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  • The Open Question

    By Joe Balog

    There’s been a bunch of chatter in the world of professional bass fishing recently over changes made to the Bassmaster Opens and how they will affect aspiring more

  • Dropping Bombs

    Although he may not play one on TV, John Crews is a businessman. Known to his fans as a touring pro and perennial Classic qualifier, Crews may be more talented more

  • Colorado Pride

    By Joe Balog

    Sometimes, as bass fishermen, we forget to consider others. You see, time and again we’ve been told how bass are America’s most popular game fish, primary drivers more

  • Generation Y

    By Joe Balog

    Well folks, we have a champion. Keeping up with the current trend, Alabama’s Justin Atkins, a former college fishing star turned hopeful pro, shocked the FLW world more

  • Champions

    By Joe Balog

    This week, we’re welcomed by one of bass fishing’s biggest events, the annual FLW championship, appropriately coined the Forrest Wood Cup. After all, it was Wood’s more

  • Pioneers

    By Joe Balog

    Most of us have spent a few sleepless nights in our lifetime. Parenthood is probably the leading cause; stress in the workplace another. Occasionally, a girl can more

  • Kong!

    By Joe Balog

    Nearly every piece of modern bass fishing equipment has a KVD model. There are KVD boats and motors, depthfinders and trollers. Of course there’s rods and reels more

  • Buckets, Bat Lures And Lunch With An Old Pal

    By Joe Balog

    Each summer, the ICAST show serves as a place and time to gauge the status of our industry. To reflect, if you will, on the progress we’ve made toward fooling more

  • Extreme Measures

    By Joe Balog

    The biggest news in fishing this week comes from Lake Mille Lacs, where anglers and area business owners nearly held Minnesota's governor hostage as a means of more

  • Thrift’s Secret

    By Joe Balog

    Tournament anglers, at any level of competition, mature over time. Travel experience, combined with hours spent practicing and playing the game, naturally increase more

  • Hard Evidence

    By Joe Balog

    For years, Gord Pyzer has been an impartial voice for fishing throughout much of Canada, often walking the delicate line of subject matter between preservation more

  • Payoff

    By Joe Balog

    Another season is in the books on the FLW Tour, and with it came more business-as-usual than surprises. As expected, Bryan Thrift took down the Angler of the Year more

  • The Ups And Downs Of A Weekend Angler

    The Ups And Downs Of A Weekend Angler

    By Tim Carini

    Like many BassFans, I’m a weekend angler who enjoys the thrill of local and regional tournament competition. During the week, I’m the ad sales guy for BassFan, more

  • Not A Solitary Jouney

    Tournament bass fishing is commonly called an “individual sport.” In my opinion, this classification is only partially correct. When your boat number is called more

  • B.A.S.S. Blueprints

    The cover of the latest edition of Bassmaster Magazine caught my eye: Tournament Fishing Turns 50. While I often struggle to find unique content in today’s bass more

  • Istokpoga’s Water Woes

    By Joe Balog

    At one time, Florida was unquestionably the bass fishing capital of the world. Today, such claims are debatable as California, Texas, Alabama and others make a more

  • Unintended Consequence

    I couldn’t grasp what I was looking at. The plant appeared to be hydrilla, but it was nearly transparent. I picked it up out of the bucket of mullet I had just more

  • King Of The Castle

    Some of you may not know the name Nick Prvonozac. However, if you’re a tournament fisherman anywhere near the state of Ohio, you would. Because chances are he’s more

  • End of an Era?

