By BassFan Staff

"What do you buy for the angler who has everything?" Well, no fisherman has absolutely everything that's effective for catching America's No. 1 game fish. There's just too much stuff out there and you can always find something that your favorite angler doesn't already possess, no matter how much gear or how many accessories they own.

Here are a few recommendations from the BassFan staff for Father's Day gifts this year. We're betting that there's not a single BassFan out there who already has them all.

Custom Lite Shallow Spool Reel

Equipping finesse anglers with ultimate baitcasting distance and control, Lew's is pleased to introduce the Custom Lite Shallow Spool Baitcast Reel (MSRP: $299.99). Built for baitcast enthusiasts who rely on finesse crankbaits, small topwaters and lightweight soft plastics to get the job done, the Custom Lite is built with a premium QuietCast Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system and Lew's innovative free spool rotation design to deliver an exceptionally long and accurate cast with finesse-sized baits.

Corbina PRO Sunglasses

The enhanced Corbina PRO (MSRP: $284) features new performance upgrades that keep your frames locked in place and your vision clear so you can stay focused on what's most important finding fish! Corbina has been a legacy favorite and sport staple among bass anglers for years. The new PRO frame takes it up a notch with eyewire drains and sweat management channels to move sweat away from your eyes, improved Hydrolite grip on the nose and earpiece to keep your frames locked in place, a fully-adjustable and ventilated nose pad for a custom fit and to reduce fogging, hooding and side shields to maximize coverage and metal keeper slots to keep your frames from going overboard.

Waterproof Fishing Scale

Small enough to fit in any tackle pack, hoodie or shorts side pocket, the EGO Waterproof Fishing Scale (MSRP: $69.99) is compact, but will weigh fish topping 100 pounds (like well ever need that)! And, unlike most scales, also features a flexible, retractable measuring tape not only designed for measuring fish length, but it also works for wrapping around fish bellies for girth measurements, too. That means no carrying a tangled sewing tape measure and you can leave the silver and yellow Stanley in the garage, too. The scale has an ergonomic handle, a stainless steel hook and runs on two AAA batteries.

Bagley Baits
Pro Sunny B

Built off the iconic Sunny B body and design, the Pro Sunny B (MSRP: $9.99) has a larger body and produces a tighter action than traditional squarebill crankbaits. Bagleys Heat Compression Molding process combines a delicate balsa action with the strength of a welded through-wire design. Bang the Pro Sunny B into rocks, rip-rap and timber and you can bet it will come back asking for more. For many anglers, the Pro Sunny B is their go-to squarebill amidst countless other baits available today. Fish the Pro Sunny B in 5-6 feet around rocks and laydowns. Use a lighter, 10- to 15-pound fluorocarbon to emphasize its tight action and buoyancy and dont be scared to let its sturdy square lip bang right into structure head-on. Its designed to deflect and draw bass out of their hiding places.

Big Bite Baits
Scentsation Cliff Hanger Worm

Designed in collaboration with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Clifford Pirch, the Big Bite Baits Scentsation Cliff Hanger Worm (MSRP: $6.99 for a 10-pack) is a highly scented, West Coast-style dropshot worm poured in Pirch's favorite colors for tournament fishing. Perfect for dropshots, shaky-heads and finesse applications, the Cliff Hanger Worm has proven deadly for catching largemouth and smallmouth all throughout the country. Built to perform under the toughest conditions, the Cliff Hanger delivers an ultra-realistic presentation that provokes suspensefully uncertain fish into biting.

Whitewater Fishing
Rapids Fishing Shorts

Every stitch and trim of Whitewater Fishing's Rapids Fishing Shorts (MSRP: $59.99) represents careful consideration for performance and that first manifests in the fabric. Whitewater employs a poly/spandex blended fabric that delivers 4-way stretch for maximum mobility while maintaining fit. Next, the premium fabric is treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to battle back the inevitable sprays and splashes of a day on the water. Functional features include three open pockets and two zip-closure pockets to keep your most important items secure, a zip-fly with a button closure, belt loops and a comfortable 9-inch inseam. Colors include Marine Blue and Beach.