Dave Lefebre lived up to expectations today at the Forrest Wood Cup and opened with a day's best 8-13 bag at the Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Pa., which he caught largely in the first 10 or 15 minutes of fishing.

Lefebre was the heavy pre-tournament favorite, and spent his day on the Ohio – water that also propelled Larry Nixon (8-04) to 3rd and Greg Bohannan (7-08) to 5th.

David "The Texas Terror" Curtis caught an 8-12 limit, which puts him just 1 ounce behind Lefebre in the race to the cut. Curtis was mum on where he's fishing, and no other pro mentioned him, so he remains a mystery for now.

The Monongahela River is largely out of play, and most of the current Top 10 fished either the Ohio or Allegheny.

There was a little change up the Allegheny today, because heavy rains yesterday blew out the tribs and muddied the water significantly, but seemed to help the bite overall. The Ohio, on the other hand, didn't change much with the rain.

Former Cup Champion Scott Suggs weighed 7-12 out of the Allegheny to settle into 4th, and right behind him is Mike Iaconelli with 7-10, who also fished the Allegheny.

Rounding out the rest of the Top 10 behind 6th-place are Adam Wagner (7-07, Ohio), Bryan Thrift (6-10, Ohio), Rusty Salewske (6-04, Allegheny) and Cody Meyer (6-03, Monongahela).

The weights were much better overall than those at the 2005 Pittsburgh Classic, and the cut pace right now is about 12 1/2 pounds (which is just shy of Kevin VanDam's 12-15 winning total from the 3-day Classic).

The field cuts to the Top 10 after competition tomorrow, when weights are zeroed and the final 10 begin a new 2-day competition. Here's a look at the current Top 20. Weights in blue represent distance above the cut. Weights in red represent distance below the cut.

1. Dave Lefebre: 8-13 (2-10)
2. David Curtis: 8-12 (2-09)
3. Larry Nixon: 8-04 (2-01)
4. Scott Suggs: 7-12 (1-09)
5. Mike Iaconelli: 7-10 (1-07)
6. Greg Bohannan: 7-08 (1-05)
7. Adam Wagner: 7-07 (1-04)
8. Bryan Thrift: 6-10 (0-07)
9. Rusty Salewske: 6-04 (0-01)
10. Cody Meyer: 6-03
11. Mike Hawkes: 5-13 (0-06)
12. Tommy Biffle: 5-12 (0-07)
13. Tracy Adams: 5-08 (0-11)
14. Scott Nielsen: 5-05 (0-14)
15. David Walker: 5-04 (0-15)
16. Brett Hite: 5-02 (1-01)
17. Andy Morgan: 5-00 (1-03)
18. Terry Bolton: 4-15 (1-04)
19. (tie) Pete Gluszek: 4-14 (1-05)
19. (tie) Takahiro Omori: 4-14 (1-05)

A few subplots that have developed:

  • There's a big-time mayfly hatch up the Allegheny. Pros there have had to downsize, although buzzbaits and topwaters are a factor.

  • The water up the Allegheny should clear a little tomorrow – no rain today, just a heavy overcast – but the fishing might pick up simply because the fish will have adjusted by then.

  • The anglers with 4 to 5 pounds have a very good shot at the cut tomorrow. A limit will be key.

  • At least half the field fished up the Allegheny, and it's close-quarters fishing. Some pros played defense on their spots today, and it's pretty much a race once the lock opens up.

  • More than a few pros are simply junk-fishing, but it's usually centered on a few key areas that they return to again and again.

  • Some pros are flipping – mostly in the Ohio. But they're flipping small baits.

    The cut weight probably won't double tomorrow – it rarely does – which puts the probable cut pace at about 11 1/2 to 12 pounds. It'll take some serious fortune for anyone with 4 pounds today to turn 8 tomorrow, but it can certainly happen.

    More likely is the expectation of several drops and rises within the Top 19 or so. Takahiro Omori and Tim Johnson are tied for 19th with 4-11. To reach the cut they'd need about 7 1/2 pounds – a weight only seven pros met or bettered today.

