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Sam Rayburn Reservoir FLW Tour Open

Jay Yelas Ė Competition Recap
Friday, October 12, 2012

> Day 1: 5, 9-08
> Day 2: 1, 1-11
> Total = 6, 11-03 (94th place)

I had a hard time. I couldnít even catch a fish today. It was crazy. My partner and I caught 12 (on day 1) and then today, we had one keeper bite. I canít explain that. I fished a lot of the same water. I fished some new places as well, but usually when you catch 12 one day, youíre going to catch eight or so the next day on the same water, but I never could get bit by a keeper fish all day.

I fished areas that are traditionally really good here. I donít have an explanation. I flipped a lot and my partners threw Rat-L-Traps and worms out the back all day and we couldnít find anything all day. I guess we were in the wrong area, obviously. Itís just weird. Iíd like to start the whole week over again from scratch.

Luke Clausen - Practice Recap
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I donít even know where Iím going (on day 1), probably somewhere I havenít been. I havenít caught one over 3 pounds in 3 days. Iím just looking for answers at this point. Iím going to run somewhere I havenít been yet and throw something different. What Iím doing obviously is not working.

Iím going to tie up a bunch of different rods and fly around and try to fish different stuff. Iíve pretty much ruled out fishing deep. Iím probably going to fish shallow and cast around at anything that looks good and flip and pitch and frog Ė you name it, Iíll do it and see what I can come up with.

Things are probably changing as we go here. We had that cold front and now itís warmed back up. Iím sure things are changing fairly regularly. Thatís the bad thing about practicing for this because it changes so much that you really want to get on something thatís just starting to happen as the tournament begins as opposed to what was happening.

Thereís a fair amount of grass. Thereís about a 10-mile section of the lake that has a good amount and in some areas it grows deeper than others. I think itís a timing thing. They donít bite all the time, grass fish never do. Weíre also experiencing those changing weather conditions so where they werenít biting the last few days, come tomorrow, it could turn them on. Itís almost like starting over.

Jay Yelas - Practice Recap
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

With it warming back up, the fishing will change some, but the weights arenít going to skyrocket by any means. The water temperature probably cooled off about 10 degrees so as it warms back up I think youíll see more topwater baits come back in more as a factor and maybe some more schooling fish. The guys who were catching them Carolina-rigging on the bottom might not do as well.

This lake has been fishing tough for a couple years now, according to some of the guys Iíve talked to. Itís not the Rayburn that it used to be. Plus, itís October and the big ones are real hard to come by. Itís hard to get on anything thatís real consistent other than the little fish.

My practice wasnít real good. I donít like what Iím on. I know where some fish live, but the lakeís a lot different from what I remember it being. Thereís a lot less grass than there used to be. Thereís plenty of fish in the grass, but thereís very little grass so I expect the good grass to be crowded with a lot of boats. There are whole sections of the lake that have no grass, the lower end in particular.

There are some big fish being caught in 25 to 30 feet. I tried that Tuesday and caught like 25 or 30 bass, but just didnít find any big ones. There are a lot of good ones out there and it wouldnít surprise me if it were won out deep, but itís not easy out there to get on the right bunch of fish.

Itís a tough little puzzle right now. I think 17 or 18 pounds a day for 4 days will probably win it. I expect there to be some 20-pound bags weighed in, but I think youíll see a lot of inconsistencies with the guys that catch those big bags.

I havenít found anything like that, but Iím going to keep practicing as the tournament goes along. Iíve found some fish, for sure, but 12 or 13 pounds is all Iíve been catching in practice. Iím not on the right deal yet. The big fish just seem to be random. The guys that get those 7- or 8-pound bites will up there the first day and the second day, itíll be someone else.

Jay Yelas - Day 1 Practice
Monday, October 08, 2012

Photo: BassFan

I lived here from 1991 to 1997 and I havenít been back in 9 years, so itís good to be back out on the old pond. It probably is my favorite lake to fish. Itís just one of the few undeveloped lakes in the whole country. You can go fish all day and never see anything man-made other a bridge. It has a lot of natural beauty. Itís always fun to come back.

It was a slow day today. It was cloudy and windy all day and rather cool. The high was only in the 50s and the water temps in the low 70s. There is a lot of grass in the lake, but itís not as much as we used to have. When I lived here, there used to be grass in 15 to 17 feet with hydrilla matted on top. The deepest grass I found today was about 7 feet deep. I donít know why itís like that. It probably has something to do with the big drought. The lake was down 10 feet last year from where it is now.

Everything looks in good shape. There are lots of small fish. We didnít get on the right grade of fish, but we still have 2 more days. It typically fishes a lot tougher this time of year than it does in the spring, summer or winter, but youíll see some 20-pound stringers in this tournament. Not many, but youíll see some. Theyíve been catching them that way all summer.

This lakeís full of the great, big ones. You just have to find them. Iím going to fish a different end of the lake. We were limited in what we could do today because of the wind. It blew 15 to 20 all day so we couldnít fish much offshore. Today, it was mostly just running the pockets out of the wind. Hopefully, the wind will lay down and we can get out there and look at some deeper stuff.

Luke Clausen - Day 1 Practice
Sunday, October 07, 2012

FLW/David Brown
Photo: FLW/David Brown

I fished a lot today Ė a lot of different depths and did a lot of different things. I just never really got on anything too great. You can catch fish here on about everything you do. I donít think I went very long today without catching something. There just wasnít anything with any kind of quality.

The waterís got a little color to it. Every creekís a little different as far as color goes. I donít know if this cold front has them in a bit of shock because it got cold real quick. I donít know what the deal is. Iím kind of amazed that we caught a lot of fish, but just didnít catch anything of any size. Iím going to try a different part of the lake tomorrow and I think weíll see things improve as the conditions stabilize throughout the week. That remains to be seen.

Rumor has it there was some tournament here yesterday and it only took 13 1/2 pounds to win it. Thatís kind of hard to believe at this place.

The shoreline has plenty of terrestrial vegetation on it Ė a lot of sticks and grass that grew when the water was down. It really only comes out a couple feet and thereís only 2 1/2 to 3 feet of water in that stuff. The hydrilla is real hit and miss. I didnít find any with a bunch of depth in it today. About 5 feet was the deepest I saw all day. Hopefully, I can find some better-looking grass before Iím done.

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