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Caleb Sumrall


Hometown New Iberia, Louisiana


Current World Rank 84
Current Bassmaster Standing 58 (422 points)
Best Finish in 2020 13 - Lake Chickamauga, 10/16/2020
Best Finish in 2019 4 - Lake Guntersville, 6/21/2019
Last 3 Finishes 13 - Lake Chickamauga, 10/16/2020
30 - Santee Cooper Lakes, 10/8/2020
63 - Lake Guntersville, 9/30/2020

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Tournament Finishes
(Only recent tournaments are included. Not necessarily a career listing.)
Date Tour Event Place
10/16/2020 BElite Lake Chickamauga 13  
10/8/2020 BElite Santee Cooper Lakes 30  
9/30/2020 BElite Lake Guntersville 63  
8/20/2020 BElite Lake St. Clair 68  
7/30/2020 BElite Lake Champlain 52  
7/23/2020 BElite St. Lawrence River 86  
6/10/2020 BElite Lake Eufaula 26  
3/6/2020 BElite Lake Guntersville 26  
2/6/2020 BElite St. Johns River 48  
9/28/2019 BElite Lake St. Clair 17  
9/19/2019 BElite Lake Tenkiller 21  
8/22/2019 BElite Cayuga Lake 36  
8/15/2019 BElite St. Lawrence River 18  
6/21/2019 BElite Lake Guntersville 4  
5/2/2019 BElite Lake Fork 24  
4/11/2019 BElite Winyah Bay 11  
4/4/2019 BElite Lake Hartwell 50  
2/14/2019 BElite Lake Lanier 42  
2/7/2019 BElite St. Johns River 72  
8/23/2018 BElite St. Lawrence River 58  
6/29/2018 BElite Lake Oahe 13  
6/21/2018 BElite Mississippi River 48  
6/7/2018 BElite Sabine River 66  
5/17/2018 BElite Lake Travis 95  
5/4/2018 BElite Kentucky Lake 61  
4/26/2018 BElite Grand Lake 32  
3/16/2018 BElite Lake Hartwell 49  
2/8/2018 BElite Lake Martin 85  

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