    Lefebre Fished Single Area

    > Day 1: 8-13

    Lefebre, from nearby Union City, thinks this tournament, more than any other in recent memory, will be about fish management. So he was torn at times today on whether he should keep fishing or just camp.

    He caught a limit almost instantly, and culled several times, but when it slowed and he began to cull by ounces, he switched to a larger bait, stayed off his "key casts," and played some defense on his spot as other boats approached later in the afternoon.

    Photo: BassFan

    David Curtis is mum on which river surrendered his 8-12 limit.

    "I wasn't setting myself up," he said. "I was expecting to catch 5 or 6 pounds, and hoping to catch 13 or 14. I had the opportunities. I lost a great big one – the biggest of the day – right by the boat. I was catching so many fish – for about 2 hours I caught one every cast – but the problem was I thought that big one was a little one, so when it got close, I told (my co-angler) to get the net away. It jumped off and it ended bad."

    He described the area as "minute" and noted there's another pro in there, but they're "working together" and the other pro is fishing his own stuff. He also said he threw several different baits throughout the day in the attempt to coax one more kicker from the area.

    One key factor he pointed to was current, which picked up in his area after the rains.

    "It's definitely a spot that'll replenish," he added.

    2nd: Curtis Changed

    > Day 1: 5, 8-12

    Curtis is no stranger to championship competition. He won the Stren Championship last year, and finished 3rd the year before (at the "gas" championship). He also won the 2004 TTT Championship.

    The Texan changed completely today when he discovered a new pattern. Again, however, he declined to identify which river he fished, but it might be the Mon, since no other pro mentioned seeing him.

    "To tell the truth, I just got on something accidentally today – it was nothing I prepared for in practice," he said. "I caught my best fish – somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 pounds – and tried to pay attention to conditions and duplicate it. It turned out that if I found the right stuff, I was able to get bit.

    "The stuff I fished was kind of in an area that I fished one day in practice," he added. "But I've got some others that I haven't fished yet."

    About nearly leading the event after day 1, he said: "I feel great. It was an awesome stringer of fish. I didn't have any idea they'd be that big coming into this deal. It would be tremendous to have the chance to fish for a million dollars. I'm in it to win it."

    3rd: Nixon Keeping Quiet

    > Day 1: 8-04

    Nixon had hoped to keep as many secrets as possible after his strong day-1 performance. He was reluctant to even identify which river he had fished.

    "I had a place that I wasn't quite sure what I had in there," he said. "I'd spent a little bit of time there in practice and I caught a keeper and a non-keeper, and then I just left."

    He went through about 20 bass to get his five keepers. All were smallmouths and the biggest was 2 1/4 pounds.

    Photo: BassFan

    Larry Nixon's primary area proved to be better than he'd anticipated.

    He was tight-lipped about pattern information as well, but did admit that he's throwing at least one Berkley Gulp! bait.

    He's confident that his area will produce for him again and has already considered some possibilities that extend beyond tomorrow.

    "I think I can catch another 5 or 6 pounds without too much trouble, but if I catch that (and virtually secure a spot in the Top 10), I probably ought not to catch another fish out of there," he said. "I'd really hate to do that to my co-angler."

    4th: Suggs on the Move

    > Day 1: 5, 7-12

    Suggs put himself in position to make a run at becoming the first angler to win the Cup twice. He loaded up quickly after locking one time up the Allegheny and still has a considerable amount of water to try tomorrow.

    "I'm spot-running," he said. "I'm not just sitting in one area, but I'm looking for key little places.

    "Mike Iaconelli is keying on some of the same stuff I am, but he's fishing a little bit differently. Everything I'm doing is current-related and I'm throwing a bait that's bigger and heavier than most people are."

    He said some of his best stuff muddied up today, but he'll try it tomorrow no matter the color of the water.

