By BassFan Staff

It's been said professional fishermen are merely professional truck drivers who stop and fish once in a while. It's not meant as a put down, but more a testament to how many miles they put on their tow vehicles each year. Some will say they spent more time behind the wheel as they do on the water.

The trucks that today's pros drive are equipped with anything and everything to make long hauls more comfortable. Lift kits, premium wheels and tires, custom-made bumpers and high-end after market light kits help give each truck a signature look on the outside and that's to say nothing of the splashy graphics and wraps many of them feature.

On the inside, storage space and creature comforts are top priorities.

Here's a look at some of the tow vehicles that will haul the Classic boats to and from Lake Guntersville this week and across the country throughout the 2014 season.