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All Topics   March 2023
  • Steven Ringeisen of Coraopolis, PA writes:

    RE: Walleye cheating case – Losing the Ranger is a stiff sentence but probably still not fair for all the money they won. Also, if the owner is losing the boat does the rider get to walk away from all of this?

  • David Harrison of Huntsville, AL writes:

    I am hoping Joe Balog writes an article on Keith Poche. Has anyone in the history of professional bass fishing ever skipped the Classic festivities to win a MLF top-level event the day before the Classic starts and then roll in and start fishing the Classic the next morning, with I am assuming no practice? The man fishes out of a jonboat and does it his way, with other competitors going after him in some events. This man is simply one of the best and what he (and John Cox) are doing is so refreshing. Go Keith!

  • Kyle Foresman of Dobson, N.C. writes:

    RE: Classic trash clean-up – This is great, would love to see more of this across our great fisheries from the major tournament organizations. Pick up trash and stock new bass.

  • Steven Ringeisen of Coraopolis, PA writes:

    RE: Lawyer berates Opens competitor – Fishing near a friend who just happens to not be in the tournament seems "fishy" to me at best. Regardless of how everything happened, hopefully all sides learn from this experience and move forward.

  • Jason Reid of Medford, NJ writes:

    RE: Lawyer berates Opens competitor – Wow. Just wow. What in the actual hell is going on these days with tournament fishing?

  • Johnny McLean of LIttle Rock, AR writes:

    RE: Balog on Omori – Joe, good column on Tak. Please publish more conversations with him and the old-school guys who fish with intuition. It would be a lot more interesting than reading about how some guy finds fish with forward-facing sonar.

All Topics   March 2023

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