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BU releases topics for Chicago session

BU releases topics for Chicago session

The Bass University has released the list of instructors and topics for its Chicago session, which will take place Jan. 26-27 at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Ill. Here's the lineup:

> Shaw Grigsby: (1) Sight-fishing basics – how to catch fish that you can see. (2) Shaw’s top smallmouth secrets – baits and techniques to get the brown ones to bite.

> Bernie Shultz: (1) Topwater from A to Z - an in depth look at all types of surface offerings for catching big bass. (2) Clear-water spinnerbait secrets – how to use spinnerbait cosmetics, presentations, and retrieves to trigger clear-water bass into biting.

> Mike Iaconelli: (1) How to find fish fast and on new bodies of water – using the G.U.S.P. system and maps to locate fish. (2) Using medium- to deep-running crankbaits to find and catch more bass.

> Pete Gluszek: (1) Shallow crankbait fishing – how to get bass to react. (2) All about soft stickbaits – tricks, tips, and rigging methods for the “magic hotdog."

> Mike McClelland: (1) All about jerkbait fishing – a guide to selecting the right bait, rod, reel, and line for each seasonal pattern. (2) Fishing spinnerbaits and football jigs deep – earn to probe offshore spots with these baits for consistent big-fish action.

> Brandon Palaniuk: (1) Uncovering the secret of success for swimbaits – how to utilize
swimbaits in all kinds of water conditions. (2) Crankbait fishing – an in-depth look at cranking as a system from shallow to deep.

To register or obtain more information, click here.

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