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Sandy: Ike, Avena, Gluszek OK

The megastorm Sandy that came ashore yesterday in New Jersey has left millions without power and devastated the northeast with record flooding and strong winds. It’s still churning its way across parts of more than a dozen states and it’ll be days, weeks even, before the full measure of the damage done can be realized.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mike Iaconelli lives in Pittsgrove, N.J., about 40 miles inland from where the storm made landfall. He reported to BassFan via text message this morning that he and his family were unharmed and his property escaped any major flood or wind damage.

“We’re good over here,” he wrote. “We had power out for about 15 hours. We’ll be doing some yard clean up today, but everything is minimal.”

FLW Tour pro Adrian Avena wasn’t as fortunate.

His family owns a vacation home in Cape May, N.J., which took a direct hit from the storm. When reached via text message, Avena told BassFan the house had been “flooded out. We are not allowed back on the island to see how much damage was done. Our property is right on the bay.”

Avena said two boats were moored at the house – a 28-foot center console and a 43-foot Egg Harbor yacht – but he was unsure if either were damaged.

Avena provided an update to BassFan this evening after his family was allowed to examine the damage.

"We are extremely blessed," he wrote. "We have 2 1/2 feet of flooding throughout our house, but no astronomical damage. Boats have minor damage, but nothing compares to those just north of us."

Pete Gluszek, another Jersey-based pro, reported via Facebook that he and his family made it through the worst of the storm unscathed.

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