    "The bait I used today was green-pumpkin, and I'm going to throw an identical one tomorrow that's black/red flake. I'm going to fish some of that dirty water – the fish still live there and they'll have had another full day to adjust."

    His bag consisted of four smallmouths and a spot and he had two fish that weighed 2 pounds or more. He broke off one keeper and missed another that rolled on his bait.

    5th: Ike's Attack Two-Pronged

    > Day 1: 5, 7-10

    Iaconelli has two deals going – the one on the Allegheny with Suggs and another on the Ohio.

    "It's a combination of power and finesse," he said. "Fortunately we got a little rain yesterday and the sky was overcast, and I was able to power-fish a little more than I thought I'd be able to. You really can't do much of that when it's sunny and slick.

    "The biggest challenge for me is negotiating the locks and managing my time. The locks never seemed to be right on schedule. I had to wait 15 to 20 minutes to get back through one of them, but then I made my first cast and caught a 2-pounder."

    He got about 20 bites on the day, but only the five he weighed topped 12 inches. Those were all smallmouths.

    "I fished all day to catch what I caught, and fortunately I got a couple of the better-quality bites. If you can get a 1 1/2- to 2-pounder, that can change the outcome of the event.

    "The best day I had in practice I caught 5 pounds, so I'm way ahead of where I thought I'd be. I didn't see any 2-pounders in practice."

    6th: Right Move for Bohannan

    > Day 1: 5, 7-08

    Bohannan stayed in the Pittsburgh pool until about 10:30 and failed to catch a keeper. He pulled up stakes and made two locks up the Ohio to a bank he'd found in practice, and it produced for him.

    "I'm real excited to have what I did," he said. "I think I can fish there all day (tomorrow) and catch five again, but they probably won't weigh 7-10. I think I caught most of the bigger ones.

    Photo: BassFan

    Scott Suggs got off to a strong start in his bid to become the first two-time Forrest Wood Cup winner.

    "I caught two good ones pretty quick today, so I just hunkered down in there. I broke one off on the hookset on 8-pound test – it was a decent fish and hopefully she'll be there tomorrow."

    He'll run straight to that spot tomorrow and likely stay all day.

    "That was my backup area, but I didn't catch anything (in the Pittsburgh pool) and I didn't practice anywhere else."

    7th: Wagner Threw Topwater

    > Day 1: 5, 7-07

    Wagner, fishing the Cup as the BFL All-American champ, spent his day with a topwater, which was a little departure from the plan.

    He caught his best fish early this morning on the bait he practiced with, but when he saw the heavy cloud cover, he went with the topwater.

    "I feel pretty good," he said of his 7th-place position. "I caught them better early, but this afternoon my partner and I culled a couple more. I think I caught 7 keepers today.

    "I'll fish the same stuff tomorrow (on the Ohio)," he added. "I hope it's cloudy again. It's all I've got. I can get some big bites on this bait that I'm throwing, so I'll probably stay with it all day and hope to catch a good one. It's going to depend on the weather though.

    "If it's sunny, I'll flip and still probably throw a topwater (some). If it's cloudy, then I'll throw the topwater."

    8th: Thrift's Bite Was Early

    > Day 1: 5, 6-10

    Thrift had all of his weight by noon and most of it came from a bank he didn't fish in practice.

    "It was a real good day for what I'd been catching," he said. "I fished that bank pretty hard – I was scared to leave until I had five.

    "One thing that helped me was there was a little mayfly hatch, and I noticed in practice that there seemed to be more of them on this certain type of tree. I don't know what it's called, but I went around looking for those trees and I found them on that one bank."

    His bag contained three fish that went about a pound and a half each and two others that barely met the minimum-length requirement.

    "I might zero tomorrow – I don't think there's any guarantee out here."

    9th: Salewske Happy

    > Day 1: 5, 6-04

    "Obviously, I'm very happy," Salewske said of his 6-plus-pound limit. "I hope I can do it again tomorrow."

