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Megabass: Welcome to the Jungle

Megabass: Welcome to the Jungle

Japanese powerhouse Megabass has introduced new products in the rod, reel and bait categories for 2012.

The company's new rod series, Destroyer Black Jungle, is headed up by the 7 1/2-foot Super Red Demon (a versatile model ideal for several big-fish tactics, including flipping and pitching jigs). Four other Black Jungle models cover everything from deep-cranking to mat-punching and swimbaits. Also, the Orochi X4 rod lineup has a new finesse offering the 6'4" Hedgehog with an ultra extra-fast action.

A new baitcasting reel has been trotted out to accompany the newest rod series. The LIN Black Jungle L/R (pictured) features 12 ball bearings and a 6.3:1 gear ratio.

The array of new baits includes the Spindrive 58 (a small, minnow-shaped crank with a water-pressure adjustable bill); the Deep-X 300 Power Knocker (featuring a special bone resin that increases sound appeal); the X-Plose propbait; and the Shading-X finesse crank.

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