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Topics released for Dallas BU session

Topics released for Dallas BU session

The Bass University has released the list of instructors and topics for its Dallas session, which will take place Feb. 9-10 at Dallas Central – Park Cities in Dallas. Here's the lineup:

Feb. 9
> Gerald Swindle – (1) Junk Fishing Basics. (2) Dock Fishing 101.

> Kevin Short – (1) Blazing square-bills for big bass. Learn which square-bill crankbait to use on different types of cover from the man who has won over a half-million dollars on the square-bill. (2) All about fishing soft plastics. Short will go over how to select the right size, shape, and colors for different situations all year long.

> Mike Iaconelli – (1) Jigs – the best all-around bass bait. Analyzing different sizes, trailers and techniques for catching monster bass. (2) New finesse techniques. The latest in finesse soft-plastics fishing.

Feb. 10
> Jeff Kriet – (1) Finding fish on new bodies of water. How to manage your time to find bass fast. (2) Fishing offshore structure. How to find and catch schools of bass way off the bank.

> Pete Gluszek - (1) Spinnerbaits and vibration jigs. How to make bass react year-round. (2) All about soft stick baits. Tricks, tips, and rigging methods for the “magic hotdog."

> Randy Howell – (1) Topwater tips and techniques. Triggering fish on top can be the most exciting and effective way to catch big bass. (2) Lipless vibration baits. Using lipless baits year round to catch bass in any condition.

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