By BassFan Staff

Matt Arey is pretty proud of the new creation he helped design with Ontario-based Lunkerhunt the Fetch.

Its a 4 1/2-inch soft-plastic swimbait that features a different profile from other swimbaits in that size class. The top of the bait is flatter, giving the body a wider profile in the water.

Its extra versatile, Arey said. You can rig it weightless and fish it high in the water column around the spawn and post-spawn, skip it back under docks when those fish are recovering or you can put it on a jig head and fish it deep.

The Fetch will be available in eight colors and will come in a three-pack clamshell to preserve the shape. For now, the 4 1/2-inch version is the only size.

Also, check out the embedded video below about the new Prop Series Lunkerhunt also introduced at ICAST, winning the award for Best Soft Bait in the New Product Showcase.