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  • A Eureka! Moment

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, I alluded to a predicament in pro fishing that’s influencing nearly all of the top players: Number of events, or a lack of them. My eureka moment thought more

  • One Happy Angler

    By Joe Balog

    Well, the Bassmaster Classic Wild Card event has come and gone, so it’s naturally relevant that we take a little time here to comment on the string of events. more

  • Nice Guys Finish First

    By Joe Balog

    I recently completed an article for In-Fisherman that will appear this spring in that magazine's annual Bass Guide. Most of you diehard bass geeks are sure to more

  • Bass Vs. Bucks: It's No Contest

    By Joe Balog

    As I continue to celebrate autumn’s splendor, it seems there’s very little in the headlines around the world of pro bass fishing. Terry Butcher, an Oklahoman hammer more

  • Big Things

    Big Things

    By Miles Burghoff

    Sometimes it’s the “small” things that really get you excited about what you love to do. Sometimes it’s grabbing your favorite energy drink or coffee on the way more

  • Trip To South Florida Hard To Justify

    By Joe Balog

    B.A.S.S. recently ran a press release reminding qualified anglers of the approaching sign-up date for its 2013 Wild Card tournament. The event would represent more

  • Is Circuit Breaker The Next Step?

    By Joe Balog

    While the tendency is to focus on the controversial and awe-inspiring details of professional bass fishing here on Balog’s Bass War, occasionally I overlook a more

  • More Umbrella Rigs … I'm Starting To Feel Queasy

    By Joe Balog

    Well, it’s that time of year when hunters take to the woods and bass nuts collectively give a sigh of relief at the sight of their vacant fishing hotspots. The more

  • Pay Attention To Climate Change, Before It's Too Late

    Pay Attention To Climate Change, Before It's Too Late

    (Editor's note: Randy Blaukat has competed on the Bassmaster or FLW Tour or both for much of the past 25-plus years. He's among the most outspoken anglers when more

  • Confidence: Bass Fishing's Best Technique

    By Joe Balog

    When the most recent copy of the FLW Outdoors magazine arrived a few days ago, I was immediately drawn to the cover story on reigning FLW Angler of the more

  • Considering the Constituents

    By Joe Balog

    As we settle into fall across much of the country, many die-hard bass fishermen climb into treestands or duck blinds and take a break from it all. For many touring more

  • TTBC Doing A Lot Of Things Right

    By Joe Balog

    Recently I attempted to compare and contrast the basic business models of FLW and B.A.S.S., and while the piece was met with a little sarcasm, I escaped with most more

  • It's Dealer's Choice

    By Joe Balog

    What’s the greatest thing about fishing? The relaxation, the challenge or the time outdoors? How about the best part about tournament bass fishing? The money and more

  • Destiny Blows In The Wind

    By Joe Balog

    There’s been some buzz lately in my corner of the world with the recent cancellation of a competition day at the Lake Erie Bassmaster Northern Open. And while more

  • Superstars Find A Way

    Superstars Find A Way

    By Joe Balog

    At one time, I despised Mike Iaconelli. And, with the New Jersey screamer delivering the latest crushing blow in my quest for a recent Great Lakes title, you’d more

  • Keeping The 'Live' In Livewell

    Keeping The 'Live' In Livewell

    By Joe Balog

    This week finds me competing in the Bassmaster Open event on Lake Erie, the place where smallmouth dreams are made and bass boats are broken. Hopefully the more

  • Year Has Been Disappointing, Yet Educational

    Year Has Been Disappointing, Yet Educational

    By Miles Burghoff

    I’m back! Another summer working as a fishing guide in southeast Alaska is in the books and I'm ready to get back to work catching green fish and reclaiming more

  • Sunny Days Predicted – No Umbrella Needed

    By Joe Balog

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over. Last week, we saw an additional umbrella-rig ruling come to fruition in pro fishing when FLW banned the controversial more

  • Considering The Stars Of The Show

    By Joe Balog

    One of the really cool aspects of tournament bass fishing is the extent to which the top pros will go to win a tournament. I remember reading a story in which more

  • FLW Crowns Its King

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, we were greeted by one of the biggest things to happen in pro fishing each year: the Forrest Wood Cup. Without question, this is one event in which more

  • Ish Monroe, Part 2: The Busiest Man In The World

    Ish Monroe, Part 2: The Busiest Man In The World

    By Joe Balog

    It seems that everywhere you look in the world of pro fishing, Ish Monroe has a presence. Last week, we pretty much decided it had little to do with the fact that more

  • An Inside Look At Ish Monroe

    An Inside Look At Ish Monroe

    By Joe Balog

    One of the real perks of this job is rubbing elbows with the Tour pros. While I find myself included in many competitive circles in my own right, I love hearing more

  • Has Technology Gone Too Far?

