By BassFan Staff

The old adage that "you get what you pay for” holds true for the new Megabass jerkbait, the Oneten+1 (or the 110+1, as it is commonly referred to here in the U.S.). This high-performance bait from Japan is precision-engineered, features a realistic finish and has quality components that make it well worth the higher price.

The 110+1 is the new, deeper-diving version of the classic Vision 110. Many may recall the FLW Major at Beaver Lake last March, where the Vision 110 was the dominant bait used by most of the Top 10 finishers. This coming spring should prove to be just as exciting with the new 110+1. Measuring 4 1/3 inches and weighing in at a half-ounce, this suspending jerkbait is a dream to cast with the assistance of two internal tungsten balls, which also assist with its action.

Upon receiving the Vision 110+1, the first thing we noticed was the highly detailed finish, as is the case with all Megabass baits. What was particularly interesting was the narrow bill – much narrower than other medium-diving jerkbaits. That bill plays a key role in several positive characteristics of this jerkbait.

On the first outing, fishing a deep and clear north Georgia mountain lake known for big spotted bass, it was obvious that the bill design helped with the erratic action. Many times in the clear water, you could see the jerkbait dart almost completely on its side, putting off some unbelievable flash. That day produced several spotted bass up to 4 pounds.

Smallmouth and largemouths will also fall victim to the 110+1, especially with the 20 realistic color options available to match any forage.

As the day progressed, and on subsequent trips, it became apparent that this bill design served an even greater purpose ... the fatigue-factor. Anyone who fishes a jerkbait all day long knows the pains that come with it – the wrist aches that start halfway through the day. With the 110+1, that was not the case.

The slightest and softest rips still produced the erratic action we love with our jerkbaits, but with much less effort from the angler. This is a very important factor for tournament anglers who may need to fish a jerkbait for 4 days in a row.

The Vision 110+1 was tested on several rods with different lines. With mono, the bait dove to a depth of 5 to 6 feet with ease. Using Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon, which sinks, we were able to dig bottom in 7 to 8 feet of water ... impressive.

With sticky-sharp Katsuage outbarb hooks, even the most finicky bass will become attached by just kissing the bait. Anglers should be careful as well, as these hooks seem to cling to not just bass, but sweatshirts, jeans and the like.

The only drawback with the Vision 110+1 is that demand is high and supply can be low. It'd be wise to start your search now, even for those northern anglers who may not have open water until the spring (a good place to start looking is Chad's Megabass Warehouse). As the year progress, this rare and exceptional jerkbait will be in even greater demand. Low supply can be a positive thing as well – you may have a jerkbait that other anglers will not, giving you a distinct competitive edge.

The Vision 110+1 retails for $24.99 to $29.99. For more information, visit