    He's sharing an Allegheny area with 16th-place Brett Hite, and thinks there are "a lot of fish" there, but he only got five keeper bites today, "and one was pretty late in the day."

    He locked four times up the river to reach his spot, and his water turned "very dirty" overnight. There was a lot more current too.

    "I really had to adjust how I was catching them," he said. "I was catching them by pitching jigs around, but the fish today were biting on mayflies. I finally figured out how to catch them – on a really small topwater bait."

    Tomorrow his plan is to catch as many as he can. Two years ago at the Cup he sat in 3rd after day 1. He laid off his fish on day 2, missed the cut, and vowed today that he wouldn't make that same mistake again.

    "I have other stuff to fish," he added. "But you have to commit to where I'm fishing, so I won't get to that until day 3, if I make it that far."

    10th: Meyer hit the Mon

    > Day 1: 5, 6-03

    Meyer, who qualified through the Western FLW Series, was the lone member of the Top 10 who fished the Monongahela.

    "I caught a limit there one day in practice, and then for the next 3 days I only caught two keepers," he said. "I went back to the place where I'd found them. A couple of areas in there was all I had."

    He caught most of his weight on a dropshot rig, and said his recent experience on the Columbia River in a Western Series tournament benefited him. He won't change anything for day 2.

    "I'll just go out and fish again tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I can catch some, but I don't know if I can get another limit.

    "If I don't catch them, I've still had an awesome time here."

    11th: Hawkes Fished Ohio

    > Day 1: 5, 5-13

    Mike Hawkes feels "fairly good" about his catch – five fish at the Three Rivers is good any day – but he didn't catch a lot of keepers in his Ohio River areas (only 8). He also lost a fish that cost him a little.

    "I planned on catching them one way, but had to catch them a different way," he said. "I caught them cranking in practice, but after a little while today they wouldn't hit the crank. And this afternoon a bunch of big boats came down and muddied the water."

    About his plan for tomorrow, he said: "I've got a lot of water down there because I think if you get stuck on one spot, you'll die. There's not that many fish. I caught them in three different spots. I just have to work my way through those stretches.

    "If I just go fishing and stay loose I'll be all right. I think anybody with 5 pounds has a shot to make the Top 10. After beating on it pretty hard today, the weights will go down tomorrow. I might be wrong, but that's what I think."

    12th: Biffle Tight-Lipped

    > Day 1: 5, 5-12

    Few pros are tighter-lipped during competition than Tommy Biffle, and he didn't break from tradition today.

    He did note: "I had a pretty good practice and I was going to be happy if I got five of any size, (but) I lost a 2 3/4-pounder today. You can't do that."

    He also said he fished several rivers today and is "just running around – running places where (he's) had a bite."

    He also said he saved "a lot of places" so he'll have some new water to fish tomorrow.

    13th: Adams Caught a Bunch

    > Day 1: 5, 5-08

    Tracy Adams was worked his way through nearly 3 dozen keepers to get the five he brought to the scale.

    He fished the Allegheny, but didn't want to divulge any pattern information.

    "It was a good day," he said. "I pretty much stayed put in one place, and I'll go out with the same gameplan for tomorrow."

    He didn't catch anything that weighed more than 1 1/4 pounds, but did have a couple of biters come unbuttoned.

    "They came off right when I hooked them. They might've been keepers, but maybe not."

    15th: Walker Excited

    > Day 1: 5, 5-04

    David Walker spent most of his day flipping a Smallie Beaver on the Ohio, and would have been tied for 12th if not for an 8-ounce dead-fish penalty (his first in probably 7 years, he said).

    Aside from the penalty, he said his day went "really well" and he caught 10 keepers.

    "I'm pretty happy about it. But I thought just catching five fish would put me in the Top 10. Obviously the weights went way up. We'll see what happens.

    "The fish changed dramatically," he added. "When I first got to my area, I couldn't believe how dirty it was. Some areas were downright dirty. To me, that really helped the bite. In dirty water, fish get dumber."

