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James (Wil) Hardy


Hometown Harlem, Georgia


Current World Rank 294
Best Finish in 2013 54 - Lake Okeechobee, 2/7/2013
Last 3 Finishes 106 - Beaver Lake, 4/11/2013
151 - Lewis Smith Lake, 3/7/2013
54 - Lake Okeechobee, 2/7/2013

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Tournament Finishes
(Only recent tournaments are included. Not necessarily a career listing.)
Date Tour Event Place
4/11/2013 FLWT Beaver Lake 106  
3/7/2013 FLWT Lewis Smith Lake 151  
2/7/2013 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 54  
10/11/2012 FLWT Sam Rayburn Reservoir 55  
9/20/2012 FLWT Wheeler Lake 51  
8/23/2012 FLWT Detroit River 28  
6/28/2012 FLWT Lake Champlain 85  
6/7/2012 FLWT Kentucky Lake 136  
5/17/2012 FLWT Potomac River 137  
4/26/2012 FLWT Beaver Lake 124  
3/29/2012 FLWT Table Rock Lake 146  
3/8/2012 FLWT Lake Hartwell 149  
2/9/2012 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 131  
9/15/2011 FLWT Lake Champlain 69  
7/21/2011 FLWT Lake Pickwick 108  
6/16/2011 FLWT Kentucky Lake 52  
5/19/2011 FLWT Red River 117  
4/14/2011 FLWT Lake Chickamauga 144  
3/24/2011 FLWT Lake Hartwell 75  
3/3/2011 FLWT Beaver Lake 114  
2/3/2011 FLWT Lake Okeechobee 132  
6/23/2010 FLWT Lake Guntersville 133  
5/26/2010 FLWT Lake Ouachita 134  
4/21/2010 FLWT Fort Loudoun/Tellico Lakes 116  
3/24/2010 FLWT Lake Norman 144  
3/3/2010 FLWT Table Rock Lake 127  

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