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Missile unveils shaky-head jig, Fuse 4.4

Missile unveils shaky-head jig, Fuse 4.4

Missile Baits announced it has added two new products to its lineup – the Fuse 4.4 and a shaky-head jig called the Warlock Head.

The Fuse 4.4 is a slender, finesse-type worm that is designed for shaky-head and drop shot applications. The 4.4-inch worm is a somewhat longer and thicker version of the Drop Craw, another Missile plastic. It features slender craw appendages on the end of the worm. It'll be available in nine colors and will retail for $3.99 for a bag of 12.

The Warlock Head is a totally custom, screw-lock style shaky-head built around a 3/0 Gamakatsu hook. The shorter spring lock coupled with the bigger-bite Gamakatsu hook allows for a larger gap, which translates into better hooksets. The Warlock Head will come in two colors (green-pumpkin and black) and three sizes (1/8, 3/16, and 1/4). A 3-pack will sell for $4.99.

“The Fuse and Warlock combo is my new go-to shaky-head rig,” said John Crews, Missile owner and Elite Series angler. “Like our other products, they are totally unique and designed to perform better. The Fuse will also be my dropshot bait when I need that size worm. I know that this worm and shaky-head will help anglers catch a lot more fish just like it will for me.”

To learn more about Missile Baits, click here.

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