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Classic: Red River pools

Classic: Red River pools

For his pattern service, Jay Kumar broke down patterns for the 1st- through 11th-place finishers from this year's Bassmaster Classic on the Red River. One thing he looked at was pool number.

In the past, according to BassGold data, most 1st through 5th finishers have fished in Pool 5: 50 percent of winners and 48 percent of those who finished 2nd-5th. About 38 percent of winners fished Pool 4, and 36 percent of 2nd-5th fished there.

At this year's Classic, the Top 11 were split 50 percent and 63 percent in pools 5 and 4: The totals don't add to 100 percent because two competitors winner Chris Lane and Kevin VanDam fished both pools.

Kumar said water temperature (mostly) and water clarity figured high in the anglers' choices to fish Pool 4. Presumably the slightly warmer water temperature would make up for less fishing time in Pool 4 due to locking, he said.

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