    By Joe Balog

    With the arrival of the Bassmaster Texas Fest, a new chapter in the history of tournament bass fishing begins this week. To the best of my recollection, this will more

  • Forefathers

    By Joe Balog

    I was saddened to learn of Guido Hibdon’s continuing struggle with cancer. Hibdon’s legacy makes him seem a little bit older than his 70 years; a fishing-family more

  • Headlines

    The bass world is buzzing this week with recent developments on multiple fronts. Perhaps most noteworthy is the lawsuit filed by Jerry Rago – regarded by hardcore more

  • Return On Investment

    By Joe Balog

    Ironically, I recently found myself engaged in nearly the same conversation with three different marketing professionals at three different times. The subject more

  • A Jolt Of Reality

    By Miles Burghoff

    Every once in awhile you need a wake-up call – a reminder that you’re still a work in progress. Tournament fishing is full of these reminders, and they are more

  • Purpose

    By Joe Balot

    The only thing that mattered was that fish. As he laid awake in bed, for the first time in his life, the 12-year-old boy had found a purpose. He’d spent most of more

  • Gunslinger

    By Joe Balog

    John Murray was sitting on his couch, eyes glued to the screen. A self-admitted ESPN junkie, Murray was witnessing what he viewed as the culmination of his lifelong more

  • A Period Of Growth

    By Miles Burghoff

    I've learned many things about who I am as a competitive angler in 2017 thus far. With a handful of tournaments in the rear-view mirror, I feel I've established more

  • Classic Notebook

    By Joe Balog

    Each year, I attend the Bassmaster Classic, wearing the hats of both a press observer and ravenous fan. While there, I gather the pulse of the industry and its more

  • Did That Just Happen?

    By Joe Balog

    Banners that hung from the rafters showcased past champions. I’d seen many crowned in person, but all were familiar to me, special in their own way. Classic wins more

  • Tournament Bass Meets 2017

    By Joe Balog

    Each year, the Bassaster Classic combines the world’s most prestigious bass fishing tournament with a barn-burner of a trade show, equating to a win-win for more

  • Classic Picks

    By Joe Balog

    As promised, this week finds me deep in the Classic playbook, trying to separate potential winners from overrated anglers hyped by the press. My goal is to again more

  • The Classic Is Coming

    By Joe Balog

    As a warm-up to fishing’s big show, over the next few weeks we’ll feature an inside look into Classic XLVII. Today I open my pocket-sized notepad to reveal insight more

  • Final Chapter

    By Joe Balog

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the X-factor in bass fishing, how it’s made champions of some and proved evasive to others, and how slight modifications more

  • Another 'X'

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, we discussed the X-factor in tournament fishing, noting how some competitors seem to lock into the secret far more often than plausible. This week, more

  • “X”

    By Joe Balog

    Perhaps the greatest quest in angling is the endless search for an X-factor. Here at Balog’s Bass War, we often bring such a quest to fruition by getting to know more

  • Bridge Out Ahead

    By Joe Balog

    What an eye-opener! I recently attended the Bassmaster College Central Conference Regional at Sam Rayburn, and was quickly awakened to the student bass more

  • Ripe For The Picking

    By Joe Balog

    I listened intently to what he was saying; after all, Jay Yelas has always impressed me as a pretty level-headed guy. He’s certainly been around the block in the more

  • Versions Of The Truth

    By Joe Balog

    As a young fisheries and wildlife student at Michigan State University, I quickly learned the world wasn’t always as it seemed. The vast wildernesses throughout more

  • Good Start To 2017

    Good Start To 2017

    By Miles Burghoff

    This is going to be a good year. In recent memory, I cannot recall feeling so enthusiastic, hopeful and confident in my fishing and career aspirations to begin more

  • The Good Ol’ Boy Network

    By Joe Balog

    “An observer was on the bank, and he was kinda picking at them. No matter where they go, or what they do, people pick at them.” Isaac Payne was trusting me more

  • MLF Surges On

    By Joe Balog

    Big news in the tournament world came this week with the announcement of the new MLF World Championship, as well as a network deal with CBS Sports. I think we more

  • Undisputed


    By Joe Balog

    What a dummy. Prior to our holiday break, I compiled a list of tournament statistics for your review that included major victories and the attributable lure more

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