By BassFan Staff

Ever wonder why Bryan Thrift has been able to consistently perform at such a high level during the first several years of his pro career?

While his fishing sense can be cited as one reason, his equipment and bait selections have to be a close second. Thrift has long been an endorser of Damiki Fishing Tackle and he's won untold thousands of dollars in tournaments thanks to the unique soft and hardbaits produced by the Korea-based company.

From their innovative Air Craw that features hollow air pockets in each claw to its Mamba Jig and it's incredibly lifelife rubber and silicone skirt, Damiki has carved an impressive niche with bass anglers. Hank Cherry won this year's Elite Series All-Star event simply by fishing a 4-inch Damiki Anchovy Shad swimbait on a jighead. The baits catch fish, plain and simple.

Enter below for your chance to win a tackle package from Damiki valued at nearly $100. Included will be a mix of soft plastics, hardbaits (topwaters and crankbaits) and terminal tackle. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won.