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Martens slated for brain surgery

<b><font color=red>Martens slated for brain surgery</font color></b>

Veteran pro angler Aaron Martens is due to undergo surgery on Monday to remove a lesion on his brain that was discovered after he suffered a series of seizures while fishing on Saturday.

Martens, a competitor on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour and one of the most decorated pros of his generation, is currently hospitalized in Birmingham, Ala., at Grandview Medical Center, which is where the surgery will take place.

According to Martens’ wife, Lesley, tests revealed two lesions on Martens’ brain. One will be removed Monday and additional testing will be done to determine the next steps for treatment.

Because of changes to hospital protocol due to the coronavirus outbreak, Martens’ family is unable to be with him at the hospital.

Saturday would’ve been the start of Qualifying Round competition for Group B in the Bass Pro Tour Stage 4 in Raleigh, N.C. The event was previously postponed due to the coronavirus.

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