By BassFan Staff

It's no secret Randall Tharp's favorite way to catch bass is to wrestle them out of the thickest, gnarliest matted vegetation he can find. To do it, he needs the right tools.

It all starts with the proper rod. He relies solely on the 7'11" Halo Twilite Flipping Stick, a lightweight yet powerful rod that can hoist the biggest bass out of the messiest stuff with ease.

Next, he needs to have the weights to punch through the canopy of tangled greenery and put his bait in the strike zone. When punching is on the menu, Tharp relies on Reins tungsten slip sinkers, ranging in size from 1.2 ounces all the way up to 2 1/2 ounces.

Reins slip sinkers are nearly twice as dense as lead and environmentally safe. Their unique shape lead to less hang-ups on bottom. Reins also utilizes an inner core system to keep the weight sliding freely and smoothly without damaging your line.

If you want to punch like Tharp, make sure you fill out the entry form below for your chance to win a Halo Twilite Flipping Stick and a supply of Reins tungsten punching weights. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won.