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Welcome to BassFan's Dock Talk section, where you will see brief, newsworthy items that for one reason or another can't be made into full-blown news articles. Despite the name, and in keeping with BassFan's editorial policy, every effort will be made to avoid publishing outright rumors.

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  • 2015 Elite Series field will be largest ever

    2015 Elite Series field will be largest ever

    B.A.S.S. this morning announced the field for the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series. The 113-angler field will be the largest in the series’ 10-year history and features 13 newcomers, some true rookies and some proven veterans from the FLW Tour.

    The field was 112 anglers at the start of the 2014 season.

    The roster was finalized after B.A.S.S. advised anglers several months ago that it would use certain requalification criteria in order to cull competitors so as to maintain a manageable field size and make room for qualifiers from the Opens.

    Mark Menendez, Cliff Pace and Kevin Ledoux are set to return to Elite Series competition after taking exemptions in 2014. Pace and Ledoux missed last season due to injury while Menendez missed the last two seasons while recovering from injuries and suffering the death of his wife.

    Five-time FLW Tour winner Brent Ehrler, who qualified via the Northern Opens, headlines the crop of newcomers. Others who will make their Elite Series debuts in 2015 are: Brandon Coulter, Seth Feider, Micah Frazier, Ken Iyobe, Carl Jocumsen, Koby Kreiger, Jordan Lee, Matt Lee, Stephen Longobardi, Paul Mueller and David Williams.

    Randy Allen, who fished the Elite Series in 2008, is back for a second go-around after qualifying through the Central Opens.

    Those not returning in 2015 are Glenn Browne, Rick Morris, Jamie Horton, Jeremy Starks, Pete Ponds, Tracy Adams, Grant Goldbeck, Joel Baker, Michael Simonton, Trevor Romans and Byron Haseotes.

    The 2015 Elite Series kicks off March 19-22 at the Sabine River in Orange, Texas.

    The list of 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series qualifiers is below (bold denotes newcomer/rookie):

    > Randy Allen
    > Casey Ashley
    > Scott Ashmore
    > Josh Bertrand
    > Tommy Biffle
    > Stephen Browning
    > Brandon Card
    > Brent Chapman
    > Hank Cherry
    > Jason Christie
    > Rick Clunn
    > Keith Combs
    > Brandon Coulter
    > John Crews
    > Cliff Crochet
    > Mark Davis
    > Ott DeFoe
    > Kurt Dove
    > Boyd Duckett
    > Brent Ehrler
    > James Elam
    > Paul Elias
    > Edwin Evers
    > Todd Faircloth
    > Seth Feider
    > Micah Frazier
    > Shaw Grigsby
    > Greg Hackney
    > Charlie Hartley
    > Kevin Hawk
    > Matt Herren
    > Kenyon Hill
    > Brett Hite
    > Davy Hite
    > Timmy Horton
    > Randy Howell
    > Michael Iaconelli
    > Ken Iyobe
    > Kelley Jaye
    > Carl Jocumsen
    > Alton Jones
    > Kelly Jordon
    > Steve Kennedy
    > Mike Kernan
    > Kotaro Kiriyama
    > Gary Klein
    > Koby Kreiger
    > Jeff Kriet
    > Bobby Lane
    > Chris Lane
    > Russ Lane
    > Kevin Ledoux
    > Jordan Lee
    > Matt Lee
    > Brandon Lester
    > Jared Lintner
    > Stephen Longobardi
    > Bill Lowen
    > Justin Lucas
    > Aaron Martens
    > Billy McCaghren
    > Mike McClelland
    > Mark Menendez
    > Jared Miller
    > Yusuke Miyazaki
    > Ish Monroe
    > Andy Montgomery
    > Chad Morgenthaler
    > Paul Mueller
    > David Mullins
    > John Murray
    > Britt Myers
    > James Niggemeyer
    > Takahiro Omori
    > Cliff Pace
    > Brandon Palaniuk
    > Chad Pipkens
    > Clifford Pirch
    > Keith Poche
    > Jacob Powroznik
    > Cliff Prince
    > Matt Reed
    > Skeet Reese
    > Derek Remitz
    > Marty Robinson
    > Dean Rojas
    > Scott Rook
    > Fred Roumbanis
    > Zell Rowland
    > Bradley Roy
    > Joseph Sancho
    > Casey Scanlon
    > Bernie Schultz
    > Terry Scroggins
    > Morizo Shimizu
    > Kevin Short
    > Fletcher Shryock
    > Dave Smith
    > Brian Snowden
    > Gerald Swindle
    > Randall Tharp
    > Dennis Tietje
    > J Todd Tucker
    > Jonathon VanDam
    > Kevin VanDam
    > Byron Velvick
    > Greg Vinson
    > David Walker
    > Nate Wellman
    > David Williams
    > Jason Williamson
    > Boo Woods
    > Chris Zaldain

  • Lew's renews FLW deal

    Lew's renews FLW deal

    FLW announced today that Lew's, the manufacturer of reels, rods and fishing accessories, has signed on as a sponsor for the second consecutive year.

