Today announced that Terminator, manufacturer of the world's first titanium-wire spinnerbaits, is the first sponsor of the BassFan Angler Profiles.

A fan favorite, the profiles give fans insight into their favorite pros in a way never before seen in bass fishing, and this is what appealed to Terminator.

Human Side of Sport

"As a sports fan, I've realized that what magnetizes myself and millions of others to a sport is a feeling of personal attachment to the athletes and the behind-the-scenes events that truly shape the sport," said Terminator marketing manager Alan McGuckin.

"There's only so much excitement to be found in watching cars go around an oval track 400 times or in seeing somebody smack a 290-yard drive off the tee," he said. "What makes us passionate is the story of a guy who was without a major sponsor until 48 hours before the Daytona 500, or of how one of the greatest long-drivers ever, John Daly, has fought so hard to ward of the evils of alcoholism.

"We are human and those stories interest us. That's why we at Terminator were so enthused about when we first saw it. Finally someone was uncovering the human-interest stories of our sport."

McGuckin said Terminator zeroed in on the BassFan Angler Profile section "because 'sport,' in its purest form, involves two sets of people: competitors and fans. The Angler Profiles link those two groups by allowing a very passionate group of people -- bass fishing fans -- to learn more about a very dedicated group of competitors.

"By learning more about the personal likes, dislikes and other facets of our competitors, all of us invariably will become even more passionate about the sport. Terminator wants to support that positive evolution, and that's why we support"

Terminator Ahead Again

"From day one of its existence, Terminator has been a leader and innovator in fishing lures," said president Jay Kumar. "That doesn't happen by accident, and now BassFans have some insight into how Terminator got there. Very simply, they see things other companies don't. We're excited to have them aboard, and BassFans will be too."

Far from just a typical banner ad, Terminator's sponsorship will consist of the following: By putting their mouse-pointer over the Terminator logo on a BassFan Angler Profile (at the end of Tour Insider stories), bass fishing fans will get exclusive, insightful "Terminator Tips" on pros or baits that are geared toward helping the hardcore BassFan. Fans can then click through to Terminator's site to find the exact and often hard-to-find lures mentioned in the tips.

Check it out now! Click here to read the Tour Insider article on Mike Iaconelli. The Terminator-sponsored BassFan Angler Profile is at the bottom.