    He fished near Lefebre, Nixon and Bohannan, he said, so he feels he's in the right area.

    About tomorrow, he said: "I'm excited, but I'll tell you when I'll be real excited – when I catch one more keeper to lock me into at least $10,000. Once you get that check made, it frees you up and you fish better the rest of the day. And I can still make the Top 10. That's a great feeling. I put my homework into this one. I really worked hard, and I'm hoping for big results."

    17th: Morgan Junked

    > Day 1: 5, 5-00

    Andy Morgan said he "kept it on high all day" and just fished everything that looked good. "I was junk-fishing and caught them on six different rods today."

    He fished three locks up the Allegheny and described it as "utter chaos."

    "The pools aren't that big and the fish are getting caught on obvious stuff. There's not that much of it to go around. There really are a lot of boats up there and you just have to make the right stops and hope you get all your cards lined up. One day you might get a great card, the next day you might get the joker.

    "I was pretty proud to catch five today – I really was," he added. "I knew it wasn't going to be easy."

    18th: Bolton Left After Limit

    > Day 1: 5, 4-15

    Terry Bolton began today with the simple goal of catching a limit, and he accomplished that up the Allegheny. He's fishing around Iaconelli and a lot of others in the Top 20, so he feels he's on the right grade of fish. He just doesn't know how long they'll last.

    "Tomorrow I'm going back up there – it's about the only thing I've got," he said. "There are a few places I didn't fish today, but I played it kind of conservative. I caught five and left. Tomorrow, I'll stay up there as long as I can and let it all hang out."

    19th: Gluszek Kept it Going

    > Day 1: 5, 4-14

    Pete Gluszek had a solid practice and parlayed it into a first-day limit.

    "I caught limits on most of the practice days," he said. "We had a short fishing day today because of the lock times, but I still caught some fair numbers.

    "I'm using a combination of fast-moving baits and soft plastics, depending on the current and the sun and the clouds. I got into some fish that were keying on the mayfly hatch and they were just gorging themselves on those suckers."

    He was unsure whether he'd return to the Allegheny tomorrow.

    "I caught them equally well in all three rivers during practice and I might be able to do better in a different one."

    19th: Omori Downsized

    > Day 1: 5, 4-14

    Takahiro Omori faced the same mayfly problem up the Allegheny and was forced to downsize.

    He spent 7 days here before the off-limits trying to find the best water, and feels that hard work paid off with a limit.

    He would have likely climbed several spots but lost what he thinks was the same 2 1/2-pounder three times. He made about 50 casts in the same spot and eventually gave up, but on his way out his co-angler fired a cast in and caught the fish.

    He said he'll return to the same spot tomorrow to see if they're there in the morning "and go from there."

    23rd: Rose goes 5-for-5

    > Day 1: 5, 4-10

    Mark Rose got five bites and, amazingly, all were keepers. None weighed much more than a pound, however.

    "I spent time in all three rivers, and I caught those fish on baits that I fish for bream with back home," the Arkansan said. "I also caught some walleye that would've been nice eaters."

    He doesn't plan any dramatic changes for tomorrow. "I'm too deep into it now."

    32nd: Mud Hurt Wendlandt

    > Day 1, 3, 3-09

    FLW Tour Angler of the Year (AOY) Clark Wendlandt got four keeper bites fishing the Allegheny, but one didn't make it into the boat.

    "I had one nice one get off," he said. "The water got kind of muddy and it affected what I was doing. I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, but I'll probably stay in there."

    36th: 'Big One' for Hackney

    > Day 1: 3, 3-01

    Greg Hackney was disappointed that he failed to catch a limit, but he was pleased with one of the trio he took to the scale.

    "I had one that was 15 inches," he said. "I've spent 10 days here and that's the best fish I've caught.

    "I was in the Pittsburgh pool, but I'm not staying there tomorrow. I played it a little conservatively today, but I'm still in it. I'll probably have to lock tomorrow and try to catch a bigger bag."

