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Walters tops NPFL event at Santee Cooper

Walters tops NPFL event at Santee Cooper

The most consistent angler all week, Patrick Walters won the National Professional Fishing League event over the weekend on Santee Cooper Lakes with a total three-day weight of 67 pounds, 12 ounces. The Bassmaster Elite Series standout caught 22-08 on Day 1, 24-00 on Day 2 and 21-04 on the final day to seal his second NPFL victory in two years, which garnered him $100,000.

Go fishing and have fun – that was the mentality Walters took on his home body of water, where being stubborn has cost him some good finishes in the past.

“It worked out,” said Walters. "I knew the weather was going to affect us out here and I played it smart and didn’t run around like I could have. Typically, you do things on your home pond and I was not going to let that happen this week.”

Walters mixed up his approach on Day 1 to get off to a good start, but key adjustments the next 2 days put him in a position to redeem himself after a tough Elite Series event earlier this spring.

“I fished mainly offshore and caught mostly postspawn bass. Some came off bream beds but the last two days were all about the brush. When the little things go right, that makes all the difference. I fished clean this week and landed some fish that had one treble hook; that is the difference in winning these bigger events.”

Todd Goade finished 2nd with 62-02, followed by Will Harkins with 55-01 and Timmy Reams with 53-14. The remainder of the Top 10 consisted of Kevin Martin (53-01), Darrel Robertson (51-00), Jesse Wise (50-15), Matt Massey (47-10), John Cox (47-01) and Brad Staley (46-08).

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