    By Joe Balog

    The big ICAST tackle industry trade show has come and gone. We’ve all reviewed the products given “best new” awards and, true to my prediction, there was a frog more

  • Slimmer Schedules Blur Line On Being A True Pro

    By Joe Balog

    Nowadays, everybody is a professional fisherman, or knows one. The phrase gets tossed around for tournament anglers at all levels, guides, charter boat operators, more

  • The Cold, Hard Reality Of Life On Tour – Part 2

    By Joe Balog

    Last week, we discussed the struggles and reality of life on tour with my buddy, second-year pro Michael Simonton. I had a chance to visit with Simonton this more

  • Cold Truths: Reality Of Life On Tour

    By Joe Balog

    Editor's note: BassFan columnist Joe Balog recently caught up with Elite Series angler Michael Simonton for a wide-ranging interview about all aspects of more

  • Numbers Never Lie

    By Joe Balog

    I just threw out all of my spinning rods. With this being the 4th of July holiday column, I thought I’d switch it up a little. I'd planned to back down on more

  • Land Of 10,000 No-Cull Lakes

    By Joe Balog

    I can remember when a DQ in pro bass fishing was a big deal. Back then, just mentioning that someone had been protested, let alone disqualified, placed a black more

  • Save The Championships For The Pros

    By Joe Balog

    Last week in bass fishing, we saw Randy Howell win the James River Northern Open, thus locking up his Classic bid for next season. I’ve always been a fan of more

  • Throwing Out 4-Dollar Bills

    By Joe Balog

    Until we finish the seasons on both the FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series, we’ll wait to talk anymore about Jason Christie. Good Lord, can you believe that more

  • Tough Lessons

    Tough Lessons

    By Miles Burghoff

    We all hate failure – as we very well should, in my opinion. However, I also believe that people tend to mistake learning for failure the vast majority of the more

  • Alabama River Rapids Were Hazardous

    Well, B.A.S.S. got away with one this time, that’s for sure. Without question, most of the bass fishing community is chatting this week about the footage that more

  • High Praise For St. Clair Comes As Surprise

    By Joe Balog

    Now I know how the locals at Falcon Lake must feel. It wasn’t long ago that my boat trailer was, at times, the only one in the parking lot at a major boat more

  • When Credibility Takes A Back Seat

    By Joe Balog

    I remember one of the driving forces behind my desire to begin this blog. After a week or so of reading all about the top-producing patterns at this year's Bassmaster more

  • Wheeler Not Your Ordinary 22-Year-Old

    Wheeler Not Your Ordinary 22-Year-Old

    By Joe Balog

    I remember hearing about a recent BFL All-American champion following up his win with a Forest Wood Cup title. At the time, Jacob Wheeler didn’t seem much like more

  • All The Money In The World Won't Make You A Pro

    By Joe Balog

    I was speaking with a friend this week, and the topic of professional tournament fishing came up (big surprise). We each know a handful of guys fishing the Elites more

  • Support Network Critical When Times Are Tough

    Support Network Critical When Times Are Tough

    By Miles Burghoff

    When I first made the move from California to Florida and settled into my travel trailer, it seemed like I was constantly battling overwhelming feelings of doubt, more

  • Fishing TV: Enough With The Plugs!

    Fishing TV: Enough With The Plugs!

    By Joe Balog

    I vividly remember not being able to sleep at night because I was so anxious to watch fishing on TV the next day. At the time, cable TV wasn’t for everyone, and more

  • The Art Of Winning Bass Tournaments

    The Art Of Winning Bass Tournaments

    By Joe Balog

    I’ve said before that if bass tournaments had anything to do with luck, the same guys wouldn’t continue to win them over and over. Luck would spread out the results, more

  • Nothing Easy About Winning With U-Rigs

    Nothing Easy About Winning With U-Rigs

    By Paul Elias

    I have sat back and listened and read all of the controversy over the Alabama/umbrella rigs. I have kept fairly quiet about it because I felt that most people more

  • U-Rigs Damage Pro Fishing's Credibility

    U-Rigs Damage Pro Fishing's Credibility

    By Randy Blaukat

    Despite the incredible emotional roller-coaster ride that comes with being a professional angler, those of us who've been able to stay in the sport and make a more

  • Umbrella Rigs: Enough Is Enough

    Umbrella Rigs: Enough Is Enough

    By Joe Balog

    I told myself it was much too early to write any opinionated piece on the umbrella rig. After all, I just began this column 3 short weeks ago. But after a quick more

  • Rigged Tournament Fishing

    Rigged Tournament Fishing

    By Miles Burghoff

    Enough is enough. Coming off a disappointing performance at the Guntersville EverStart, I was left with a feeling of regret that I didn’t join the A-Rig bandwagon more

  • Weighing In On Not Weighing In

    Weighing In On Not Weighing In

    By Miles Burghoff

    When I started writing this column for BassFan, I made a promise to always report the good as well as the not-so-good about my journey toward becoming a professional more

  • A Decent Start, But Things Could've Gone Better

    A Decent Start, But Things Could've Gone Better

    By Miles Burghoff

    Well, the 2013 season is under way, and although it's only a little past the midway point of January, I've already put two tournaments astern – a Gator Division more

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