BassFan Staff

The 2014 Delaware River Bassmaster Elite Series won't be remembered for a lot of big fish – there were only a small handful caught that exceeded 4 pounds. What was most memorable about it were the massive weigh-in crowds that embraced the event, warmly welcomed all 106 competitors and rooted ravenously for hometown favorite Mike Iaconelli, who was born in Philadelphia and now resides on the other side of the river in New Jersey.

Iaconelli came through for them in grand fashion, winning the event by an 8-pound margin. The onsite celebration that followed was likely unprecedented in the sport's history as an exuberant Ike whooped it up with the big-city folks, many of whom were getting an up-close look at professional bass fishing for the first time.

The gallery below depicts some of what transpired during tour-level fishing's initial visit to the City of Brotherly Love.