By BassFan Staff

When anglers want the finest in premium bass fishing tackle, they turn to Megabass, the Japanese company known for its uniquely detailed and effective bait designs and exquisite colors.

When anglers want to protect such treasured baits from the elements, they turn to Bass Mafia's Bait Coffins, the black and red boxes that have set the standard in terms of long-lasting durable tackle storage. Together, they make up today's exciting giveaway on Day 7 of the 12 Days of Bassmas.

Bass anglers in the know are well acquainted with the design savvy of Megabass CEO and chief designer Yuki Ito. Earlier this year, he unveiled his own private stock so to speak and among the baits released to the public was the Ito Shiner, the forerunner to the ever-popular Vision 110 family of jerkbaits. At 4 1/2 inches and weighing 1/2 ounce, the Ito Shiner has a slightly larger profile, but still packs the tantalizing lunging and rolling action that's a hallmark of its 110 offspring.

Bass Mafia's Bait Coffins are famous for being able to withstand the punishment of being run over by full-sized pickups and not showing any ill effects. What they're best at, though, is protecting your tackle (be it terminal tackle or high-end crankbaits or swimbaits) from the unforgiving elements. Equipped with an internal rubber gasket and locking snaps, the Bait Coffins seals out the moisture that wreak havoc on tackle.

Today's giveaway is unique in that not one person will walk away a winner. In fact, we will be choosing 12 winners today. The grand prize will be two Bass Mafia Bait Coffins (one shallow and one deep) and one Megabass Ito Shiner (pro blue). Eleven other lucky BassFans will also receive an Ito Shiner (pro blue).

Enter below for your chance to win. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won.