    This is his first Cup since 2005 – the year he won the FLW Tour AOY before switching to the Bassmaster Elite Series full-time the following year.

    "It feels good to be back because this is really where I got my start. I miss not being able to fish more of these."

    62nd: Lots of Shorts for Bennett

    > Day 1: 1, 1-03

    Defending Cup champion Michael Bennett boated about 20 fish in the Pittsburgh pool, but just one longer than 12 inches. He said seven of the remaining 19 were within a half-inch of being legal.

    "I really practiced hard and I caught limits on a lot of days, and I thought I had good potential," he said. "But they pulled a lot of current today and I think my fish went shallower.

    "If it's the same way tomorrow, I'll know what to do. I've got some pretty good stuff that's deeper than 10 feet."


    > Day 1 stats – 77 anglers, 25 limits, 3 fours, 15 threes, 10 twos, 13 ones, 5 zeroes.

    > 27th-place Kevin Vida (3, 4-03) said his water dirtied up but he stuck with the dropshot. He won't do the same tomorrow.

    > David Fritts, the 1997 Cup champion, took a zero. He said that he needs the current to slow down just a bit to get his fish to bite.

    > Jay Yelas blanked today. He also failed to weigh a fish at the 2005 Classic. So that means he's competed 3 full days of a championship at the Three Rivers without catching a keeper. To read his day-1 report, click here to go On Tour With the BassFan Big Sticks.

    Weather Forecast

    Here's the weather forecast for the remaining tournament days.

