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Clausen aligns with Hooch

Clausen aligns with Hooch

FLW Tour pro Luke Clausen has signed on to endorse Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff, also known as Hooch Snuff, a non-tobacco/nicotine product that he says was instrumental in helping him kick his smokeless tobacco habit.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been a smokeless tobacco user for many years,” Clausen said. “Hooch has been a big part of helping me quit. It’s a great product and I hope by partnering with them and getting the word out among outdoors enthusiasts it can help more people quit as well.”

Said Chet May, owner and creator of Hooch Herbal Snuff, “We know a large number of anglers and hunters alike are smokeless tobacco users. Working with an all-time great angler like Luke Clausen will help us spread the word about the non-tobacco, Hooch Snuff option.”

FLW has rules against tobacco use during the final 2 days of competition in Tour Majors, Opens and the Forrest Wood Cup, but Clausen said Hooch has been approved for use.

“This product is not for non-smokeless tobacco users,” Clausen warned. “If you don’t use smokeless tobacco, don’t use Hooch. Chew gum, eat sunflower seeds or don’t do any of it. Smokeless tobacco is something I wish I never started and if you haven’t started using it – don’t.”

For more information or to order, click here. You can save 20 percent on a sample pack by using the coupon code LUKE.

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