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Megabass to unveil Orochi XX series

Megabass to unveil Orochi XX series

Guided by the vast tournament experience of Aaron Martens and Luke Clausen, and the functional artistry that is the company’s trademark, Megabass of America will introduce the Orochi XX series of rods later this month. There will be 11 rods in the series, each purpose-built to the exacting specifications of Megabass’ national pro staff and tailored to the key lure types and presentations required on the tournament trail.

“We developed the Orochi XX series in order to build a set of rods which would comprehensively cover all major U.S. tournament applications and earn a place on Luke and Aaron’s front decks at each and every tournament,” said Yuskei Murayama, VP of Megabass of America. “It wasn’t easy, but when you pick up a Double-X rod and fish it for 14 hours straight, you’ll know that Aaron and Luke have systematically and flawlessly led us to the ultimate rod for every tournament application.”

Inspired by the Orochi, the ancient dragon god of water, through these rods Megabass seeks to capture the raw power and precise control of the rods’ namesake, while also capitalizing on the company’s existing cutting-edge blank technology.

Each rod in the series will retail for under $300 and will feature the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality that have been hallmarks of Megabass’ manufacturing tradition. Each rod is made with premium Japanese components and materials, and features a six-axis blank with low-resin carbon up to the 40-ton class. This multi-axis manufacturing process adds significant strength without adding unnecessary weight, and is paired with the latest Fuji components for an uncompromising level of performance.

Additionally, each rod features Megabass-custom guide settings, a Megabass custom ITO Head Locking reel seat, a rubber/cork composite end cap, a unique Megabass hook keeper and fit and finish unmatched in the industry.

The rods will feature a 3-year limited warranty, with a one-time, no-questions-asked replacement policy the first year, and fee-based replacement coverage thereafter. They are expected to be in stores and in selected online retailers no later than the end of April.

Descriptions of each Orochi XX rod can be found by clicking here.

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