    > Fri., July 31 - AM T-Storms - 75°/62°
    - Wind: From the SW at 6 mph

    > Sat., Aug. 1 - Mostly Sunny - 83°/68°
    - Wind: From the S at 9 mph

    > Sun., Aug. 2 - Scattered T-Storms - 77°/64°
    - Wind: From the SW at 8 mph

    Day 1 Standings

    1. Dave Lefebre -- Union City, Pa -- 5, 8-13

    2. David Curtis -- Trinity, Tx -- 5, 8-12

    3. Larry Nixon -- Bee Branch, Ar -- 5, 8-04

    4. Scott Suggs -- Bryant, Ar -- 5, 7-12

    5. Michael Iaconelli -- Runnemede, Nj -- 5, 7-10

    6. Greg Bohannan -- Rogers, Ar -- 5, 7-08

    7. Adam Wagner -- Cookeville, Tn -- 5, 7-07

    8. Bryan Thrift -- Shelby, Nc -- 5, 6-10

    9. Rusty Salewske -- Alpine, Ca -- 5, 6-04

    10. Cody Meyer -- Redding, Ca -- 5, 6-03

    11. Mike Hawkes -- Sabinal, Tx -- 5, 5-13

    12. Tommy Biffle -- Wagoner, Ok -- 5, 5-12

    13. Tracy Adams -- Wilkesboro, Nc -- 5, 5-08

    14. Scott Nielsen -- Salt Lake City, Ut -- 5, 5-05

    15. David Walker -- Sevierville, Tn -- 5, 5-04

    16. Brett Hite -- Phoenix, Az -- 5, 5-02

    17. Andy Morgan -- Dayton, Tn -- 5, 5-00

    18. Terry Bolton -- Jonesboro, Ar -- 5, 4-15

    19. Pete Gluszek -- Mt. Laurel, Nj -- 5, 4-14

    19. Takahiro Omori -- Emory, Tx -- 5, 4-14

    21. Tim Johnson -- Dallas, Ga -- 5, 4-12

    21. Scott Martin -- Clewiston, Fl -- 5, 4-12

    23. Mark Rose -- Marion, Ar -- 5, 4-10

    24. Koby Kreiger -- Okeechobee, Fl -- 3, 4-09

    25. Shinichi Fukae -- Mineola, Tx -- 5, 4-08

    26. Darrel Robertson -- Jay, Ok -- 5, 4-07

    27. Kevin Vida -- Clare, Mi -- 3, 4-03

    28. Michael Rooke -- Lake Havasu City, Az -- 4, 4-01

    29. Craig Powers -- Rockwood, Tn -- 4, 3-12

    30. Brent Ehrler -- Redlands, Ca -- 3, 3-11

    30. Stacey King -- Reeds Spring, Mo -- 4, 3-11

    32. Sean Hoernke -- The Woodlands, Tx -- 3, 3-09

    32. Clark Wendlandt -- Leander, Tx -- 3, 3-09

    34. Tom Mann Jr -- Buford, Ga -- 3, 3-06

    35. Keith Combs -- Del Rio, Tx -- 3, 3-04

    36. Greg Hackney -- Gonzales, La -- 3, 3-01

    36. Wesley Strader -- Spring City, Tn -- 3, 3-01

    38. Zack Thompson -- Orinda, Ca -- 3, 3-00

    39. Jacob Powroznik -- Prince George, Va -- 3, 2-15

    40. Jason Christie -- Park Hill, Ok -- 3, 2-14

    41. Mark Hardin -- Jasper, Ga -- 3, 2-11

    41. Andy Montgomery -- Blacksburg, Sc -- 3, 2-11

    41. Shad Schenck -- Waynetown, In -- 3, 2-11

    41. Jim Tutt -- Longview, Tx -- 3, 2-11

    45. Luke Clausen -- Gainesville, Ga -- 3, 2-10

    46. Craig Dowling -- Grant, Al -- 2, 2-09

    46. Robert Harkness -- Elizabeth, Wv -- 3, 2-09

    48. Stetson Blaylock -- Benton, Ar -- 3, 2-07

    48. Brennan Bosley -- Benton, Ar -- 2, 2-07

    50. Thanh Le -- Lake Havasu City, Az -- 2, 2-05

    50. Kevin Snider -- Elizabethtown, Ky -- 2, 2-05

    52. Ron Shuffield -- Bismarck, Ar -- 2, 2-03

    53. Keith Williams -- Conway, Ar -- 1, 2-02

    54. Gabe Bolivar -- Ramona, Ca -- 1, 2-01

    55. Dan Morehead -- Paducah, Ky -- 2, 2-00

    55. Nate Wellman -- Jenison, Mi -- 2, 2-00

    57. Art Ferguson Iii -- St. Clair Shores, Mi -- 2, 1-15

    58. Dion Hibdon -- Stover, Mo -- 2, 1-14

    59. John Devere -- Berea, Ky -- 2, 1-13

    59. Chris Zaldain -- San Jose, Ca -- 2, 1-13

    61. Ramie Colson Jr -- Cadiz, Ky -- 2, 1-12

    62. Dustin Baker -- Lakeside, Ca -- 1, 1-03

    62. Michael Bennett -- Panama City, Fl -- 1, 1-03

    64. Ken Wick -- Star, Id -- 1, 1-02

    65. Terry Baksay -- Easton, Ct -- 1, 1-01

    65. Chris Baumgardner -- Gastonia, Nc -- 1, 1-01

    67. Jake Deeds -- El Dorado, Ar -- 1, 1-00

    67. Anthony Gagliardi -- Prosperity, Sc -- 1, 1-00

    69. Greg Pugh -- Cullman, Al -- 1, 0-15

    70. Jason Borofka -- Salinas, Ca -- 1, 0-14

    70. Scott Canterbury -- Springville, Al -- 1, 0-14

    70. Ott Defoe -- Knoxville, Tn -- 1, 0-14

    73. Jim Dillard -- Houston, Ar -- 0, 0-00

    73. David Fritts -- Lexington, Nc -- 0, 0-00

    73. Jt Kenney -- Palm Bay, Fl -- 0, 0-00

    73. Joe Uribe Jr -- Lake Forest, Ca -- 0, 0-00

    73. Jay Yelas -- Corvallis, Or -- 0, 0-00