The new guy on the block has done it again. Less than a year old, Oregon-based Setyr Rods has developed a new flipping stick that is not only light with plenty of backbone, but also has the feel of an ultra-light. This rod has characteristics that make it very special – split-handle design, no cork above the reel seat and an action unlike other flipping stick we have tested.

Our Tests

Jim Eldred of Setyr gave us the opportunity to help test a new prototype rod, and we can tell you no further work was needed. Whether you flip or pitch, this rod has the muscle to hook and land bass. It's 7’10” long and the model we fished was a medium-heavy action, but we found it fished much like a 6’6” version. Easy to manage, it became an extension of our hands, and even on long days the rod was not unwieldy.

Perfect balance with a tip that was fairly slow in comparison to others we tested made this rod special. It had plenty of backbone, and when hooking a bass in heavy cover we found that the rod flexed at the third or fourth guide. It loaded up in the right spots to help with the hookset and kept us from pulling the bait away from the fish.

It allowed the fish to eat the bait. Hook penetration in the fish was solid and you could feel the bait as it bounced off of limbs and roots – even when it was fished in dense wood.

Said professional angler Dave Lefebre: "I use it for flipping and pitching, but I also use the flipping stick for frog-fishing because of the length, and I fish it effectively as well. Setyr uses zirconium guide rings that braided line does not hurt. I use braid for this application only.

"Another neat feature is the split handle, which makes the rod lighter, and most guys never touch that center portion or cork anyway. The handles are a bit shorter and that parlays into keeping the rod easier to use. It's surprisingly very castable for a 8-footer.”

Where do I find them?

You can reach Setyr at or by calling (541) 956-2086. The rods are also available at the BassFan Store.


> Setyr Rods come out of steelhead country, and many of the attributes of steelhead rods are utilized in the company's bass rods.