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Megabass to ramp up U.S. distribution

Megabass to ramp up U.S. distribution

Megabass, one of Japan’s premier fishing tackle companies, announced today that it is forming a subsidiary known as Megabass of America, Inc., which will increase the visibility and availability of its products in the U.S. market.

The independent distributor previously known as Megabass USA will merge with its Japanese partner and the new subsidiary will emerge. Megabass founder and CEO Yuki Ito will be the subsidiary’s CEO and current Megabass USA leader Yuskei Murayama will be his vice president.

“Megabass is driven by a passion to create products that excel not only as tools, but as works of art that have the capacity to inspire anglers both on and off the water,” said Ito. “Extending our presence to the U.S. will allow us to share this passion with the U.S. angling community, and engage in a direct design dialogue that will fuel product development for the United States.”

As part of the new strategy, Megabass of America will tailor its lures and rods to the specific demands of American waters. This strategy will include increased marketing efforts and product development focused on the U.S. market. The reordering of the company will also effectively create a direct distribution point from California, resulting in cost savings which will be shared with retail stores and anglers alike in the form of new pricing and sales policies. This will allow tackle stores and anglers to effectively incorporate Megabass gear into their fishing arsenals.

“I am incredibly excited to join forces with Megabass and have the opportunity to work directly with a company I truly believe in,” said Murayama. “As a part of Megabass, we have an unrivaled platform from which to better serve the needs of the U.S. market, and I am confident that anglers and retail stores alike will see an immediate and long-lasting benefit.”

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