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Brody bags 'ghost buck'

Brody bags 'ghost buck'

Ohio Bassmaster Elite Series angler Brent "Brody" Broderick had his heart set on bagging a specific whitetail buck this season, and he was recently successful in that quest. The deer, a main-frame 8-pointer with 8 extra points (not counting a broken drop tine) achieved a "green score" of 167 3/8 on the Boone & Crockett scale.

He killed it with a crossbow from a treestand adjacent to some corn and soybean fields.

"I'd been after him for 2 seasons," he said. "He was nicknamed the 'ghost buck' because he would just appear and disappear in places around these farms. I was totally dedicated to harvesting him and him alone.

"He's the biggest one I've ever gotten. I can't wait to get him officially scored I'm hoping he pushes over the 170 class after all the adds and deducts."

The antler spread measured 19 1/8 inches from the inside, with the greatest circumference at the base a whopping 9 3/8 inches.

"That's Foster's Lager beer-can round," he exclaimed.

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