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Morgenthaler adds Snapper

Morgenthaler adds Snapper

Illinois FLW pro Chad Morgenthaler has partnered with EPCO Products Inc., maker of the Snapper Remote Control Boat Latch.

“It’s a really cool addition to all kinds of boats, but especially bass boats,” he said. “As someone who has left a boat on the ramp before, believe me, the Snapper captures your boat and locks it on in wind, current, any conditions you can encounter. It doesn’t matter if the ramp is deep or shallow, the Snapper will get the job done and it’s a lot cheaper than fiberglass work.”

The Snapper is easy to install and operate – a simple push of the button on a remote-control key fob is all it takes for the device to release or capture the boat. That’ll make any angler quicker off the ramp and faster to the fish, even when launching alone.

“We’re happy to have Chad on the team,” Said EPCO sales manager Dwight Creger. “He’s worked diligently with us to design a pivot plate that will hold the Snapper Boat Latch in the correct position every time.”

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