By MLF Communications Staff

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Brandon Coulter didn’t need to catch a bass during the second day of qualifying for Group A at Heavy Hitters. The 39-pound, 3-ounce total Coulter racked up on Day 1 on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes had him safe to qualify for Wednesday’s Knockout Round before he ever made a cast based on final results from Monday.

So, the Knoxville, Tenn. resident focused on finding new water where bass would bite his frog, pocketing some extra cash via the daily Berkley Big Bass Bonus along the way.

Coulter added 24-1 to his tally on five scorable bass, bringing his two-day total to 63-4. That won Group A by 11-12 over Ryan Salzman of Huntsville, Ala. The highlight of Coulter's day was a 7-10 lunker that ate his Berkley Swamp Lord during the first period. The beast tied Coulter with Brent Ehrler of Redlands, Calif. for the daily big bass award. The two will split the $10,000 prize as a result.

While Coulter accomplished what he set out to achieve Monday and led his group through qualifying for just the second time during his Bass Pro Tour career, he admitted to battling some frustration.

After he caught more than 60 bass Saturday (all on a topwater frog), Coulter likened the second day of qualifying to doing his chores as a kid while his friends played outside. He knew he needed to lay off those fish in hopes he can return to his best spot after weights zero for the Knockout Round. But passing up the hot frog bite, especially as a few competitors stacked up weight in his Day 1 spot, tested his willpower.

“Today was a work day for me, meaning I had to expand my area; I couldn’t go just catch,” Coulter said. “I hear other guys catching them, and I know they’re on the juice, and I know I can just go catch them on a frog, and it’s like, no, you’ve got to work today.

“I wanted to catch them. That's what we do; we’re fishermen. And I also know that a frog bite like this is so volatile that it can stop any day. Water comes up, we get a big rain, so many things can happen. Bluegill, they’re small right now, they gain a little bit of weight, and they swim to the bottom. There’s so many things that can happen that can ruin it, so while it’s going on, you’re like, I want to get some of that.”

Still, Coulter’s day wasn’t without its share of excitement. He caught more than half his weight from two bass about 20 minutes apart.

First, while exploring to see how far away from his Day 1 spot he could find fish, Coulter boated the 7-10. Afterward, he ran to a completely new area of matted hydrilla in Lake Toho. Within minutes, a 7-6 inhaled his Swamp Lord.

“I just ran around, I found some grass, idled around it, and literally the first grass mat I pull up to, I catch a 7-something,” he said.

That was one of four new spots where Coulter found populations of bass Monday. While he doesn’t think any is as productive as his starting spot, he knows the reconnaissance could pay off if that area gets overcrowded during the Knockout or Championship rounds.

“I probably expanded to four different little areas – none of them as good as what I had, but places I think I can go catch a bass,” Coulter explained. “The Knockout Round can come down to that if there’s five guys in that juice area and all of a sudden it’s getting beat up and you have to go find one here and one there, and I think I got a few places.”

Ultimately, restraining himself from returning to his “juice area” only made Coulter more eager to get back on the water Wednesday. Even though there will almost certainly be other anglers jostling over the zone, he feels confident it can continue to produce.

“I know what I’m going to do,” he said. “There’s no debating what I’m going to do, where I’m going to go. I feel very confident in my setup, what I’ve got going on. I know what I’m looking for.”

The tournament features the MLF catch, weigh, immediate-release format, in which anglers catch as much weight as they can each day while also feeling the pressure and intensity of the ScoreTracker leaderboard. A bass must meet the 2-pound minimum weight requirement to be deemed scorable in the Qualifying and Knockout Rounds, but for the final day Championship Round a bass must weigh at least 3 pounds to be deemed scorable.

After each two-day qualifying round is complete, the Top 8 anglers from each group advance to Wednesday’s Knockout Round. In the Knockout Round, weights are zeroed, and the remaining 16 anglers compete to finish in the Top 10 to advance to the Championship Round, where weights are again zeroed and the highest one-day total wins the top prize of $100,000.

In addition to the tournament, Big Bass Bonuses are awarded in each round of competition with payouts of $10,000, $30,000 and $100,000 awarded to the single biggest fish in the Group A and B Qualifying, Knockout and Championship rounds.

Anglers launch each day at 7:30 a.m. ET from Big Toho Marina, located at 69 Lakeview Drive in Kissimmee. Each day’s takeout will be held at the park beginning at 4 p.m.

To qualify for Heavy Hitters, the weight of an angler’s single largest bass from each event of the seven 2023 Bass Pro Tour events was recorded. The 30 anglers with the heaviest total from those seven bass earned the right to compete.

The MLFNOW! broadcast team of Chad McKee and J.T. Kenney break down the extended action live on all six days of competition from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET. MLFNOW! is livestreamed on, the MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) app and Rumble.

Qualifying Group A – Day 2

(Figure at far right indicates weight of angler's heaviest fish for the day)

1. Brandon Coulter -- 39-03 (12) -- 24-01 (5) -- 63-04 (17) -- 7-10

2. Ryan Salzman -- 29-15 (6) -- 21-09 (7) -- 51-08 (13) -- 4-10

3. Matt Becker -- 22-01 (7) -- 26-11 (8) -- 48-12 (15) -- 6-02

4. Dakota Ebare -- 10-08 (4) -- 37-06 (11) -- 47-14 (15) -- 5-04

5. Brent Ehrler -- 32-01 (10) -- 13-02 (3) -- 45-03 (13) -- 7-10

6. Marty Robinson -- 7-01 (2) -- 32-15 (9) -- 40-00 (11) -- 5-15

7. Bryan Thrift -- 21-10 (6) -- 13-15 (6) -- 35-09 (12) -- 2-12

8. Alton Jones Jr. -- 8-05 (3) -- 24-13 (7) -- 33-02 (10) -- 5-05

The following anglers did not make the cut and will not advance to the Knockout Round

9. David Dudley -- 8-13 (3) -- 19-09 (6) -- 28-06 (9) -- 5-06

10. Jesse Wiggins -- 10-04 (3) -- 17-13 (6) -- 28-01 (9) -- 3-12

11. Jacob Wheeler -- 18-11 (4) -- 7-12 (2) -- 26-07 (6) -- 5-01

12. Edwin Evers -- 2-09 (1) -- 23-03 (7) -- 25-12 (8) -- 4-10

13. Dustin Connell -- 8-09 (2) -- 12-12 (5) -- 21-05 (7) -- 3-04

14. Adrian Avena -- 9-13 (4) -- 10-07 (3) -- 20-04 (7) -- 3-11

15. Scott Suggs -- 9-15 (4) -- 7-06 (2) -- 17-05 (6) -- 3-12