    “Lew’s is a high-quality, well-respected brand," said FLW marketing president Trish Blake. "Their products are a favorite among our anglers and FLW is proud to continue our association with such a powerful brand.”

    Said Lew's CEO Lynn Reeves: “FLW has proven to be a good fit and marketing partner for the Lew’s brand and our products. As does FLW, we also have something for every level of tournament angler from weekend participants to top-tier Tour pros. We’re pleased to continue the relationship into 2015 and will be supporting some of the events with our tournament trailer and new angler incentive programs.”

  • Martens, Avena will join Ike

    Martens, Avena will join Ike

    Bassmaster Elite Series stalwart Aaron Martens and FLW Tour pro Adrian Avena will be Mike Iaconelli's guests for a holiday edition of Ike Live! The show will be live-streamed from 8 to 9:30 p.m. ET on Monday (Dec. 22) at

    The show will be followed by a discussion period during which viewers can call in or tweet.

  • Crews signs rod deal with Cashion

    Crews signs rod deal with Cashion

    Cashion Fishing Rods announced today it has signed Bassmaster Elite Series angler John Crews to its pro staff.

    “I joined Cashion Rods because the growth potential is huge with this company," Crews said. "Most companies have a top down approach and introduce a product to fit the market. Cashion is the exact opposite. They developed materials that lead to introducing superior fishing rods. With this company the product and materials used are everything.”

    Cashion's national sales manager Paul Benson said the company is excited to work with Crews, who joins FLW Tour angler Michael Neal and Elite Series angler Tracy Adams on the company's pro staff.

    “John Crews is the epitome of professional and he demands the best equipment available," Benson said. "In
    John’s position he could choose to work with any company, but he chose Cashion because of our innovation and vision."

    “2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for Cashion Rods," added company founder Matthew Cashion. "We have a terrific team of top-level anglers, we are introducing new rod lines, and the Cashion Rods Tour will be the biggest and best ever."

  • Balog: Displacement could be devastating

    Balog: Displacement could be devastating

    Is releasing tournament-caught bass at locations that are many miles from where the fish entered an angler's livewell a practice that could be harmful to fisheries? Joe Balog, who holds a degree in fisheries biology, certainly believes so, and he's even more convinced after reviewing a recent study conducted at Lake Champlain.

    To read the latest edition of Balog's Bass War, click here.

  • Review: Megabass Orochi XX rods

    Review: Megabass Orochi XX rods

    Megabass has made a strong push into the North American bass fishing market over the last couple years with the introduction of the Orochi XX line of rods.

    At ICAST last summer, the Japanese tackle giant unveiled six new technique-specific models to be added to the Orochi family. Over the past several weeks, BassFan's Tim Carini has been able to test a couple of the new models.

    To check out his review of the new Megabass rods, click here.

  • Five Spot: Ott DeFoe

    Guess how many fish Ott DeFoe caught in his first tournament while fishing his dad? Not many. He also thinks reigning Elite Series Angler of the Year Greg Hackney "looks mean."

    Check out what else the Tennessee native had to say in the latest edition of the BassFan Five Spot (embedded video below).

    If you missed last week's Five Spot with David Dudley, you can click here to check it out.

  • King says he's cancer-free

    FLW Tour angler Stacey King received some positive news today from his doctors in his fight with squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer he was diagnosed with this spring.

    Following is a post from King's Facebook fan page from earlier today:

  • Sonar: Fun in front of the camera

    Sonar: Fun in front of the camera

    BassFan columnist Miles "Sonar" Burghoff has recently embarked on a new professional venture as co-host of a multi-species TV show. Filming for the initial season is in the books and he's finally had a little time to reflect on the whirlwind project that played out over the span of just a couple of months.

    To read the newest Sonar Sound-Off column, click here.

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