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Michels grabs lead at Oroville

Michels grabs lead at Oroville

Jeff Michels got off to a good start in pursuit of his third career EverStart victory on Thursday as he weighed a 13-05 bag to take the day-1 lead of a Western event at Lake Oroville.

Michels, a resident of Lakehead, Calif., has EverStart triumphs at Lake Mead and Lake Shasta (his home water) on his ledger. The sack he weighed today was headed up by a 4-pound spotted bass.

He'll carry a 5-ounce lead over local stalwart Glen Lockhart into day 2. Lockhart took big-bass honors with a 4 1/2-pound spot.

Here's a look at the Top 10:

1. Jeff Michels: 13-05
2. Glen Lockhart: 13-00
3. (tie) Richard Dobyns: 12-08
3. (tie) Ryan Friend: 12-08
5. Wayne Brezeale: 12-05
6. Tony Rainey 11-15
7. Alax Parker: 11-04
8. (tie) Jason Borofka: 11-00
8. (tie) Mike Folkestad: 11-00
10. (tie) Cody Meyer: 10-15
10. (tie) Owen Thatcher: 10-15

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