)
> Drew Benton (confirmed BPT invitee)
> Clifford Pirch (non-BPT invitee)
> Hank Cherry (non-BPT invitee)
> Jamie Hartman (non-BPT invitee)
> Stetson Blaylock (confirmed BPT invitee)
> Jason Williamson (non-BPT invitee)
> Brandon Lester (non-BPT invitee)
> Steve Kennedy (confirmed BPT invitee)
> Brandon Lester (non-BPT invitee)

FLW Tour
> Bryan Thrift (non-BPT invitee)
> Larry Nixon (non-BPT invitee)
> Scott Martin (non-BPT invitee)
> Chad Grigsby (non-BPT invitee)
> Cody Kelley (non-BPT invitee)

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