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Stricklin leads at Ouachita

Stricklin leads at Ouachita

Texan James Stricklin Jr. caught a 12-13 sack on day 1 of the EverStart Championship at the Ouachita River out of Monroe, La. to grab a half-pound lead over veteran Florida tour pro Koby Kreiger.

It is tough, tough," Stricklin said. "The river is very treacherous I broke a piece on my lower unit today. You just have to take it slow and easy. It takes a lot of concentration getting in and out of these areas.

I started in a backwater area where I caught four of my five bass, then I went to the main river to fill my limit. I think the area that I'm fishing has the potential of producing a 17- to 18-pound bag; tomorrow will tell the tale. I'll start in the same place and see what happens. My gloves are off and Im fishing to win.

Here's a look at the initial Top 10:

1. James Stricklin Jr.: 12-13
2. Koby Kreiger: 12-05
3. George Kapiton: 11-04
4. Larry Jones: 10-13
5. Jim Dillard: 10-11
6. (tie) Bill Chapman: 10-10
6. (tie) Ladd Shannon: 10-10
8. Shane Long: 10-02
9. Cody Bird: 9-12
10. (tie) Jeromy Francis: 9-10
10. (tie) Lamonte Loyd: 9-10

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