Products come and go, but every year, some new products spring up that make us all take a closer look. It usually happens with some new technical gadget or bait. But Gamma Technologies recently introduced a new Fluorocarbon line that's got people talking, so the BassFan staff decided to give it a workout.

Gamma, a sports manufacturing company out of Pittsburgh, Pa., is known for producing synthetic tennis-racket strings and fly-fishing tippet and leader sold under the Frog Hair and Deep Blue brands. It just recently got into our kind of fishing.

The new Gamma Edge line is 100% fluorocarbon, but one problem with fluoro has always been its stiffness. The more flexible the line, the easier it lays on the reel, and that's where a lot of fluorocarbons struggle. Gamma Edge impressed us in terms of flexibility – it lays well and is very castable, even in the heavier test-strengths.

Our Tests

In our tests we utilized a palomar knot and to date have not broken this line or had the knot slip. The diameter-to-test-strength ratio is also solid.

Most anglers know that fluoro doesn't absorb water, and that its sink rate is much quicker than mono or nylon-based lines. That's a great advantage when fishing jerkbaits and crankbaits. It can help with flipping and pitching too.

The two strengths we tested were 12- and 20-pound, and the line had virtually no memory and stayed flexible. The abrasion resistance was notable too.

Of course, since it's 100% fluorocarbon, Gamma Edge is all but invisible underwater – a big plus for heavily pressured or bedding bass.

Gamma molecularly alters the properties of its Edge line in the manufacturing process, which is supposed to help line properties. Seems like it works. The shock strength and knot strength were excellent in our tests. For example, the line worked very well for pitching and flipping, techniques that can creates breakage problems with other fluorocarbons. And the shock resistance during close-quarters battle was very good.

We feel this line is a solid buy, and definitely worth a test to see if it's right for you.


> One small hangup with our test was we launched several small fish because there's so little stretch to the line. Also, a novice may have difficulty spooling the line, but that's the case with all fluorocarbons.

> Also, we sometimes set the hook a little too soon because the line's so sensitive. Those who have always used monofilament will find that fluorocarbon takes a little getting used to. But if you like fluorocarbon, there's no doubt you'll like Gamma.

> To learn more about Gamma and Edge line, or to find a dealer near you, click here to visit the Gamma website.