By BassFan Staff

Lucky Craft’s reputation as a premium lure manufacturer has been built through years of research and development and a commitment to using the finest materials and employing a pain-staking quality control process.

The company’s product lineup is extensive and is loaded with proven fish-catching baits, from the Sammy topwater to the Pointer series of jerkbaits, but like many other lure companies, Lucky Craft is always seeking to develop new tools for anglers.

This year, Lucky Craft has added several new lures to its lineup. Some are additions to existing product lines while others are completely brand new. One highlight of some of the new products is the much lower retail price point they’ll be at compared to what BassFans are used to seeing from the Japanese company.

From new wire baits to big glide baits, Lucky Craft was pretty ambitious with its new product push for 2016 as it celebrates its 25th year of marketing its products in North America.

The image gallery below offers a look at what’s new from Lucky Craft: