This has been the kind of week that to-do lists were made for. I've been working hard to get organized for not one, not two, but three big tournaments over the next 2 weeks.

My hectic tournament schedule includes the BFL All-American on the Potomac River, followed by the Oakley KVD Big Bass Classic on Table Rock, and finally ends with the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Championship on Pickwick. Needless to say, with three very important tournaments that each present unique fishing challenges, organizing my thoughts and my gear has been a challenge.

The toughest part of the next 2 weeks is going to be the travel logistics.

The Breakdown

Okay, for you to truly understand how intense the next 2 weeks will be, let me just break it down.

1. Drive from Orlando to Birmingham on Friday to drop my boat off at a friendís house. Since I'll be using an FLW Ranger for the All-American and the Infinite Hero Nitro for the Oakley event, I need to stage the boat there for the Boat US event.

2. Leave Birmingham really early Sunday morning to drive to Branson, Mo., where I'll leave my truck, and hop on a plane to Washington D.C.

3. Arrive in D.C. Monday morning.

4. After the All-American weigh-in on Saturday, I'll hop on a private charter flight provided by one of my sponsors, Business Air, and make it to Branson late that night.

5. Sunday I fish the KVD Big Bass Classic, and then immediately afterward drive back to Birmingham to pick up my boat.

6. From Birmingham I'll drive to Florence, Ala., where, along with my partner Casey OíDonnell, we'll attempt to defend our 2011 championship.

7. On Sunday, Casey and I will make our way back to Orlando.

You can see why I might be a little on edge about the logistics I have to think about.

Rock Star Status, Baby!

My biggest problem going into this crazy schedule was how I could get from Washington D.C. to Branson on Saturday evening after the All-American. This was a major conflict for me.

I HAD to fish the All-American, and I HAD to fish the Oakley KVD Big Bass Classic. I mean, there is just no way that I would miss either of those major events. The only problem is that I couldnít find a flight from any airport in the D.C .area that would bring me back to Missouri in time for the final day of the Oakley event.

Then came Business Air to the rescue.

Business Air was one of my first sponsors, and they, along with Jet Works Air Center, are the reason Iíve made the progress Iíve experienced over the last several years. Both of those companies have had my back since the beginning, and they were quick to come to my aid when I explained my current situation.

Basically, Business Air is in the jet-charter business. They in essence are a company that specializes in taking care of travel logistics for their clients Ė and that is exactly what I needed!

So now I'm going to be flown from D.C. to Branson on one of their jets. Dude, I can barely afford a haircut, yet I'm going to have my own private flight! I can dig that!

Honestly, I donít know how I'll ever be able to repay Business Air for their generosity, but I hope to one day have the opportunity. For now I will enjoy my flight in my own private jet.

Good Problem

You know, despite the fact that this will clearly be a pretty grueling schedule, I'm really excited about it. These are three events that I've been really looking forward to, and to have them compressed into just 2 weeks is just unbelievably awesome.

Sure, it will be a challenge to make the whole trip work, but you know what? Itís a good problem to have.

Wish me luck!

Miles "Sonar" Burghoff is a student at the University of Central Florida and the winner of the 2011 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. He's an aspiring professional angler who writes a regular column for BassFan. To visit his website, click here. You can also visit him on Facebook and Twitter.