By Tim Carini
Special to BassFan

Those of us who own a boat long enough have certainly experienced the malfunction of our trailer brakes when backing up.

Typically, it happens at a 5 a.m. tournament morning when Mr. Murphy shows his ugly head. The only remedy is to put in the back-up key (if you even have one) to prevent the actuator from compressing and engaging the brakes while you try to back down the ramp.

My boat trailer is 15 years old and has seen more than 200,000 road miles. It’s been used and abused and virtually rebuilt more than once. One issue that has always reappeared is my brakes have failed to disengage when put in reverse even after multiple replacements of the solenoid.

This issue has happened across multiple tow vehicles and even after a complete re-haul of the trailer wiring and front-end assembly. Needless to say, I gave up trying to fix it and instead opted to use the back-up key, which was held in place by the ever-handy duct tape for the past several years.

The key/tape combo worked most of the time, but at times the key would pop out, usually when my partner is backing down at the end of a big tournament day. And it was not that eye catching either.

Secured Fishing has come up with a simple and easy solution with Release Me.

Photo: BassFan

The Release Me key fits neatly into the actuator slot to keep the trailer brakes from engaging or sticks to the trailer – it's magnet – when not backing up.

It’s simply a magnet that is sized perfectly to fit in your actuator slot to prevent the brakes from engaging. No more messy tape that leaves residue on the trailer or comes off on hot summer days allowing the back-up key to fall out. When not backing up, the magnet can be stuck to the trailer frame itself.

Release Me comes with everything one needs to install – the coated wire and ferrule to attach to the trailer. The best part about this product is definitely the price, just $13 – lower than some of the crankbaits we buy.

Even if you don’t normally have a problem with your trailer solenoid, it is certainly worth it to get this product for emergency use. Remember, Mr. Murphy and his law usually show up at the most inconvenient times.

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> MSRP: $13