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Zona imparts some wisdom

Zona imparts some wisdom

(Editor's Note: The following prognostications and advice come courtesy of Mark Zona and the folks at BoatUS Angler.)

Look, I know the new year started a couple of weeks of ago, but itís not too late to share a couple thoughts for the 48 weeks that still await us in 2013.

For starters, Iíve been doiní way more deep thinking than you probably think Iím capable of, and I know this Ė I gotta get smarter. Iím gonna be 40 years-old in about a week, and itís time I started taking better care of myself.

Iím not gonna lie, Iíve lived a little reckless, and itís been a real good time, but when you live out of suitcases and eat in airports 4 days a week, itís time to take personal health a little more seriously.

Secondly, Iím thinking about ďWhose time is it?Ē Every year we see a pro have a true breakout year. A career year, like the one Skeet had in 2010, or that Ott DeFoe had in 2011, or that Brent Chapman had in 2012. I believe this year, 2013, is Edwinís year.

Yep, Edwin Evers has proven heís that good. One of the absolute very best in the world. But the kind of win, or wins, he desires the most, have eluded him. Itís time to show up, Edwin. I say that jokingly to him, with all due respect. But show up, Edwin. Make this year Ö your year.

Thirdly, step back. All of you Ö step back. Call a timeout. Catch your breath. And spend more time with people you love the most the next 48 weeks. Iím the best at saying it. Oh, I can give advice with the best of them. But Iím the worst at listening to my own wisdom.

But seriously, take a vacation you wouldnít normally take with your family. Go fishing with a dude you havenít seen in a couple of years. Go to the batting cages just for fun. Call KVD and ask him to lunch. Thatís what Iím gonna do, and I hope heíll buy.

And lastly, for the love of Ditka and Daí Bears, stop making excuses for not signing-up for BoatUS Angler and their Weigh-to-Win program. All you have to do is call Kendell at (918) 742-6424, and sheíll do all the legwork for you. Then, for the rest of 2013, youíll know somebody has your back should you break down on the road or on the water.

Itís the smart thing to do. And heaven knows I, for one, need to be smarter in 2013.

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