By BassFan Staff

The buzz leading up to next month's Bassmaster Classic at Lake Guntersville is starting to intensify with some of the chatter relating to what types of baits could be productive or better yet, what lure(s) will wind up winning.

Already, there's been talk of rattlebaits and jerkbaits being popular selections since it figures to be a late winter/pre-spawn scenario.

One bait that could play a big factor, especially around Guntersville's plentiful grass beds, is a bait that's carved out a sizeable niche in the pro ranks since its introduction in the mid-2000s – Z-Man's Original ChatterBait.

The Z-Man pro staff did some product testing at Guntersville toward the end of last year and Classic qualifier Stephen Browning found the ChatterBait to be particularly effective despite frigid water temperatures in the 40s.

“This year’s Classic could well yield the heaviest winning weight in the tournament’s history, and I feel like the ChatterBait will play a major role in its outcome,” Browning said. “You can bet that I’ll have at least one tied on during my hunt for the title.”

In the below embedded video, Z-Man pro Luke Clausen outlines his favorite conditions under which to throw a ChatterBait.