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Roland Martin

Roland  Martin


Hometown Naples, Florida
Age 77
Former Occupation Army officer, school teacher, fishing guide, Lowrance R&D


Years Pro 47
Top 10 Finishes (Wins)* 100 (19) As of 2/8/2013
Career Earnings* $1.19 million As of 2/8/2013
Last 3 Finishes 73 - Lake Okeechobee, 2/6/2014
57 - Beaver Lake, 4/11/2013
137 - Lewis Smith Lake, 3/7/2013
Bassmaster Classics Fished (Won) 25 (0) As of 2/8/2013
FLW Championships Fished (Won) 2 (0) As of 2/8/2013

Angling Stuff

Angling Hero Bill Dance - "He was such a wonderful worm fisherman and I had so much respect for him. He was a real inspiration to me, and still is."
Favorite Lake "Every year I have a different favorite lake because the fisheries change."
Least Favorite Lake "I hate to think in negative terms, but I had one tournament at Lake Cherokee in Tennessee and didn't do any good at all. It was the biggest defeat of my life. But I know it's a good lake."
Favorite Technique "There's nothing more fun than a topwater bite, but that doesn't win many tournaments. To win a tournament, you have to get down to plastic worm fishing or a good flipping bite on a jig."
Boat Nitro
Motor Mercury

Personal Stuff

Favorite Food Delmonico steak (medium rare), or snook grilled on an open fire and basted with Italian dressing
Favorite Music Bluegrass (The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe)
Favorite Book/Movie Catcher in the Rye, Silent Spring (books)/The Yearling (movie)
When Not Fishing "I like to turkey-hunt in the spring by myself."
Why He Fishes "I really like man against nature, like Jack London's Call of the Wild. Fishing has a little bit of the same element. Even though it's not as life-threatening, you're calling on the same instincts."
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Tournament Finishes
(Only recent tournaments are included. Not necessarily a career listing.)
Date Tour Event Place
2/6/2014 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 73  
4/11/2013 FLWT Beaver Lake 57  
3/7/2013 FLWT Lewis Smith Lake 137  
2/7/2013 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 172  
9/20/2012 FLWT Wheeler Lake 78  
6/28/2012 FLWT Lake Champlain 5  
6/7/2012 FLWT Kentucky Lake 121  
5/17/2012 FLWT Potomac River 143  
4/26/2012 FLWT Beaver Lake 97  
3/29/2012 FLWT Table Rock Lake 134  
3/8/2012 FLWT Lake Hartwell 119  
2/9/2012 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 7  
6/15/2005 E50 Lake Wissota 40  
6/1/2005 E50 Lewisville Lake 27  
5/18/2005 E50 Lake Dardanelle (Arkansas River) 39  
4/20/2005 E50 Smith Lake 43  
3/31/2005 BT Table Rock Lake 85  
3/17/2005 BT Lake Norman 62  
3/3/2005 BT Strom Thurmond Reservoir (Clarks Hill) 115  
2/24/2005 BT Lake Guntersville 108  
2/3/2005 BT Harris Chain 16  
1/27/2005 BT Lake Toho 125  
6/16/2004 E50 Ohio, Cumberland, Tennessee Rivers 32  
6/2/2004 E50 Alabama River 29  
5/19/2004 E50 Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway 16  
4/14/2004 E50 Lake Dardanelle 42  
3/25/2004 BT Santee Cooper Lakes 122  
3/18/2004 BT Lake Eufaula 119  
3/4/2004 BT Table Rock Lake 2  
2/26/2004 BT Lake Guntersville 143  
2/5/2004 BT Smith Lake 118  
1/29/2004 BT Harris Chain of Lakes 86  
8/1/2003 BT* Louisiana Delta 4  
5/22/2003 BT Alabama River 17  
5/1/2003 BT Lake Hamilton 22  
4/10/2003 BT Clear Lake 83  
4/3/2003 BT California Delta (San Joaquin River Delta) 85  
3/20/2003 BT Santee Cooper 9  
3/6/2003 BT Lake Eufaula 63  
2/20/2003 BT Toledo Bend 74  
2/6/2003 BT Lake Seminole 75  
1/16/2003 BT Lake Okeechobee 10  
1/9/2003 BT Harris Chain of Lakes 116  
7/25/2002 BT* Lay Lake 30  
5/8/2002 BT Lake Eufaula 80  
4/10/2002 BT Lake Guntersville 44  
2/6/2002 BT Lake Seminole 66  
12/12/2001 BT Lake Toho 3  
10/31/2001 BT Red River 7  
8/22/2001 BT Lake St. Clair 36  
8/2/2001 BT* Lower Mississippi 15  

*BASS events (all events because BASS does not report Tour and Open earnings separately) and FLW Tour.

Biographical data last updated: 2/8/2013

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